Chapter two

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The story dragon

Chapter two

by Luckwell Primary School, Bristol, England

“How about we split up?” Draco suggested.

So Chandra and Silverwing went one way and Draco went the other way with Nick. In their excited anticipation for an adventure no one noticed Tizzy standing daydreaming at the back of the group.

When he realized that he’d been left behind Tizzy shouted, “Wait for me – help!” He wondered which way to go.

Tizzy didn’t know which way to turn – he crept along one of the passages, he felt along the walls with his paws and gradually he made out the outline of a door. Tizzy blew a little fire to help himself see. It was an old wooden door, the metal handle thick with rust. Ivy grew around the door and stinging nettles climbed tall from the ground, reaching as far as the handle.

“Ouch!” he screamed as a nettle caught his paw. He pulled it away just in time ... in his annoyance at being stung he had not noticed that the fire from his nostrils had caught the foliage around the door and spread to the wood, he could not believe what he was seeing, the door was burning down in front of his eyes…

Behind the door was a mystery. He could see nothing through the mist and darkness confronting him.

He nervously stepped inside and found himself falling. He realized he was falling down a slide, he felt like he would never stop. He did though… all at once he was jolted forwards and thrown across what he imagined to be a massive room, and landed against a wall. As he sat dazed he thought he heard a familiar voice shout, “Watch out, there’s a trap!”

“ I know that voice”, whispered Tizzy to himself.

“It’s me, Nick, and Draco too, you dumbo!” What a relief!

Nick explained that they had walked and walked down the passageway that they had followed. A gang of dragon-warriors had jumped on them and captured them in a net. They had dragged the net into this cage and thrown them into a basket in the hole in the ground, the very place where they were trapped now.

Tizzy breathed some fire and took a look around. Magical, invincible spiders and snakes were guarding the basket – there seemed to be no way out…

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