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When I first started at MGB, I was really scared because I had not met many people and as I had not been in school long. But I soon settled in, I started in November 2002. I have really tried my best and now I go to university for maths on Saturdays. I also have got 3 good friends at school called Philip, Anthony & Matthew. I will really miss this school when I leave but I will always remember it because itís my favorite school and the first one Iíve been to in Nottingham. Before that I lived in Dudley in the West Midlands. The schools there donít compare to this one, at all! The teachers have been so nice & helped me all the way, which I will always remember. To the teachers THANK YOU!


Year 9, 2004
I am sitting in IT next to Matt. Re-reading what I wrote down and looking for more ideas.

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