Robin Hood - in Nottingham city

Robin sneaked past the television shop and jumped back as he heard a bow twang, and dived to the ground in shock. Then he stood up and looked left and right. He saw a television with a Sheriff on it. He got out a suckered arrow and let it fly. It hit the glass case and stuck. A man came out and chased him.

Robin ran as fast as he could. He went flying towards MegaLaser. As he went past he saw the children on another television and was going so fast he tried to stop but his legs wouldn't. He did two somersaults and crashed into a drainpipe. He got up, dusted himself down and screamed as he brushed one of his bruises just a little bit hard.

He walked inside MegaLaser and looked at an arcade machine. It was called "Area 51". He put 2 gold coins in and continued to turn the gun the wrong way and then shoot all the goodies. Then, when his money ran out, he went to the counter and gave two coins to the cashier. She started screaming "Gold! Gold!" She ran down the street to the money exchange.

Meanwhile Robin picked out two tickets for himself and went into the MegaLaser zone following the kids.

This section by Andrew Stevenson aged 10

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