Facts: A sad day when the school closes

It will be a sad day when the school closes. I was in the junior then senior choirs. I remember when I was 14 we had an end of term show where pupils entertained the rest of the school and a group of boys mimed to a record by "The Who" and me and some other school friends mimed to the Sonny & Cher hit "I got you babe". Glenys Lloyd was Cher and I (even though a girl) was Sonny. This being because we both had very long hair and we had fur waistcoats on. Other pupils involved were Pamela Abbott and Julie Hancock.

One of my favourite teachers was Mr Mayfield who was my form teacher. I also remember Mr Williams who taught French and Mr Campion who always hit you on the head with the knot tied in the end of his gown. I also remember Miss Watts the music teacher who was very kind and patient.

It would be nice to have a look around the school before it closes just to see if it has changed much. We all thought that the picture of Miss Glen-Bott which hung in the foyer was Miss Lovatt the old head teacher who ruled with an iron rod!

Maxine Taylor (nee Soles)

Left MGB 1967. I still live in Wollaton and still look at the school whenever I go on Wollaton Park.

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