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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Patricia,
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

Emily and Dino decided to go for heads.

Suzie than tossed the coin, they all watched it as it fell to the ground spinning, it then landed on tails. Suzie and Ahmed jumped with joy and said “let’s go.”

Both Emily and Dino decided that they should just stay and wait until everyone is gone, then take the gem, and know one would ever know they took it. But just when their plan was about to work the whole planet started to shake.

They both started trembling with fear when the other two came running back yelling we have to get out of here, they ran back to the door when everything stopped shaking. They all set down near the door and said "What happened?''

Emily then said in anger "We were just about to get the gem when Dino stood on something red."

Suzie then replied angrily "Lets go before you to get us into a lot more trouble."

They opened the door and there was Captain Chan waiting beside a blue and yellow spaceship. Captain Chan explained that The Planet of Dreams was not what they expected, it was too dangerous and that they would have to go back to their planet, Earth.

When they had touched down they all ran out excitedly.

"It's good to be home”, said Dino happily as they all walked home excited about the great adventure they had been through.

All except for Emily who wished she could have taken the gem. She thought that maybe she might go back one day to the Planet of Dreams.

The End



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