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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Alicia,
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

As Suzie tossed the coin up in the air Emily and Dino watched it eagerly as it dropped to the floor.

“Yes!” cried Emily and Dino with excitement.

“Heads it is,” sighed Suzie with disappointment as she watched Dino and Emily dance around with grins on their faces.

Suzie didn’t really like the idea of taking the gem, but she said to herself that it was for a good cause.

That night they planned that when everybody was asleep they would sneak down and take the gem. When the clock struck twelve and the last light went out and the last word was heard they set off down the steps and into the hallway where they last saw the red light.

Dino and Emily raced towards it, they were just so excited that they pushed Suzie on the ground and she cut her knee and not one person bothered to pick her up. She sat with tear-filled eyes and watched Dino and Emily run like someone had just poured hot water down their pants.

Then she said, “I wish that something terrible would happen to them, something that no one can stop except me!”

She watched as Dino and Emily came to a complete halt. Then suddenly out of the red light came a six headed, five footed thing, it looked so ugly and scary that no one could even bare to look at it.
She watched as Emily and Dino started to run for their lives screaming for help. Suzie could see that the grins on their faces were gone, she felt guilty about what she had done, she didn’t really hate them but they made her so angry. But the love for her friends was just too strong.

She shut her eyes and simply yelled out “Stop, go away, vanish!” and just like that it was gone.

She went to Dino and Emily, now like two mice hiding from a cat in the corner trembling with fear. She then raised her hand and picked them up. Then she thought to herself, if this is the Planet of Dreams why don’t we just simply wish that we had the gem with us in the dome.

She then told Dino and Emily about what she had thought and they both agreed to give it a try. They held each other’s hand and wished very hard, then they felt a bit of trembling and then when they opened their eyes and to their surprise they were in the dome.

“Yes it worked!” cried Emily with delight “it really worked.”

“If it really worked then where is the gem?” asked Dino in a disappointed tone.

“All that work for nothing,” sighed Emily .

“Wait a minute, if we didn’t have the gem, then wouldn’t the dome be destroyed?” asked Dino.

“Yes it would be” replied Captain Chan.

Then Suzie reached into her pocket and there it was, the gem.

So they ended up cruising through the billions of glittering stars with Captain Chan on another adventure.

But the question is, will the gem stay with them forever, after all it was only a wish?

The End



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