Well, where do I start? I can clearly remember the first day at shcool, it was a good feeling coming to school with such good people, and I don't think I can ever forget the friends that I've had, those who have left and those who are still here. The happy times the sad times we've all stood by each other and it really hurts when the time comes, when everything has to change. I just hope and wish all the very best for my friends who are Aisha, Serina, Sara, Nassima, Rebecca, Heidi, Jessica, Sasha, Lauren, Vicky, Suknaam, Gurdev, Siobhan, Terunesh and all the boys who are in my year. All I want to say that I will miss everyone from the bottom of my heart. I also wiish that if only I had the chance to turn the clock back I will choose to be with all of you once again, miss you always.


Year 11, 2004. Nottingham

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