Feelings: I'LL MISS YOU

When I first joined MGB in 2000, I hated it at first, but as time went by I made so many good friends, who I will keep in contact with. They are the best funniest bunch of people ever, Khalil, William, Josh, Paul, Zak, Ashley D, Danny, Jamie H and loads more. You guyz are the best. I want to thank all the teachers including Mr Leigh, the best form tutor ever, Mrs Proser and Mrs Lawson. They made my best subject very enjoyable. Miss Cheston, I know Yr 9 top set made your life hell but you know we all luv ya really. (See you next year at Bluey). There are so many other teachers as well ... And if anyone does not remember me, then I am JASKIRAN'S brother, you know the A* student. Anywayz I'LL MISS YOU MGB. The best school ever. I spent some of the best years of my life so far at MGB. Love Jasdeep (monobrow)


Left MGB 2003. I have now moved on to BlueCoat where I am just starting my GCSES. I have made loads of friends and I have fitted in great.

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