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... there seemed to be no way out…


Katrina, 9,
Cardiff, Wales
Tizzy stared around in dismay. The snakes and spiders seemed to have a glint of evilness in their eyes. Even Nick who normally never gave up had to admit there was no way out. Suddenly Silverwing apeared out of no where.
"Silverwing! Boy are we glad to see you!" said Tizzy. Silverwing grinned widely showing all of her shiny teeth.
"Well the thing is, i'm not really here! I found somekind of control room and I pressed a button and an image of me apeared here" she smiled. Dracospeare looked slightly worried.
"Have you seen a bunch of dragon warriors around? Is there any way you can help us?" he questioned. Silverwing explained how she had seen dragon warriors and ran into the control room in a panic.
"But the thing is, I ran straight through one of them and it made me wonder..."
"Wonder what?" asked Nick.
"Maybe they're just images like me" Silverwing shrugged. Suddenly Dracospeare had a great idea. He scrambled out of the basket and walked straight through the snakes and spiders. Soon after that Dracospeare, Silverwing, Tizzy and Nick stood side by side ready to go, ready to fight. Nothing could stand in their way except...
Suddenly the dragon warriors came charging up. Dracospeare tried to calm the panicked young dragonets and humans down.
"Just stand there and let them go past" he said. They reluctantly did as they were told and amazingly enough it worked. The dragons looked hungry and angry that they couldn't reach them.
"Now let's get out of here before we meet the real things!" laughed Nick. As they walked out through the maze of tunnels and chambers Tizzy said "Hey I wonder what happened to Chandra?" No sooner then he had said that they came back to dragons world and found an impaintient Chandra waiting.
"Where have you been? I was so worried. Are you okay? What happened?"
Silverwing looked at Tizzy and said "It's a long story"

Tom, 8,
Braunton, England
Tizzy ran to the back screaming "Help! help! snakes and big spiders ahh". They went back home to rest but suddenly she saw a fire and ran down stairs to evryone. They sat where they found the map and then.....

Luc, 7,
Dracospeare found another old wooden door and used his Fire Breathing nostrils to burn the door away into ashes.
Everyone praised Dracospeare but he told them to get out before the dragon warriors come back, so they all escaped through the door.
As they walked ahead further through the tunnel/cave, in front of them they could see rays of light on the floor. Behind them they heard the dragon warriors moaning because they had escaped. As Dracospeare was listening to the their conversation he heard the leader order his men to run after Dracospeare and the others.
When Dracospeare heard the dragon warriors running towards them, they now started to run faster and faster.
As they ran they could see the light clearer. Then they found a hole in the roof of the tunnel/cave and pushed each other through it. When they were out they ran home to tell the others what had happend, and
no-one never knew what happened to the Dragon warriors.

Sam, 11,
Gillingham, Kent, UK
Tizzy burnt his way through and the other dragons follwed him. Then there were the dragon warriors guarding a door that had a scroll in it. Tizzy charged his way through and the scroll was in a case. Tizzy grabbed the scroll and ran out with all the other dragons.

Leon, 10,
Welling, UK
Suddenly the wall blasted into smitherines and they were left in a chamber and the walls were closing in on them.

"HELP!!!!!!!!!!" they cried but no one could help them.

Without warning a man came out of thin air and took them away and they were never seen again.

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