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Developing new media based tools for teachers 2003-2005

The existing Teachers’ Portal on Kids on the Net was expanded to provide information and resources for teachers about new forms of writing, including hypertext, collaborative online writing and other forms of new media. This project also produced properly categorised and indexed tools for making new kinds of interactive hypermedia texts. We designed the Portal to act as an attractive access ramp for teachers new to digital writing, whilst at the same time providing a range of challenging opportunities for the more sophisticated user.

We continue to support young people in the creation of hypertexts and other digital writings, hoping to generate a body of exemplar hypermedia created by children.

Simon Widdowson, our Digital Teacher-in-Residence worked directly in schools (online and offline) on practical ICT literacy projects and also acted as a support and information point for teachers wishing to develop skills and raise standards in using ICT for literacy.

Selected new projects Dragonsville and Adventure Island were piloted in schools. These projects have an obvious place in the current curriculum yet challenge both teachers and pupils and introduce new forms of writing, namely new media. If you are connected with a school or class in the UK and are interested in taking part in any such projects in future, or are outside the UK and would like to work with schools in the UK, please contact us directly by email to express an interest.

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