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Naming Puddles


By Joshua and class5, 10, Wakefield

Sweetheart is very loveable. She has two hearts - one she carries around with her and the other deep inside her. The first heart she can throw to people to make them like each other. She is six years old and she has a plaster for a trademark on her head.


Easter Dragon

By Sarah and Monica, 11, Noosaville, QLD, Australia

Welcoming...... the Easter Dragon. He loves to run around on the night before Easter giving kids Easter eggs.

But most of all he loves getting lots of Easter eggs from the kids( how selfish ). The Easter Dragon counts the days to Easter, and on the night, he gets over excited!


Purple tail

By Lauren, 10, Wakefield, UK

This loveable purple tailed, fire breathing and flying dragon is friendly to all (including humans). Although she is quite shy if you get to know her well she'll be chatty and funny. The important part of this darling dragon is that she can fly to a huge distance both ways up and across over a long period of time! So you might think its alot for a dragon aged four but no! but I have to warn you if you choose to be her best friend then HIDE YOUR COOKIES! As this dragon is atracted to cookies one wiff of them and zoom! She wants those cookies!



By Hannah, 7, Leicestershire

Loveheart is very kind and loving. She likes playing with her friends in Dragonsville. Loveheart also likes meeting other dragons. Her favourite thing is going to the naming pool seeing other dragons being made.



By Lauren, 10, Wakefield

This is a cute and loveable baby dragon who loves the colour pink and likes to play hide-and-seek also peek-a-boo. She is good at crawling, clapping and can almost breathe her first big flame.



By Glenn, 8, Galashiels Scotland

This is spot. He is called that because of the spots on his egg. He like to get in to mishchief, and has good fun with the other dragons. He does not like baths very much and puts the water all over the place. His best food is pizza and loves to get in to a mess with it.



By Rachael, 11, Invercargill, NZ

It's adventurous and loves making new friends. Its mother and father abandoned him when he was only an egg. When he hatched he was sent to live at the orphanage for dragons and the matron was very cruel.



By Aaron, 10, Buckinghamshire

Suckle has a creative mind, as he is an inventor, and is always willing to help. He has green scales on his head, body, legs and arms but yellow scales on his stomach. With a liking for loose clothing to ride his lightning bolt hoverboard in, he wears a thin brown shirt and sandy coloured baggy trousers.


Poppy Long Pockings

By Steph , 11, Invercargill, New Zealand

Poppy Long Pockings, Is the mose friendliest dragon ive ever met. She will help you when your down and will look after you. Buys you fish and chips and although she hasnt properly developed her fire breath properly yet, she's a friendly type of creature thats loves a laugh... ( and of course, flowers....especially poppies!)



By Christopher, 7, Mississippi, USA

Earthquake only appears when you say Fissure! The only other way is to be in need. He can blow fire at 1000 degrees and can cause earthquakes to blow up a whole state! Once a year he howls so loud that a person could hear him 100 miles away. He is famous for rescuing 2000 people in one year! When he's not a hero he likes to play with 7 year olds and up!

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