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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Three

written by Alma,
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

The children entered the purple door and suddenly they saw a warning sign. The sign said “Do not touch anything that is red or-else you will find yourself in a terrible situation.” At the bottom of the sign, it said, “REMEMBER THIS IS A PURPLE ROOM.”

As the children went deeper and deeper into the room, they met many strange people. When they were about to reach the bedroom, they saw a magnificent sight, a brilliant light. They followed the light until they saw what was shining it was a gem. “The gem must be the key to everything”, said Suzie, “if it is destroyed, the whole place will be destroyed as well.”

“WOW!” said Emily, Ahmed and Dino together.

Ahmed and Dino wanted to take the gem with them to keep it safe. Emily disagreed; she thought they might damage the gem because they were so rough. Ahmed and Dino started arguing with Suzie to take the gem. But Emily told Suzie to say no.

As Suzie couldn’t decide what to do she decided to toss a coin.

“Heads we take it tails we don’t” said Suzie.

Heads Wins


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