Facts: Ski-ing

How many of the past pupils remember going on the Ski-ing trips to Europe with M.G.B? The first one I organised was to Colle de Tende, it was on the border between France and Italy(we were in a hotel in Italy). How about when we went to Monte Carlo to see how the other half live!!!

The second trip we went to the south of France, although we should have gone to Bulgaria, but the tour company changed it at the last minute because the Ski lifts had been closed early in Bulgaria that year.

The third trip we did manage to go to Bulgaria, over the christmas holidays. Christmas day ski-ing !!!! It was a pity there was not sufficient snow when we got there so we couldn't ski for the first 2 days. Hope all the pupils who went with the staff and myself remember it with good feelings and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Dennis Young

I'm retiring from teaching at the end of August 2004 after 32 years teaching, 8 years at Fairham comp (Clifton) and 24 yrs at M.G.B. I've enrolled on a B.Tech course in Garden Design for a year, if you need any Gardening work done get in touch!!!

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