Feelings: Rambling on

I remember quite vividly the runs we had to do around the cross country course (in all weathers!) and being picked every year for the school cross country team and in my final year, being picked as school cross country captain for 2 races, what an honour. I remember best the English teachers we had, Mrs Bartlett and Mr Fletcher (supply type teacher) who really impressed us Radford Lads, as he lived on Garfield Street and would often come out and play footie with us in the street and even managed to smash somebody's window (but being a responsible adult, didn't run away, like we did). Mr Beaumont was another legend, taking us for TD and electronics at a little Nissen hut just off Nuthall Road (we had to catch the 72 up to Canning Circus and then another down to Nuthall Road, for which we given tokens). Every time I go to Wollaton Park and pass by the school, I still stand and look for 5 minutes and remember the times (good and not so good) I had there.

Pete Wilson

Left MGB 1974. Now working for Jobcentre Plus as a Contract Manager for the European Social Fund contracts that operate within Nottingham

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