Robin Hood goes shopping!

Robin followed the children all the way to Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, dodging them using lamp-posts, and banging his head on doors in shops. But then he got bored of following them, much as he wanted to kill the Sheriffs, and went towards BHS.

"Oh dash," said Robin, "There's a ladder in my tights!"

He went into the shop and bumped into his best friend, Will Pink.

"Will!" cried Robin, "Wherever have you been? And wherever are we now?"

"Hello, Robin," said Will. "Thith ith a wonderful plathe don't you think? I got thith great outfit!" Will gave a little twirl.

"Oh yes, very nice," said Robin. "Maybe I will be able to get some new tights."

"Tightth?" said Will. "Who needs tightths? There'th plenty of different COOL clotheth to wear!"

"Well, if you don't mind, I don't think I'll look good in a pink coat, pink socks, pink skirt and a pink top like you're wearing!" said Robin.

"No, really," said Will, "It's the latetht thing. Thome boyth helped me choothe!"

Five minutes later, Robin came out of a changing room with an NY Giants baseball cap, Adidas T-shirt and Umbro shorts. "Right, to the Sheriff's doom!"

Will and Robin walked down the street saying hello to everyone on the way and getting strange looks back.

Finally Robin saw the kids again. "Will, follow me!"

"Where are we going, my thpecial friend?" asked Will.

"To kill the Sheriffs!" Robin yelled back.

"Wait for me!" yelled Will, and ran after Robin until they got to MegaLaser.

This section by James Cooper aged 13

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