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Pirongia School, Waikato, New Zealand
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By Cheyenne, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

He likes bubbles and that's why I called him Bubbles and I think he likes to be clean.

Firetooth says "Cheyenne, I've never seen Bubbles get out of the lake. He's always in there bathing!"



By Zoey, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Emily is bouncy. She is dancing. Emily looks like a pink and white rabbit.

The Mayor of Dragonsville says "Zoey, when Emily and Roxy get together no one can stop them dancing and bouncing all around the village"



By Aiden, 7, Waikato, New Zealand

Snorty likes to sail in his sailboat. He is blowing out smoke from his nose to the sail to make it float around.

Firetooth says "Aiden, this is a great description of Snorty. I'm off for a sail in his boat right now!"



By Niamh, 7, Waikato, New Zealand

Pinky likes to fly to her mother. She likes to play with her toys and she likes to play with her rabbit.

Emerald says "Pinky sounds like a lovely dragonet and does as she is supposed to do"



By Conrad, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Sam likes to play in the river. He splashes about. He has yellow hair. He likes his brown coat.

Greentoes says "I often see Sam splashing about in the river. He soaked me the other day without even knowing what he was doing!"



By Dionne, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Roxy is a dragon who rocks to music. He likes to go to discos. He dances until midnight.

The Mayor of Dragonsville says "Roxy has often kept myself and the Elders awake with his singing and dancing. You have described him well Dionne."



By Tate, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Smiley flaps his wings and flies through the forest and plays with his dragon friends. Smiley and his friends play hidey-go-seek up in the trees.

The Dragonsville writing of excellence awardThe dragons of Dragonsville all congratulate Tate on a winning description of a dragon. We liked how you described the features of a dragon being used for a purpose. The Mayor of Dragonsville adds "I like this description of Smiley, Tate. He sounds like a fun dragon to play with".



By James, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

He puts out other dragons' fires. He is a very watery dragon. When he's in the water he chases water creatures and throws water everywhere.

Libro says "Ah, Splutter. What a helpful dragon. He put out a small fire in my library and saved lots of important scrolls"



By Ryan, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Toby likes going outside to blow flames on wood. It goes on fire and people have to put water on it to put it out. He is a mischievous dragon.

Firetooth says "Ryan, we keep having to tell Toby off. He crept into Libro's library and set fire to the scrolls recently"


Baby Dragon

By Emma, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

She probably likes going outside or crawling around the house. She might crash things down onto the ground so they might break. She's got big cute eyes and little funny feet.

The Mayor of Dragonsville says "Maybe those strange noises I keep hearing could be Baby Dragon knocking things over"

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