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Newest All About Me messages

To Katie

By Alix, age 13, Halifax, Yorkshire, UK

To Katie
I don't think you should get this girl Zoe get you annoyed because life is too short. If it was me I would just ignore her but not in a nasty way. if you want to talk to me again click here and reply back to me. And Katie try and tell someone how you feel inside but if you cant you can always tell me and I will not tell no-one.


By James, age 10, Trafford, UK

Hi, my name is James. I have brown hair and eyes. I love going in chat rooms, bye.

hey Erica wuz up

By Florence, age 14, Terryville, CT, USA

Erica ,
this isnt a story but I just wanted to say hi.
that is if you are the erica that I know.
so how are things going at the school?
well everything is ok here in terryville.
i guess I miss all you guys, like gary d.,
matt f, ashley n, ya know all those people.
well I gota go.


By Anju, age 11, Montagu School, Kettering, UK

Hello Lucy. It's Anju here.I just wanted to sorry I'm not your friend. It's because you've been ignoring me and Naomi.
If anyone wants to reply to me put the title HELLO ANJU and press on ENTER MY WRITING and I WILL answer them.

super model

By Stephanie, age 14, Sacred Heart School, Wanganui, New Zealand

hi my name is stephanie I have never done this before
how are you to day I was just thinking if you can tell me if you know something about becoming a super model like where do you go in NZ to get you photo taken.
what is your dream then you get older.
would you be nice enough to tell me things about you.
what are your favorite sports?
mine is soccer, volleyball.
what are your favourite pets?
mine are cats, ferrets, dogs, rabbit.
are you are female, boy?
i am a female.
will I hope you will replay to my questions and please write back to Stephanie.

Reply to: Becky (year 6, Crewe)

By Rachael, age 17, Crewe, UK

Hi Becky! My name is Rachael and I'm just at college looking through the pen pal pages because my little sister wants a penpal, and I came across you! I went to Brine Leas school and I would have just left when you started in September. I hope you are enjoying it, I really loved it and didnt want to leave, even after five years! College is good to but I think Brine Leas was more fun! I have one brother and one sister both younger than me at brine leas, and I have 1 hamster called mathilda and a few fish called bubble and squeak. I have to go now but I hope you get this soon! love, Rachael xx

My talents in Life

By Cameron, age 10, Year 5, Ridgeway School, North Vancouver

Hello my name is Cameron I can figure out almost any pattern [except Really hard ones]I have four sisters and one brother. I am not the fastest writer but I am really good in spelling tests and drawing pictures with detail. I have three pets, a miniature pot belly pig named Dixie, a three quarter Rottweiler one quarter sharpa dog named Snoop and a budgie named Kesha. Well I hope you liked my note, well thanks for reading. P.S. I do not have glasses.

A little bit of all

By Laura, age 11, 7th form, Argentina

Hey! This is a writing of a little bit of all. First I wanna say that I want friends so reply to Laura. Then I wanna tell you that I like a boy (My best friend boy) He have 13, how I can say that to him? If he say not, I will can't be his friend? Either I wanna say I hate being girl, they always are so stupid, beeing a girl sucks! I wish I had been a boy! Either I like being with my best friend, so if he became my boyfriend I would be happy!!! Well I now have to go, reply to me!

Best friends

By Brittany, age 8, Northword Elementary School, Gowen

I have a best friend named Tess. She has blond hair and blue eyes she likes math and singing and dancing and to cheer for the miners. She is in 3rd grade she is taller then me she is really my cousin. She likes a boy named Ross and she has two sisters and one brother but two of her brothers died: their names are Clint and Adam, they are twins. Her sisters are named Rachel and Emily well that's the end.

Don't Give Up on Him

By Lexis, age 11, LaGrange, IL, U.S.A.

I liked this guy forever. He never really noticed me until I told him how I felt about him.
I don't know how I knew that we were meant to be, but we are. He just doesn't know it yet.
The point is that girls should never give up on their crush 'cause you never know what might happen!!!!!!


By Nicola, age 13, UK

Hi, I am Nicola and I am 13 years old. I like going shopping especially in Morgan, Kookai, Topshop, New Look and Miss Selfridge, I enjoy playing netball and hockey and I play for my school and for a club. I like listening to music, going to disco's, dancing and I can't wait until I can go to all of the different nightclubs in Ibiza! I like watching Friends, Big Brother - which is now finished, Brookside and Coronation Street. I love going on rollercoasters and various other rides especially ones in America and Blackpool. I really like Horror films as well especially watching them in the cinema. My best friends are my friend Cheri and my Cousin Sarah who I call 'Cuz' don't ask me why, who are both 14. That's enough about me, Bye.

HI THERE I'M COOL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

By Claire, Stratford High School, England

I like S club 7 and I am really cool. My best friends are Lisa and Nicole but I want some more so please write to me. I would like a boy or girl. I'll write to you all.

All About Me

By Liam and Patrick, aged 8, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK

Hello everybody,
Our names are Liam and Patrick, we are twin brothers and we look alike.
We like S club 7 and Boyzone, we support Liverpool football club, our dad supports Everton fc, we love going to school, our teacher Miss Ashcroft is really great, we have 7 pets, including a dog, hamster, guinea pigs and 2 terapin's, its hard work looking after them all, but it's fun.
It's fun being a twin, people do get us mixed up sometimes, so we just laugh and let them think they have got our name right, the only trouble is that mum and dad always know who is who, especially when we're naughty!
we hope that this lets you all know a little about us.

To Daniella of Neve Oz School Israel

By lauren, age 10, Dinas junior mixed School, Tonypandy , Wales

My name is Lauren Jones and I live in Wales which is in the U. K.
I am 10yrs old, I was born on the 12th of July 1990 and I would love to write to you.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Help me!

By Hannah, Kings Heath, Birmingham, England

Hi , can someone help please because I have no proper friends ! my hobbies are writing , acting, swimming, singing and dancing . so can someone reply to me pllllleeeaassee.
from Hannah


By Christina, age 11, Rosemount, Minnesota, USA

Hi, my name's Joan and I live in Rosemount, Minnesota.
I'm in 6th grade and I go to Scott Highlands Middle School in Apple Valley, Minnesota. My hobbies are shopping, writing, going to the internet and reading, not really. My favorite singers are Britney Spears and Hoku. I love watching T. V while doing my homework.
My favorite T. V shows are So Weird and Boy Meets World.

Reply to Ashleigh

By Lauren, age 10, Penygraig, Wales

To Ashleigh
My name is Lauren I m 10 years of age. I play the recorder and a trombone. I can play jingle bells, titanic, heartbeat, twinkle twinkle little star, vindaloo ETC.
My favourite band is steps too and I also like britney spears.
I used to go to jazzband but I finished it then I started sea cadets.
My nick name is lolly and my friends nick name is lola my friend lives next door to me.
I have got to go now and I hope you will write to me soon.

Write 2 Me! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

By Stephanie, age 13, Edgar Springs School, Missouri, USA

Hi I am 13 and in the 7th grade. I have lots of friends and I have a boyfriend his name is Austin. He's also 13 and in the 7th grade. If you wont to know any thing just write to me! ! !

Recommended Websites

By Whitney, age 10, Germany

Hi! I am Whitney and I live in Germany. My dad's in the Air Force, so we move a lot. It's cool here in Germany because you get to see a lot of famous sights around Europe. My hobbies are writing, drawing, and reading. If you like those things, too, I would recommend trying these sites:
They are wonderful sites! Have fun! Remember that there are no spaces. I would enjoy hearing about anyone else's travel experiences, hobbies, talents, etc. It would be fun to communicate with someone else on this site. See you, too, at one of my favorite sites!

To Pikachu - Otherwise Known As Jenni In Knaphill

By Aidan And Lucy, Brock Road School, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hiya Jenni
Just find you here by chance.
We lived in Knaphill until May and then moved to Canada. We were trying to find our if Knaphill school has a web site. (upper or lower school). do you know? thanks!

All about me

By Shannon, age 10, Prudhoe, Northumberland, UK

My name is Shannon and I collect Beanies.
My hobbies are Irish Dancing, playing on my computer and reading magazines.
My favourite pop Bands are Craig David, S club 7 and Britney Spears.
I am 10 years old.
I have 1 fish called Bubbles and 1 baby kitten called Mollie.
Please reply to me as soon as possible

HELLO! ! ! ! !

By Conor, age 7, Edelsbrough School, UK

Hi my name is Conor. My favorite sport is archery. There's nothing more you'll want to know. I'M BORING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Reply to Carrie, USA

By LAUREN, age 10, Tonypandy , Rhondda, Wales

Dear Carrie I would like to write to you. My name is Lauren, I am 10yrs old. I live with my parents and three sisters and my dog called spud. I enjoy riding swimming and listening to music. My favourite band are Steps. I look forward to hearing from you soon lots of love Lolly

Hi everyone

By Christine, age 12, England

hi my name is Christine I have 5 hamsters and one Staffordshire bull terrier[dog] his name is Patrick, I know you may think this is a funny name for that type of dog but the rescue we got him from found him on St. Patrick's day. my 5 hamsters are called Pebbles, Rocky, Stuart [Little], Charizard and Tiny [Charizard is my brothers he loves Pokemon]. I am a very funny person and I have a good personality. I am 12 but I am very grown up for my age. I have many hobbies and reading is one. I love my family dearly and I take after my mum in personality and my dad in looks. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I dont mind who replies too me male or female. as you have probably noticed I love to talk! but I had better stop now! please reply!
your pal, Christine


By Kezia, age 10, Brooklands Primary School, Manchester, UK

Hi my name is Kezia . I'm 10 years old. I like footie, basketball, mountain biking. My favourite foods are pizza and pasta I hate love it totally sucks. I am going to grammar school next year and I am looking forward to it. I absolutely love surfing the net. Teams I play for in basketball are Manchester, Trafford, Blazers, Bandicoots and the stripes. In footie I play for Manchester City under 12's. I have another lot of writing like this one but this is the one to read. When I grow up I want to be a pro bball player considering I'm quite good. I'm looking for a friend to talk to at the age of either 10 or 11. Look forward to meeting you. PLEASE reply here.


By Jodie, age 11, Holgate School

I am the number one fan of steps I really like H. I love their new song (stomp) I think its wicked

Cool kid on the lookout

By Karen, age 13, Bexhill High School, Bexhill-on-sea East Sussex, UK

Yo every one. My name is Karen and I'm 13. people call me kaz. Things that is cool: watch horror movies ie scream 1, 2, 3etc, go out on my scooter play football, dance, sing, laugh and joke, be cool, have parties (wicked). Things I dont like: go to school, be geeky you get it. right. so if you like that kind of stuff write back and we'll be good friends. oh yeah I have brown hair with blonde streaks and have blue eyes. I am also a little bit of a tom boy. bye! !

The New York METS!

By Conor, age 9, Old mill road School, North Merrick, NY, USA

Hi my name is Conor. My Hobby is FISHING. I like Jets My favorite 1 is the f-14.

All About Me

By Erikah, age 12, Greenwood (Gibson) School, Houma, LA, America

Hi, my name is Erikah, and I am 12yrs. old, and I'm in the 6th grade. I have three teachers and their names are Ms. Rahaley, Mrs. Muse, and Mrs. Ellender. And I have 3 best friends and their names are Katie, Destinee', and Callie.
My favorite movies are WWF and MTV I'm a big fan of Nelly and Juvenile. And that's about it. Later. If we have anything in common please write back THANKS

hi to cool kid Lauren

By Sarah, age 11, Northampton, UK

hi again to cool kid Lauren, my favourite animals are dogs, l have 1 dog called Flash [greyhound].
l have a best friend called Stacie, l am in year 7.
my favourite pop stars are Craig David, Britney Spears and Westlife. BYE BYE

A Friend In Need: to Katie

By Erikah, age 12, Greenwood School, Houma, LA, USA

Hi, Katie I'm Erikah and I'm here to give you some advice to help you. The only thing I can tell you is to tell her how she makes you feel, and if she doesn't listen and she ignores you then she's not a real friend. Just to let you know I've been through the same thing. P. S please write back
hope it works out your friend, Erikah


By Korii, age 10, Year 6, Paengaroa School, Paengaroa, New Zealand

Hi. I'm Korii. I'm ten years old and I live in a village called Paengaroa. Paengaroa is in New Zealand. I like S club 7, Britney Spears, surfing the net, creating web sites, volleyball, netball and soccer. I also have a penpal, and we contact each other by e-mailing!

All about me

By Liam and Patrick, age 8, Skelmersdale, UK

Hi, Our names are Liam and Patrick, we like football and playing on the computer, when our friends come over to play we go out on our rollerblades. We love school and our teacher Miss Ashcroft is the best, and we have seven pets.


By Allie, age 12, Heafield Community Secondary School, UK

Hi my name is Allie. I'm 12 years old and I'm from the UK. I love making friends over the internet (its cool! ! ) my favourite pop groups are Westlife, Madonna and Mel C. If you want to be friends with me then reply to me.

I am a musical chick

By Connie, age 6 , Woolenwick Infant School, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

hi, my name is Connie, I am 6. And I will be 7 in dec the 11th. when is yours? Do you like pokemon? I do, my fav pokemon's are chansey and picachu, who do you like best? I play a guitar and a recorder. The teacher for guitar is called Mr. P and recorder is Mrs. C. My old teacher is called Mrs. J. My new teacher is called Mrs. G., she is very nice!
We still see Mrs. J. at play-time.

About Jodie

By Jodie, Age 10, Year 6, Our Lady & St. Edwards R. C School, Nottingham, UK

Hi my name is Jodie. I am 10 years old and my hobbies are singing dancing & basket ball I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like school my favourite subject is maths, my teacher is very nice her name is Mrs Spencer. I like reading when I am travelling but also in bed. Hope to hear from you soon bye for now JODIE*

A friend everyone could use

By Tara, age 12, Ohio, USA

My friend is one of those people that everybody knows as a friend. She is always there to listen to me and always cares. I'm a shy girl that doesn't like to talk to guys but, she taught me how to be brave and to be bold. She always makes me laugh and comforts me when I cry. We hardly ever fight and when we do we solve it right away. So I hope she reads this and I hope it touched her heart.

Bio Poem

By Candice, age 12, Bolton, England

Cheerful, sad, friendly and helpful,
Niece of Auntie Ann, Uncle Edward and Auntie Angela,
Lover of Petra the dog, home made cakes, mum and family.# Who feels sad when pets die, watching old films and when left out.
Who needs family, friends, house and food,
Who gives love, support and excellent presents.
Whio fears spiders, losing family and war beginning.
Who would like to see myself swimming with dolphins and everybody happy.
Resident of, Bolton, England.

Anyone there? ? ? ?

By Claire, age 14, Wilts, UK

Hello I am sporty and love all types of stuff. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and I am very tall. I live in Shrivenham, Wilts. I love music and EVERYTHING

From India

By Ashma, age 10, Margao, Goa, India

Hi, my name's Ashma and I'm 10. I love surfing the net, drawing, reading and S club 7. I'd just like to say hi to my best friend who's living in England. Bye! ! ! !

S Club no. 1!

By Nicki, age 10, Broke Hall School, Ipswich, UK

Hi, my name's Nicki and I love animals!
I'm a huge fan of S Club 7 and Britney Spears!
I love to surf the net!

All About Me

By Alia, age 11, Corning Free Academy School, Corning, NY, USA

My name is Alia And I am 11 years old. I go to Corning Free Acadamy.I have ash blond hair and green eyes! I love to bowl

read me

By Adam, age 7, White House Junior School, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

hi there my name is Adam. I like pokemon, my favouite one is mewto and I also like chamander, my best friends is called Sam and Alex and Robert, my teacher is called Miss Dunnel. I like to play on the playstation my favourite game is Toy Story 2, that's it about me, got to go see you bye!!!!!!

HI Everyone

By Angelica M, age 12, Drexel Hill Middle School, Drexel Hill, USA

I like to go on the internet. I like to listen to my 'NSYNC music. I am busy in the mornings for school.


By Kid (Kayla), age 10, John B. Lowe Elementery School, Kentucky, USA

Lill my name is Kayla my nickname is Kid (I don't ask You don't ask). Anyway why so worried about your appearance? I mean I could go out and wear my pyjamas without brushing my hair and no one would say anything. And I think freckles are prety. Freckles are natural that means GOD made you like that!!! Oh what kind of sports do you like. I like Soft ball, foot ball and basket ball. (and yes I am a girl) But Who's chelsea?

my friends

By Owen , age 8, Muscatine, Iowa, USA

My friends are very nice. It's nice to play with them but I don't get to very often. One day one of my friends played some football with me one time. I will get to play with him again.

All About Me

By Danielle, 10, Claridge Primary School, Bahamas

Hello!!! My name is Danielle. I love my dog CC. It is short for Clear Cider

Mrs Twigger!

By Jamie, age 10, Birchwood Junior School, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK

My teacher is the best. She has made me and 13 of my best mates moniters for the home reading books at dinnertime. She is nearly always smiling and asks the class what they want to improve the school. I always look forward to school in the morning because I know it will be a nice day with Mrs Twigger. Please reply if you want to tell me about your teacher. P. S. She even lets us act out plays when someone has written a really good play script.

TA-DAR! This is me!

By Laura, age 16, West Sussex, England.

Hello! I'm Laura and my hobbies are: (get ready. . . ) : Swimming, Cycling, reading, writing childrens fiction, writing poems, collecting Beanie Babies, playing the Flute, art and drawing, 'surfing' the net, and looking after my cat, Tetley Flea Bag. My nickname's Bellaflea, I'm ummm. . . . wierd, normal, quiet, loud, serious, silly. . . (I could go on. . . ) Reply if you are 13+ and feel compelled to!! BYE!

S Club 7 fan

By Laura, age 13, UK

Hi! I'm an S club 7 fan, my favourite one is Joe and I really fancy Bradley (he's really gorgous).
I really enjoy listening to their songs, I also enjoy singing to them. The best song is REACH (for the stars), I also like their new album which is coming out soon.
I think that Paul is the bossiest one.
so please be my friend, so you get to know me.
lots of love.


By Gloria, age 11, Europe

Hola, mi nombre en email es cotton-lolly. com y tengo 11 anos. Nací en Abril, 1989 en el continente de Europa. Ahora vivo en Europa. Yo tengo 1 hermano y 1 hermana. También tengo 1 madre, 1 padre, 2 abuelas, 3 abuelos, 3 tías, 3 tíos, y 10 primos! Yo vivo en cerca de el mar. Mi materia mejor en la escuela es idioma extrangero, pero si sigo estudiando en matematicas, se podría convertir en mi materia mejor también! Cuando no estoy en la escuela, dormir es lo que mas me gusta hacer. My segunda cosa preferida es ver la tele. Si tuviera que comer diario lo mismo por un mes, escogería comer dulces, y ojala que no tuviera que comer coles de bruselas! Bueno, eso es todo por ahora. Adios!

Hello, my email name is cotton-lolly and I am 11. I was born in April in the continent of Europe. Now I live in Europe. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. Also I have 1 mother, 1 father, 2 grandmothers, 3 grandparents, 3 aunts, 3 uncles, and 10 cousins! I live near the sea. My best subject at school is foreign language, but if I continue studying in mathematics, it might become my best subject also! When I am not at school, to sleep is what I like to do. My second favourite thing is to watch TV. If I kept an eating diary for a month it would show that I choose to eat sweets, and I wish I did not have to eat Brussels sprouts! Good, that is everything so far. Good bye!


by Simone, Fort Willam, Scotland

Simone is a girl who is a bit crazy, likes popmusic, she likes watching tv, likes to have a laugh and fun. I'm 10 years old I'm nearly 11. If u wanna chat to me please reply. bye

where are you Michael?

By Devin, age 12, Ireland

to Michael: I don't know if you can see this but I'm giving it a shot. I don't where you are. I met James he said you moved back to Togher but I don't think so I probably wasn't a good friend. I am totally bored here with nothing to do. I dont play with Zack anymore. I want to play with you. I hope you can see this. I miss you. I miss you from Devin.

all about me

By Rachel, age 11, Sacred Heart Newry School, Newry, Co Down, Northern Ireland

I like reading, roller skating, ice skating and looking after animals. I would like some one 12 or under to reply to me PLEASE. See ya!

s club 7 number 1 fan

By Anju, age 11, Montagu School, Kettering, UK

I've got black hair and I'm 5 38 in height. I'm the S Club 7 number 1 fan. I watch S Club7 Goes Wild every Monday on cbbc.

The snake on the way

By Yogs, age 13, Brookmede Public School, Mississauga, USA

on day I was walking to school I saw my friend I went up to him and said hi, suddenly he ran and I ran after him he ran faster than me so I still ran then he said look yog there is a snake so I went closer and learned that it was a baby anaconda about 2 feet long I got freaked up and ran since then I liked Anacondas and I have one as a pet 1 year old!!! turning 2 next month>>>>. . . . !!!!

Want to know about me?

By Amber, age 12, Year 8, Cator Park School, Sydenham, London, England

Hi, my name is Amber. My hobbies are shopping, writing, reading and drawing. I have two fish called tom and jerry (but sometimes they have different names because my little brother always changes their names), Anyway when I get older I want to be a actor or a writer and that's about it so I guess this means BYE.

Hello? True pals? I can't seeeeee youuuuuuu!

By Calum, age 10, Netherlee Primary School, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Hi! I'm Calum and I have no real pals. So reply to me. My interests are story-writing, and well that's it. Hey I know why I haven't any pals! I'm boring. A boring scotty dog. Only I am petrified of dogs. A boring Scot. Notice I said SCOT. I am NOT British. I am a Scot. I am a European. I am a citizen of the world. Ellis, my arch nemesis says I'm nuts. Perhaps she's right. Who CARES?


By Kirsty, age 9, Gerrards Cross C of E School, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks, England

I am a really BIG Steps fan! So I'd like to say a HUGE hello to them, and also to my best friends, Mo and Libby. Mo is leaving to America so I hope she enjoys it there!


By Heidi, age 13, Littlehampton Community School, UK

Hi I'm 13, female and I live in England. I like to go out with mates, listen to music dance and loads more. I like all kinds of music except for rock and roll. I have 1 sister called Hannah who is 10. I would possibly like girls to reply to me

Like to talk, people?

By Carly-Anne, age 12, Jersey (Channel Islands)

To Everyone
How are you girls and guys? I like to talk, talk and, maybe do some more talking! I enjoy hanging with friends or just chilling out, and stuff.

hi everyone ! ! ! ! ! ! !

By Luke, age 14, Northern Ireland

Hi every1, I am soooooo bored so I am writing to ask some1 do they know n e good sites I can visit. . . . . . I am into sports, music, n e thing to do to get a wee laugh out of. . lol

A friend in need

By Katie, age 12, Sydney, Australia

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a friend. Her friend's name is Zoe. They always fight and make up again. But the girl is sick of it. They share a buddy in grade one. Zoe doesn't let her friend see her very much. They do swimming at school, and Zoe lies to her friend on what time she gets. Zoe is a show off. She is short and thin. She does cartwheels and handstands at school, and challenges everyone at her school and when she loses at something she makes up an excuse why she lost. Zoe's friend is me Katie. I still want to be Zoe's friend. Please reply to me with any advice, with a heading: Reply : A Friend in Need

Reply to Kate

By Beth, age 12, Brisbane, Australia

Hi Kate, my name's Beth and I would love to be your friend. I can't image being homeschooled. Is it fun? I love writing, I'm in a writers club at our school. I like listening to music and netball, and the band where I play the clarinet. Please we can comunicate by this website.
Reply to me by: ~ Dear Beth ~

Reply to: Tim@thy

By Laura, age 12, Colbaynes High School, Clacton-on-sea (England)

Hi Tim@thy. I have the same problem no one and I mean no one replies to me neither. I was wondering did you go to Minorca last year (Arenal De Casenal) Atall????? Cause I met a Timathy there and I don't know where he lives or is!!! Love Laura


By Hayley, age 9, Yardley Wood School, Birmingham, England

Hi, I'm Hayley aged 9. I have blond shoulder length hair. I absolutely love SClub7. Hannah is my favourite member of the band. I enjoy reading books and really like The Illustrated Mum, by Jacqueline Wilson.
Hayley x

my cat

By Kelly Berry, age 12, Woodchurch High School, Prenton, Birkenhead, UK

Hi my name is Kellie, I'm 12 and I like playing Netball, Football, and going swimming. I also do TAEKWONDO which is like Karate. My favorite programme is Brookside and I love Westlife. I have Three dogs and One cat and 10 fish (in the pond. ) I like watching TV and like to be naughty for my mum. I hope some one will reply and tell me some of their stuff at home.

About Me

By Daisy, age 11, Canturbury, Kent, UK

It's my cat it has got fleas, whatever we try doing it does not seem to work. Apart from that he's the best cat in the world. He eats crisps, nuts and butter. So you can never be careful with him. There's something else: he hates cats but chases dogs.

About Me

By Peggy, age 13, Northwest Middle School, Pfafftown, NC, USA

My name is Peggy. I enjoy reading, shopping and going to the mall for clothes. My favorite groups and singers are Westlife, Nsync, A-teens, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Animal Lover

By Rebecca, age 7, Year 2, St. Oswald's Primary School, BIRKENHEAD, UK

I like animals very much. I really love cats and dogs. My favourite football team is Liverpool F.c. My rabbit is called Jessica.

Responding to Bronwyn

By Katie , age 13, Kettering in England

Hi Bronwyn How are you doing it just so happens I really like Britney Spears as well, I also like such bands as Westlife and Five.
I have a Boxer puppy called Henry who is really sweet and my favorite drink is either Dr Pepper or Cherry Coke.
Sprite is o.k but its the same as lemonade.
See ya later from Katie

'now den'

By Sarah, age 13, Year 9, Henbury High School, Macclesfield Cheshire, UK

hi people! my name's Sarah and I'm looking for a friend to talk to. It can be boy or girl aged 13 to 16. I'm 5ft 8, hazel eyes and short blondish hair
I cant think of anything else to write so I'll cut it short and say bye so bye
from Sarah


By Kelly, age 12, Year 8, Thamesmead School, Shepperton, South London UK

Hi if you like rollerblading, wwf and football please please please please reply to me!

chelle ru there?

By Michelle, age 13, Year 9, Cardiff, Wales

Yep Liz I'm here! Happy birthday, you are the best! I totally understand you too, and I hope we will always bestest buds! love you! M*

Reply to Kate...Homeschooled

By Jack, age 11, South Wales

Dear Kate.
I was sad to read that you are lonely being homeschooled. I was taught from home for a while too, I learned a lot more than in school but I was missing my mates and they decided to send me back about a year ago. I would like to write to you and tell you all about life in a Welsh village!
Love from Jack
PS if you answer on here head it 'Reply to Jax'

Don't be sad Emma

By Jack, age 11, South Wales

Reply to Emma..........your message about DADS made me feel so sad. I'm sorry your dad isn't living with you anymore but I bet he still loves you lots. Leave a message for me with a title of WOTCHA JAX and we can keep in touch, ok. love from Jack (also know as Jax)

My special mum

By Rosie, age 9, Surrey, UK

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you a bit about a very special thing in my life. No not my dog, or my acting or even me, surprisingly enough it's my mum. I know now I've said that I sound stupid but listen up.

When my mum Vikki was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1997 I was only 7. /more from Rosie about her mum


By Samantha, age 15, Newark, Notts., UK

Hi, I`m 15 years old, I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I love Westlife and enjoy shopping.


By Monica, age 9 1/2, Mabelvale, Arkansas, USA

Hi! I have Pokemon Yellow Version for Gameboy! My favorite Pokemon are Pikachu, Vulpix and Mew! I love collecting the cards. I hope to find someone with these interests

Hi Jason, Wanna be mates

By Kerry, age 12, Northants., UK

Hi Jason, Wanna be mates?
I am sooo bored. You sound ok.
(for a boy) I am 12 yrs old. You are 10 aren't you?
that's cool.
I HATE I repeat HATE school. It is sooo unfair.
Do you like school?
What are your hobbies?
PLEASE Write back.

Hi Jason do u wanna be mates

By Kayla, age 13, Northamptonshire, UK

Hello Jason
I'm 13 years old and go to Montagu. Do u wanna be mates? Do u like school? I think school is ok. What sort of hobbies do u like? Please wb soon
luv Kayla

A girl from Oz

By Laura, age 15, Canberra, Australia

Hi my name is Laura and I'm from Canberra, Australia, and I'm on a misson.
As you should all know the 2000 Olympics is very soon and I would like to point out something.
Syndey is not the capital of Australia.
Get it right.
Canberra is the capital.
ACT...Australia's CAPITAL Territory.
Now my misson is complete I'm going to have some lunch.


By david, age 14, Sydney, Australia

Hello, what are you doing, how old are you and what do you do in your life? please write back bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee

Special Sixes at Kirk Hallam, 2000

All about me

By Philisha, age 11, Year 6, Bootville Middle School, Northampton, USA

Hello and my name is Philisha I like Pop stars like S Club 7 and Steps and I like fish and l hate cats. Dolphins I like and I love chocolate and sweets and I like going to town and lm looking forward to a reply back.

All About Me

By Roseanne, age 11, Year 5, Westwood Basics Plus School, Irvine, CA, USA

Hi! My name is Roseanne, and I'm 11. I'm in fifth grade. I have long, wavy, brown hair and hazel eyes. I am Jewish.

I am a tomboy (Well, not quite.). I love to play Flag Football (Not regular football.), soccer, basketball, kickball, and dodgeball. I am a true dog lover (Dogs rule and cats drool, he he!), and have two mixed breed dogs and a hamster.

Hi my name is Joe

By Joe, age 10, Year 5B, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop

Hello my name is Joe. I have two dogs called Peg and Ruby and one cat called Sparky. My favourite sport is football I support Nottingham Forest. My school is called Sherwood Junior school my friend is Oliver. And also I enjoy swimming and I like Jumping on my BMX. I have a Dad called Colin a mum called Anne a brother called Rory and a sister called Lauren.


Hi my name is Adam, Pokemon fan.

By Adam, age 11, Year 6, Kingsley park middle School, Northampton, UK

Hi my name is Adam, l come from Northampton l am 11 years old , l love Pokemon l collect Pokemon cards and l spent 15 pounds on cards. bye.

I Love Animals

By Kathryn, age 12, Year 7, Greenwood Dale School, Bakersfield, Nottingham, England.

I love animals and I have five of my own. A cat called Domino, a dog called Bess, a rabbit called Dilly and two gerbils called Tom and Jerry.

talk to me

By Claire, age 11/12, Greenwood Dale School, Nottingham, England

I like swimming, drama and singing and lots more

Friend needed

By Daniella, age 9, Neve Oz School, Israel

Hello, I was born in Canada and was seven when I moved to Israel. It's horrible here. I'm looking for a friend who will understand my problems, a friend who dreams a lot and who wants to be a writer. I don't care if the person is a boy or a girl or if the person is older then me (as long as the person isn't 15 or older). I'm going to be 10 in July the 5th. so who ever is out there if it's a boy or a girl I want him\her to write soon. I'd be very happy if the boy\girl was born on July the fifth 1990 and is a dreamer.

It's Fun Being A Kid

By Arielle, age 10, Sunrise School, Redmond, King County, Washington, USA

It's fun being a kid, except when getting in trouble with my parents. Sometimes, I wish I had a true friend to talk to. It's hard finding one. Too many of my normal friends spread rumors or tell their diary and parents. I hope you like writing. I love writing! When I'm on the computer I normally type in Word 97! For one I want a pen pal who writes to me every month. Once I had a pen pal who never wrote back. If anyone is caring enough to become a friend for me write back to me at Kids on the Net. Please!

My Face

By Ben, age 9, Year 4, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham

I have short ginger hair with a streak of black running through my soft scalp. My eyes are as hazel as a ripe tree boring hazelnuts. My nose has millions of freckles on and I have a soft cheeky smile. I have a smiley face which has always got a smirk on it.

Reply to Sarah

By Sarah, age 11, Year 6, Kingsley Park Middle School. Northampton. UK

hi Sarah I got your message, l want to tell you a bit about me . l like Vengaboys and Craig David, my favorite colour is pink. l like reading horror books, and doing magic. The school l go to is cool. gotta go now BYE BYE.



By Emma, England

I'm not used to saying that I have not got a dad, but I have to get used to it. I still love my dad. Even sometimes I even say my dad is better than my mum!!!!! But I still want him to get on the phone and call me!!!!


By Dee, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop (Nottingham) UK

Hello my name is Dee . I like dancing , singing , shopping and football. please reply to me soon bye !!!!!!!


Hello J@yne, Loz and many other people on 'Kids on the net'

By Tim@thy, age 11, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

Hello J@yne, Loz and so forth.
I be Tim@thy, I am friends with Loz she's the best.
I'd really like to meet you J@yde unfortunately you live in Australia. Thanks for the advice about Loz, she is a very nice person. At last I am replying to you. I'm sorry but I haven't been on this site for ages. If you've read any of Roz's work, well she's my sis. Thanks for reading this. Tim@thy

Hello Sarah

By Sarah, age 11, Year 6, Kingsley Park Middle School, Northampton, UK

Hello Sarah, my favourite music is Craig David and l like to dance and sing. I like to read horror books. l have one sister and one brother but they have both left home now. So l just live with my mum now. My favorite animals are dogs and sharks. GOT TO GO NOW BYE.


Animals rule

By leanne, kelly, age 11, Porchester School, Nottingham, UK

I have got 2 horses which are called lucy and velvet. I also have two dogs called benji and simba. I also have 20 rabbits and 8 guinea-pigs. I take my rabbit which is called braken for a walk as he is the best behaved. I also take my horses to shows and we go riding at st.clements riding lodge. The best horse is toby.

Falling out

By Lu, age 13, Brighton and Hove School, Hove, UK

I have just fallen out with this girl who Iused to really like but I now can't stand! she gave me prank calls and blew down the phone how sad is that? and now she hangs around with the saddest people in our school and thinks she's really good but she won't for very long!!!!!!!!!

Chelle r u there?

By Liz, age 12, Newport, Wales

My bud Chelle comes on this page loads. i really like her. I totally understand her and she me. She's the best! I hope she reads this. Your best bud Lizzie!

Hi to cool kid Sarah!!!!!!!!!

By Lauren, Year 7, Ridgeway High School, Liverpool, UK

Hi, Sarah. My name is Lauren. I am 12, how old are you? I think school is boring, what do you think? My nick-name is Loz! Please write back to me!!! Luv Loz!!!!!

Please reply to me

By Georgina, age 16, Northants, UK

Hi Gina, my friends call me George but other than that we are very similar. I cant believe we both live in Northampton, we are both into American Football and southpark and the detroit lions are my favourite team dont worry they will do well this season. Spiders are my favourite animal and i own five. Friends is the second best show to southpark chandler is the best.My mum and dad are taking me and my best friend to America this Summer and we are staying in Detroit for two weeks i bet you are jealous.Any way i have to get back to school to get down on with some hard studying . Please reply to meeeeeeeeeee. from georgie porgie pudding and pie kiss the girls and made them cry.

hi all

By jessica and vicky, age 17, Year 12 (lower sixth), Lings Upper School, Northampton, UK

Hello everyone. hope you are enjoying the sun as much as we are in sunny Northampton. (yeah right!) we are supposed to be revising for our a~levels at the mo but never mind. we both love boyzone and westlife very much and we are going to a westlife concert in march 2000 at birmingham nec. some people may think we are sad at the age of 17 liking boy bands but we like other music too! anyway must get back to revising. hope to hear from all of you other sufferers of a~levels byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jess and vic

Hi cool kid

By Danny, age 12, Year 7, Brooke Weston CTC, Corby, Northants

Hi Saz i'm danny but i'm usually called sumpter, do you like cristina aguilera or Britney spears? I like both,well i have got to go now. Sumpter.

All about me

By Bronwyn, age 10, Ohio, USA

I was born in Ohio. My birthday is on Dec 8. I have a puppy named Princess Farrah. She is black and white. I have taken karate lessons for a year and am a blue belt. I really enjoyed it. Now I want to try gymnastics. I like to watch Disney movies with my mom. I like Britney Spears, Back Street Boys and 'NSync. My favorite drink is Sprite. I love to read especially the Babysitter's Little Sister books. I like to read about Karen and all her friends. Please write to me and I will write back.

Ay up

By Jason, 10, Derbyshire, UK

My name is Jason. I'm ten years old (11 in Aug}. I start at Kirk Hallam School in September 2000 and am looking forward to meeting all the others there & making lots of new mates. I have a brother (Dan 7) who's at the infants school and will be at Hallam Fields in Sept 2000 I love to make models and have stacks of Mechano & Lego at home. anyway catchyer later & feel free to reply to me .

Reply to Aimee

By Jenny, age 12, Year 7, King John School, Benfleet, Essex

Well - I never thought I would see someone from Southend on Sea's writing here! What school do you go to? Probably Southend High or Cecil Jones I suppose? Anyway - I like the same things as you (apart from swimming). Well, I like mucking around and swimming a bit but at my school we have an outdoor pool which isn't heated and it is freezing! That has put me off swimming a bit! I like writing stories and I also like music (playing it, listening to it, Composing it, editing it...!) My fave bands are S Club 7 (though they can't act at all!) B*witched and I really luv Geri Halliwell. I am a bit weird, but I can be sensible so please write back to me! Bye!

Looking for a friend

By Rhona, age 13, Glasgow, Scotland

I would like to respond to Kate's message.

Hi Kate! I'm thirteen, almost fourteen and I'd like to be friends. I love to read, write, play music, watch TV and loads of other things. I love Neighbours, Home and Away, Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LA 7 - don't worry, I do other stuff besides watch TV!! I play the flute and the piano; I've played for 4 and 7 years respectively. I also love animals; do you have any pets? We had a dog but she died four months ago, it was so sad. I'm trying to persuade my mum and dad to buy another one, I really miss having a pet around. My favourite subjects at school are French, English and PE. I love sports! My favourites are tennis and basketball, although I also like badminton and volleyball. I think that's all. Please write if you want chat to me.

To Sabrina from the USA

By Ellie and Ellie, age 10 and 11, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, Nottingham UK

Hi Sabrina! We're Eleanor and Eleanor, we're best friends. We're into pop bands, such as: B*witched, S-Club 7, and loads more. Please reply back! Luv El and El!!! C YA!


By Rebecca and Hayley, age 10 & 8, Year Year 4 & 3, Jesse Boot Primary School, Nottingham. UK

Hi, we are sisters and we are looking for pals from all over the world. Our interests are similar, we enjoy :- crafts, Two of a Kind, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Pokemon, Five, Spice Girls, Shania Twain and much, much more. Please reply, we look forward to hearing from you!

Reply To Victoria

By Hayley, age 8, Year 3, Jesse Boot Primary School, Nottingham, England

Hello Victoria I also love Sabrina the teenage witch and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, i enjoyed Two of a Kind, but it isn't on anymore and i really miss seeing the twins. I also like Pokemon, my favourite is Raichu. Happy Easter. Please reply

Reply To Ellie

By Rebecca, age 9, Year 4, Jesse Boot Primary School, Nottingham, England

Hello Ellie I have a best friend called Paige, and we would love to be yours and Emily's friends too.

Hello everyone

By Carrie, age 10, Jax, Florida, U.S.

Hi my name is Carrie and I am 10. I live in a family of nine, with 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I love to read and my favorite book(s) are Harry Potter. Lately I have been writing poems and I really enjoy it. Please write me!



Hi, do you like banie babies? Because I do but I have only six and they are called Pecan, Cheeks, Goochy, Flitter, Sammy and Spunky.Have you got any ty toy's?If you have what are they called and what are their poem's. BYE BYE

To Kate, USA

By Layan, age 9, Year 4, West Twyford Primary School, London, UK

Dear Kate,
I read your letter and felt I should write to you. I would like to be your friend because I don't have a best friend. I am sure lots of people want to be your friend. So, get ready, you will be receiving a lot of letters.
Take care, Layan

Hi Samantha

By Eleanor, age 11, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, West Bridgford, Nottingham (UK)

Hello Samantha! my name's Eleanor. I'm into B*witched and S-CLUB 7! Please reply and tell me about you! BYE!

My Dog

By Billy, St. Mary's School, Minnesota, USA

My dog Spot is a Golden Retriever. He does not have spots at all he is a beautiful gold color. It is kind of a joke that we named him spot. My Dad thought of it. I got Spot for my birthday last year and he was just little. Now he is a lot bigger. I love him very much.

hi marc

By chelsea, age 11, USA

hey whats up !!!!! I love sports and my fave team is the seattle mariners and the tennesee titans. I'm a cheerleader at my school. do you play sports at your school? do you have a girl friend?

All About Me

By Alex, age 8, 2nd Grade, GA, USA

Hi! I'm Alex. I'm 8 years old and my favoite colors are blue and purple. I used to play soccer and now I do soft ball,gymnastics,and swimming. Somtimes tennis. I used to have a hamster named Lilly. Now I have a fat cat named Martha and I'm taking care of my teacher's gerbil. Don't want to get bad grades on that.
Alex is my name
softball is my game.

All About Me

By AIMEE, age 12, Year 7, ESSEX, UK

My name is Aimee, I come from Southend-On-Sea Essex. I love writing, going out with my mates, swimming, diving and watching the television and going on the computer. If you have similar interests PLEASE reply back to me.

Cool kid!!!!!!!

By Sarah, age 12, Year 7, Bebington High School, Rockferry Library, UK

Hi to all those groovy people out there my name is Sarah. My nickname is Saz. I am looking out for a groovy boyfriend to write to on the net or a groovy girl to write to on the net. I go on the net nearly every night. Please write to Saz

Reply to Simon from Sherwood Junior School

By Simon, age 11, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, Nottingham

Aas you know my name is simon, I like wwf wrestling. I also like rollerblading and biking. PS. please write back. PPS. have you got a gameboy?

HI I'm Sheree

By Sheree, age 14, 3rd year, Greenwood Academy School, Bourtreehill, Irvine in Scotland

Hi I'm Sheree , How are you ? I like music eg. Travis, Boyzone I have a dog called Buddie and a cat called Lucien (Lucy). I like working at school and doing P.E (Physical Education.). My favourite subject at school would have to be German and English! Thanks for reading my article if you did!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!

New member

By Sabrina, 10, USA

Hello, my name is Sabrina, I would like it very much if you would let me join. I am in the fourth grade and I am 10 years old, I have a little brother, his name is Daniel and he is 2 years old .

To Victoria

By Jake, age 6, Year 1, Beanfield Infants School, Corby, UK

Hi my name is jake how are you ? What colour is your hair? I am 6 years old and I am a boy. I like playing football. What do you like? Have you got any animals? Bye jake

Hi Victoria, How are you? Are you having a nice weekend, what you doing. I have been to ceramics where I make models, it is good fun. I will speak soon.

Hiya Lill

By Harriet, age 11, Lyon, France

Hiya Lill I read your message! I'm eleven and I live in France! Do you have any pets? I have 2 guinea pigs and a hamster called Bubbles. Well, actually it's my sister Georgina's she is 12.

Hey Dudes

By Jake, age 6, Year 1, Beanfield Infants School, Corby, UK

Hi i am jake i've got brown hair. i live in a street called Honiton Gardens. I am a boy. i'm 6 years old. i'm funny and i like to play football. My hobbies are ceramics i am painting a vase. i have blues eyes. I like to case people. Bye bye jake

I Like Football

By Dean, age 11, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts, England

Hi, My name is Dean & my brother's name is Steven, my mum's name is Shirley. My favourite sport is football, and my favourite team is Liverpool, my brother's is Newcastle (Boo!) Please!!, Please!!,Please!! write back to me. Bye! Dean

Hello Hayley

By Dee, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

TO Hayley i like all the exact things as you . And you never guess what i only live a couple a miles away . In fact i live in WARSOP . I also like friends too . Bye for now Dee


By kaine and david, age 8, Year 3, Sherwood School, MANSFIELD, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE

Hello my name is Kaine and my friends name is David. We have blue eyes and Kaine has got glasses and David has not. BYYYE

Hi my name is Carly Jo

.By Carly, age 9, Year 5B, Sherwood Junior School Warsop, UK

Hello my name is Carly Jo Smith I am 9 years old I have two fish one named Goldie and one named Sooty. I have one sister and she is aiways shouting at me and her name is Stacey. From Carly


By SHANNON, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

Hi Crissy ,15, I am Shannon and I am 11 years old . My date of birth is (14/01/89). My hobbies are danceing,roller blading,singing and entertaining peaple . I have a baby sitting job with Melanie my bestfriend . We baby sit my next door neighbour . On a Friday night me and all my friends go out swimming to medan sports centre and on a Saturday we go to a roller disco and I sometimes take my roller boots off and sing on the microphone . In your school did you know Alan and John M. they have moved schools now and they go to D Aston in market rasen. If you are wondering how I know them it is because they are my step-brothers. Well I hope you write back to me know because it would be so nice for me to be writing to somebody who goes to my step-brothers old school in Lincolnshire. from shannon

HELLO JENNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Robert, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

Hello Jennie!! your known as pikachu but i'm Robert and i'm known as Riachu ! because I have knowhow to conduct electricity through my finger!!!! Do you have any Pokemon battle cards ? I hope so!!!!!! I know every Pokemon I think its wicked!!

My reply to Andy

By Holly, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

Hi Andy my names Holly , your notice caught my eye when i was surfing the web. You are oviously very popular with the girls but i am unsure about the boys why not try talking to your boy friends, tell them your not interested in any of the girls, if this dosnt work try telling the girls if they really care for you they will leave you alone when they realize how stressed your getting and stop pesstering you. p.s write back and tell me whats happened Holly

Advice to Andy

By megan and helen, 13, Warsop, Notts, UK

Dear Andy
Our names are Megan and Helen.Helen likes animals,music and football and her favioute groups are Five and A1. Megan likes football and is in the school football team also she likes music, drama, athletics and english.We are both 13 years old and we are both best friends. Are advise to you is to say no to every girl that asks you out and if they keep pestering you say you already have a girlfriend bye bye Helen and Megan P.S please write back see ya!


By Simon , age 10 , Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop (nr Mansfield) Nottingham England

Hi my name is Simon. I am 10, my hobbys are football and rollerblading. I also like WWF wrestling. my favorite football team is Manchester United, I like David Beckham. I like S Club 7 and there song S Club Party


By Dean, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop, Mansfield Notts, England

My name is Dean and I like football, my favourite football team is Liverpool I think they're great. Would someone write to me and say all about you putting in your favourite football team (IT BEST BE LIVERPOOL!) I think the funniest name in the world is RALPH Bye Bye!!!!

Football fans

By Sean, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

hi, its Sean writing to tell you what is going on over in the uk. We have a new kid in our school his name is 'Marc' he has came from Scotland.In our football team 'Welbeck' we played beofort and we won 4-2. I support 'Newcastle' and once they played 'Sheffield Wednesday' and Newcastle won 8-0 and 'Alan Shearer' scored five of them. My friend 'Daniel D' had seven girl friends but seven was too many. When he had enough he dumped all of them. from Sean

Football fans

By daniel, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

Hi Jake,Micah&Jake, My name is Daniel,age 11 in y6 at Sherwood Junior School in Warsop near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire Uk.I like your 'football fans'letter.I like playing as a wing-back or anywhere in midfield as I am both footer.I enjoy most things like computers and sports especially:football,cricket and tennis.My best freinds are Keagan and Ashley B. Seeya, Daniel.

Reply To Micah And Jake

By Keagan, Age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

HI! i like yuor peice of writing about football because i like football too. I play for a football team and we are and we are 4th in the league and i support Liverpool and my favourite players are Robbie Fowler, Emile Heskey and Sander Westerveld. I like another sport called cricket.

Hi Vicky, 17

By Nicola, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

Hello,I'm a A1 fan as well I like ben and paul.Which ones do you like?And I like Micheal Owen more than David Beckham but David is cute.Do you like micheal owen?What is your favourite tv program? mine is Buffy the vampire slayer. got to go bye.

STEFAN (hello kids on the net)

By STEFAN, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

hello, my name is also Stefan,I've been to loads of band competitions, I do like drama but haven't joined a drama school. I have joined a band and we were the only children band there and we came 9th out of 29. I play Eb soprano cornet,I don't do exam's I am going to a concert, I'm playing in a quartet and a solo. I'm playing the ash grove for the solo, and st ann for the quartet. P.S please reply


By MELANIE , age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K

I am a fan of A1 and I also like david Beckham like you. I am a fan of Five as well are you a fan of Five? I love Abs. Have ever been to see a pop band live before?



Hi Victoria, My name is Luke and I am totally just like you I have brown hair and blue eyes.I love Britney Spears and I like the Spice Girls i just wish they would make another single but I suppose the Spice Girls went under when Geri Halawell left. Also you said you liked Sabrina the teenage witch well im a fan of Sabrina aswell.I also I like two of a kind which you mentioned on kids on the net so i bet your a big fan of nickelodion because i am. There are two things what are different about us your a girl and im a boy. Also,I am also ten years old and you are only 8 years old . What is Canada like to live in? Please write back to me , if theres any else who wants to write to me please do so. FROM LUKE

Reply to Stacey

By Stacey, age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire U.K

Hi my name is Stacey, aged 10 and I am at Sherwood Junior School and I love Vengaboys and S club 7. Also I like pokemon and south park. I have a sense of humour too and people call me big mouth. I have my two best friends who are Dee and Carl. Do you have best friends? Well I do; LOADS!!! My favourite actress is Mellisa Joan Hart who is on Sabrina the teenage witch. Anyway do you mind if I answer some questions. Is your school cool? And guess what I support Manchester United the best team in the world that's all from now. BYE!!!! From Stacey.


By Marc, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Mansfield,England

Hi Im Marc my birthday is 5/10/88 .I have a little brother who is 4 his name is Ross he is really annoying . Well anyway my hobbies are football and swimming and other things .I have just moved from Scotland . PLEASE REPLY

All the following are in reply to Dylan


By scott, age 10, Year Y6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire UK I also collect pokemon cards but most of them are information cards.My favorite Pokemon are BLASTORISE,CHARIZARD,VENUSAUR,NINETAILS,POLIWRATH,MOLTRESS they are my Pokemon in the game.I have not seen the movie but MY FAVORITE POKEMON is Blastorise because I started my game with him.


By William, age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire UK

HI Dylan I like pokemon trading cards as well. But the pokemon movie comes out on April 14th my favorite pokemons are CHARIZARD, JIGGLYPUFF, ARBOK, SANDSHREW, RIACHU, GOLEM and VENASAUR. I have made some others up like KONGCHUI the 3rd evolution of PIKACHU and VOLOGOCH a voloserapter. Is Austrailia hot at the moment. Is the movie good. I am going to get the pokemon gameboy game have you got it?


By Mitchell, age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop , Nottinghamshire , U.K.

This is my first time writing , but I think I think I know what I'm doing (I hope! ) , I like Pokemon , I have a poster , the game (red version) , , and a sister who likes Pokemon too. I'd like someone who , has the same hobby as me , preferably with a Pokemon version on Game Boy , if not , so what! THANKS P.S. Please reply.


By Steven, age 10, Year 5, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop, Notts., UK

Hi Dylan In England the Pokemon movie hasn't came out yet, so can you tell us what it is about? Is it good? Me and Ashley collect pokemon traning cards as well. What other ones have you got? The Pokemon movie is coming out 14th April 2000. Do you have the pokemon game on the gameboy? Please reply asap. From Steven and Ashley

Dylan in sunny oz

By Nicholas, age 11, Year 6, Bonnygate Primary School, South Ockendon, Essex, United Kingdom

I am 10 and will be 11 in May. I have 1 brother called Bradley he is 6 and pain in the neck. I like pokemon card too. My hobbies are golf and swimming and building models and i collect boat's i also play the voilin and keyboard. We always go to menorca in spain for our hoildays because my uncle has a villa there. I start school a 9.00am and finish at 3.20pm what time do you spend at school? in sept i will go to secondary school which i am not looking forward to it
Dylan in oz rsvp

Pokemon Master and Lego Maniac

By Devon, age 8, Year 2, Baker School, Salem, Oregon, USA

My name is Devon. I am eight years old. I love Pokemon. I play Gameboy and the trading card game, too. I also collect Pokemon stuff. I play soccer, basketball and baseball.

My parents, Bradd and Claudia, and I are visiting France in June after school is out. We are going to Normandy, Brittany, the Loire Valley and Paris. I love visiting gift shops. I live in Salem, Oregon on the west coast of the USA.

I like to travel, but I like Pokemon best. My favorite Pokemon is Charizard. Is Pokemon popular in France? Devon


By CARL, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire, UK

Dear Kate, i would love to be your friend. Have you really got no friends? That must be horrible.What does homeschooled mean? Your e-mail sounds so sad. I like Sabrina and Buffy the vampire slayer.I also like pokemon battle cards. PLEASE REPLY

Reply to Andrew

By Ashley, age age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire, UK

I like football, cricket and wrestling. like playing on my playstation. What is it like Australia? Do you like sport? Are there any sharks in the sea? Have you been to Ayres rock?

Reply to Andrew, West Australia

By Shane, age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire, UK

Hello Andrew, I am ten years old too. I am year 6 at Sherwood Junior School in Warsop in England. The climate is just right in Warsop. Is it nice in Australia? The Sports I like are Football, Tennis, Cricket, Snooker and Swimming. My favourite Football team is Manchester United. I have One sister and live with both of my parents. Have you ever been on holiday to a different country or for other reasons. I have been to Cyprus, France and Spain. Please write back Andrew


By Alex, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop, Notts., UK

Hi everyone i like sports espeacialy football.I am also interested in rugby and cricket and i play cricket in the summer. At the moment i am still playing with my local team we aren't doing very well well but it is are first season.My friends are Keag,Ash,Stef,Adam,James,Chris and Shane.My favourite team is Liverpool and favourite player Emile Heskey.

Hi everybody

By Ben, age 10, Year 5, Sherwood School, Warsop, UK

I like playing football it is the best game girls may not like football. I like poke'mon cards it is fun getting them. I go and see my Dad on saturday I do archery it is a fun sport to do it is good fun when you hit the ring.


By THOMAS & DALE, age 10 & 10, Year 5, Sherwood Junior School, Warsop, UK

Hello everybody our names are Thomas & Dale.Our hobbys are footie and collecting Pokemon cards.If you like these too write back

Reply to Mar

By Adam age 10, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Mansfield, (Nottingham), UK

Hi my name is Adam, I am also very interested in computers and books as well. I have a computer at home but I am writing from my school. I would like you to tell me which authors you like. My favourite author is J.K.Rowling who writes Harry potter. I really like writing and reading.

Well I have to go
from Adam.

Hello Sarah

By Sarah, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood School, Nottinghamshire UK

Hello Sarah my name is also Sarah.I am in year 6 and I like reading, dancing, playing on the computer and wacthing tv. My favourite animal is the dolphin. What is your favourite animal? I like Steps and S club 7 and I`m hoping to see Steps soon, what music do you like?

Hi ya Harriet

By Dee, age 11, Year Year 6, Sherwood Junior School School, Mansfield (Nottingham), UK

Hi my name is Dee. My hobbies are the exactly same as yours. I absolutely adore dancing. I do tap, Ballet and disco. I have been to see Steps at Birmingham arena and Ihave also seen S Club 7 . I also Love rabbits too, I used to have one but then it dug a hole and ran away . I have just been on holiday and there was a karioke there, I sang Love's got a hold on my heart. I have got to go from Dee

I miss you Wendy

By Jenny, age 12, Essex, England

Dear Wendy. I miss you loads. Please don't forget me and please come back to our school. P.S Hope you got your report Ok

Hey People!

By Ellen, age 9, Talavera Junior School, Aldershot, USA

Hi Tim I'll write to you as i like getting messages and if any one else wants to write to me then please do. I like swimming and all kinds of music, i've got three older brothers and two older sisters, but only me and on of my sisters live at home my sister is 15. Please write soon

HI! My name is Helen!

By Helen, age 10, St. Colmcilles School, Dublin, Ireland

Hi! my name is Helen and I like to read, write, swim, horse ride, sing, act and dance. I really like to do Modern, Old time and Latin American. Here is my homepage! I hope you like it and please sign the guest book. Thanks for taking the time to view All About Me! Bye!


By Ellie, age 11, Nottingham, UK

Hi!!! My name's Ellie, and I come from Nottingham! My favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson and my fave animal is Dolphin! My fave author is Jacqueline Wilson and my mum's actualy met her!(LUCKY!!!)I love the pop band B*witched and S Club 7. I have Brown hair & Glasses. Anyone interested in the same kind of stuff, please reply, preferably from a different country to the UK, thanks!!!


Hiya people!! Pleeease type me a message back!!

By Leanne, Nickname Lill, age 11, Surrey, England

Hiya guys!! My names Leanne, and my nickname's Lill (don't ask me why!) I'm 11 years old, but 12 on the 19/04/00. I have long, layered, dark brown hair and brown eyes, I have freckles but I hate them, so to get rid of them I cover them with foundation!! I care a lot about my looks and I always wear clothes that are in fashion!! I'm into sports, and I support Chelsea!! Pleeease type me a message on here and we can get to know each-other. Bye!!!!

Hi Sophie

By Emma, age 11, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Carlton Nottingham

Just to say hello because your still my best friend, hope you still remember me.


By Sarah, 11, Kinsley Park Middle School, Northampton, UK

Hello my name is Sarah, I have blue eyes and blond hair, I live in NORTHAMPTON and I'm 11 years old. If you would like to write to me then write to Kids on the Net with the heading REPLY TO SARAH. That's all for now

Hi Priory

By Elisia, age 10, Year 5, Porchester Junior School, Carlton, Nottingham, UK

To the children of Priory. It's a shame I moved house and was not able to come to your school. But I still like my school. If you're reading it ,would you please say hello to Fay, Sophie, Christopher and all the rest of the school who has been in Miss Smiths class in Phenix. I would also like to say hello to the tall headmaster. My brother Kyle and my sister Keisha send their regards to everyone. This school is really good but not as good as Priory. I've got lots of friends here. My best friend's name is Danielle. She is a nice person. Hope you enjoyed reading this.
Love from Elisia

To Victoria

By James, age 10, BAULKHAM HILLS NORTH SCHOOL, Sydney, Australia

Dear Victoria I am 10 in year 5. I like to watch t.v. and play on the computer. I like to watch Felix the cat, Rugrats and sabrina the teenage witch. p.s. can you write back to me.

To Daddy Long Legs

By Dylan, age 9, Sydney, Australia

My name is Dylan. I like Pokemon trading cards. I watched the the Pokemon movie. Did you watch it? My best Pokemon is Blastoist, Charizard, Venasaur and Riachu.What is your favorite Pokemon? From Dylan

My Likes

by Hayley, age 11, High Oakham Middle School, Mansfield, UK

Friends is my favourite programme, I like all the characters but not Ross. Still he's all right, I've watched Friends from the first day when it came out and I was only six. Some of my friends are like the characters and I have a book about Friends and a few videos. I also like S Club 7 and my favourite solo singer is Britney Spears and I like B*Witched. My favourite boy band is A1 and I also I like Five! By the way I reckon Joey is gorgeous.

All About Me??!

by Kristy, age 10, Langham Elemantary, Nederland

Hey this is kristy!?!? i'm going 2 tell u about my self?!? !i live with both of my parents!??
! bye now?!?!



Hi every one my name is Stacey, I'am 11 years old. I live in Northampton but come from Coventry. I'm tall brown eyed, and also have short brown hair. .That's all I have to say but if you want to reply to me email Kids on the Net at with the subject Reply to Stacey

All about me!

By Victoria, age 8, Year 3, Sacred Heart School, Corner Brook, Nfld, Canada

Hi my name is Victoria, I am 8 years old, I have brown hair and blue eyes, I enjoy playing on computer, watching t.v. and playing with my friends.. I listen to music like Britany Spears, Spice Girls, and Celine Dion. My favorite t.v. shows are Sabrina The teenage witch, Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, Passions, and Teletubbies. I would like for anybody to write to me anytime.

My favorite teacher

By Briana, age 11, 5th grade, Wells P.S.C. School, Ohio, Steubenville, USA

I think that's Mr.Barrett the fourth grade teacher at Wells School. He taught us in games. He taught everything that we needed to know for the fifth grade. It seems that fifth grade is vey easy to do now. We are all doing good in the fifth grade too Mrs.Rembold is our teacher. She is my other favorite teacher. I always hated science but she makes it fun. Thank you for listening.

Just Joined!

By D@ddy Long Legs, age 13, Pingelly, Western Australia

Hi everyone on this KOTN my nic-name is D@ddy Long Legs but my real name is Jess! I live on a farm outside a country town with the usual stuff, sheep, pigs, moterbikes, tractors etc. I've also got a cousin on the net some of you guys have heard about J@yde. I would love to hear from anyone. Bye.

Dear Cathy

My name is Nerissa, I am 7 years old. I am in class 3 and also children in my class are 8 and 7 years old. Granton is a good school and our head master is very tall. Can you e-mail me or look for me at play time? I am in circles and orange. Miss Jones was a nice teacher, she made her children in her class intelligent. Your class room is near to mine. My teachers name is miss Anderson. I have two fish, I like Whitney Houston and A1. My favourite programs are Rug Rats, Pigheart boy, Art attack and Blue Peter.

Please read!!

By J@yde, age 13, Western Australia

Hello, my name is J@yde, I live in Australia and go to a school called Iona. I have heaps of pets at home which include a dog named OLI a cat named LILLY and about 10 fish. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, the movies, the beach, art, drama, and having a great time! My favourite t.v shows are: The Simpsons, The X-files, Daria and many more!! I disagree with puppy farming and I disagree with boys being dumb. I would like to hear from ANYBODY on KOTN expessially Sideshow Loz, Roz, Tim@thy and Leslie!


All About Me

By Chloe, age 8, St Helen's Junior and Infant Schooll, Barnsley, UK

HI, My name is Chloe. I am 8 years old. I have brown hair & grey eyes I have 2 dogs - 1 black he is called Dexter, the other 1 is called Benson and he is yellow. They are both labradors. I would like a writing partner.

Reply To: Hortensia

By Jayde, age 13, Western Australia

If I was you, I would try to talk to her about YOU getting the blame. If youre really that eager to be her friend, the best thing to do is just to talk to her so please give it a go!


By VICKY, age 17, Year 11, BUSHFEALD School, Peterborough, UK

Hello, I'm 17 and an A1 fan and love David Beckham.


By Kay, age 10, Year 6, Robin Hood Juniors School, Sutton

Hi my name's Kay, well it's actually it's Katie but I hate it what's your name? What school do you go to? and how old are You? sorry if I'm asking loads of questions but I like talking and when I don't know what to say I always ask questions got to go bye!

All About Me

By Sarah, age 15, Year 11, Holy Family High School School, Liverpool, Merseyside, England

I'm Sarah and I was born on 12/7/1984. Liverpool has still failed to recover! I'm a bit mad, you see... I enjoy writing and, when I grow up (when I'm about 72...) I would like to be a script writer/director. I have high hopes! So, when you see some outrageous comedy/very soppy love story on your screens written/directed by some weirdo called Sarah, you'll know who it is!

Reply: I`ve been to France

By Alecs , age 9, Year 5, Cila Primary School, Swansea, SouthWales, UK.

I have been to France loads of times. I have only been to one other contry once, Greece. But I love going to the part of France I go to. I go to the Alpes, Les Arcs, 1800. Any way Au revoir, A`bientot



By Alexandra, age 10, Year 5th Grade, Nashoba Brooks of Concord School, Westfor, MA

Hi! My name is Alexandra (otherwise known as Alex). I go to Nashoba Brooks School of Concord. I'm in in 5th grade. I love reading. Especially Harry Potter. I am on a swim team, I do gymnastics all year 'round and D skiing in the winter.

From Korea

We are Korean middle school students. During our English Class our teacher showed your web pages to us. We enjoyed reading your stories. Maybe some other time we would like to enter our story. Good bye! Pusan So-Girls Middle School located in Pusan, South Korea

(Editor: If you'd like to get in touch with the Korean students, please write in the first instance to and I'll pass your reply on to them.)


By Kaitlin, age 9, Year 4, North Hudson Elem. School, Hudson

Hi! I'm Kaitlin. I like, BSB, NSync, & Britney Spears. I'm 9, & in the 4th grade. I live in Hudson WI, & I LOVE swimming!



By Elizabeth, age 10, Jefferson, Georgia, USA

Hello, my name is Sarah ! [I prefer Elizabeth] And I just want to say America is great . And the most popular thing about USA is music and t.v. If your wondering, my favorite show is Boy Meets World and my favorite song is Destinys Child. Oh yeah! Sports are also cool. Personally I enjoy watching football [Soccer is called football in other countrys but not in USA its something else. ] Anyways, I enjoy watching football and like playing basketball and softball.


By Gloriana, age 9, Ashburton Elementary School School, Bethesda, MD, USA

Yo! Whazup people! My name is Gloriana. Strange name huh. I like to play basketball. My favorite basketball team is the Bulls. I also like to play video games and read. I ame 9 years old and I am in 4th grade. I hate ballet, soccer, and football. I like to go swimming in the summer and make snow forts in the winter.

Best Buds!

By Kaitlin, age 9, North Hudson Elem. School, Hudson

People- listen up! I have a story to tell about my best friend. Here I go! When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I met my cousin Casey. We played together all day, & from that day on & even now, we are the BEST BUDS! :)

"Make friends, make good friends, make best friends for life!"


By Jayde, age 13, Western Australia

Hello!, My name is Jayde and I'm interested in everything that involves having a good time. I would like to say a special hello to Loz who seems like a really nice person so If she could maybe reply to me. Well any body can, that would be great. Hope to hear from someone soon! Bye

Hello everyone!

By Jennie, age 11, Year 6, Knaphill School, Surrey, England, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, The world, the solar system, the milky way, the galaxy system, the Universe

Pretty long address, huh? Hi I'm Jennie, otherwise known as Pikachu! I like Pokemon, they are cool. I also like reading, well, that's it for now Bye from Jennie/Pikachu P.S. I'll use Pikachu as the name from now on


By Hollie, age 11, Year 7, WHITEFIELD COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Fishponds Bristol, UK

Hi, my name's Hollie. I'm so cool I go out with all the boys they all want me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B ye*******

Looking for a friend

By Kate, age 12, Homeschooled, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA

I am homeschooled so I don't get to talk to friends a lot so if you want to talk to a lonely girl and make a friend reply to me.

Editor's note: please reply to Kate or Jennifer by submitting your reply to Kids on the Net as for any other writing.

Cathy's Class

By Jennifer, age 15, Year 10, Northside High School, Roanoke,VA USA

Hello, My name is Jennifer and I am from the United States of America. I am very happy and surprised to see that children from another country want to hear from us! I hope that your class as well as your school is doing well. What are your class's favorite sports, music, and movies? Over here football and baseball are very popular. A lot of people like rap groups here and pop music is liked as well. I don't know about anyone else but my favorite movie is "Big Daddy". It is a comedy. Well I must go. I hope that you will write back! Tell everyone that I said Hi!

All About Year 6, Manor Park Primary School, Coventry, UK

We are Best Friends

By Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray Primary School, Nottinghamshire, UK

Hi, It's Eleanor and Eleanor here.
We have been Best Friends for nearly 6 whole years now. But to be honest we have had a few break ups.
Got to go!!!!! Bye

Want to talk

By Ashleigh, aged 10, Year 6, St. Michael's School, Port Glasgow, Scotland

My name is Ashleigh. I live with my mum and dad along with my little brother. I want to be a singer. One time I even stood in line for 3 hours in the rain. There were believed to be 2000 kids auditioning, would you believe? My favourite pop group is Steps.


By Emily, age 11, Year 7, Ryton Comp School, Newcastle

Hi!, my names Emily and I like horse riding, rollerblading, bike riding and skateboarding.I'm 11 and go to Ryton Comp . I collect pig stuff and I love surfing the net! Reply to me! Bye!

We've been to France!

By Roz, age 11, Year 7, Belper GM High School, Derbyshire, England

Hello everybody! Yes, I have left my first school! But anyway, that's not the point. Me and my brother, otherwise known as Tim@thy, have been to France. Which is why we haven't written for so long. I don't think France is that different from England. If anyone here has been to a faraway country or even lives somewhere faraway, why don't ya write?! I'll write back! Promise!

Computers and Books

By Mar, age 7, 3rd grade, Dededo, Guam

I am interested in writing books. I like computers. My mom says I am a good girl at computers. I want to write and illustrate books.

Ancient Greece

By Shazia, age 10, Year 6, St James Junior School, Derby, UK

I am interested in the Ancient Greece. Zeus is the king of the gods. He has a daughter who was born out of his head. Her name was ATHENA. Athens was named after ATHENA.

My best friend

By Hortensia, age 11, California, USA

I treat Yvonne like my best friend. But she keep on scolding me and saying I disturb her every day and everytime. What to do? When her birthday comes, I give her a DRESS. It is pink in color and I bet she doesn't appreciate it at all. She has no hair and she told her mum that I cut it off .What can I do?

Hi Ya

By Harriet, Age 11, Year 7, Bramcote Hills Comp. School, Bramcote, England

Hi to everyone out there! My name is Harriet. My hobbies are singing, dancing, acting and writing. My favourite pop groups are Steps and S Club 7. I like animals. I've got a pet rabbit called Fluff she's massive. I've also adopted a horse called Breeze, she lives in Kent.

Bye bye, Harriet

Football Fans

from Jake, Micah and Jake, Aged 8, Herbert Morrison Primary School. London, UK

We always play football. I'm Jake and I'm the best in goal!
My name is Micah and I love to play football. I support Liverpool.
Hi, my name's Jake too. I like Arsenal.

Hi, Kids on the Net

By Trina, age 13, Year 8, Nottingham Bluecoat School, Nottingham, England

Hello everybody on the net, my name is Trina. My hobbies are netball and swimming and I like listening to music. In the future I would like to be a Model or Actress. My best friend's name is Candice.

Look at me

By Candice, age 13, Year 9, Nottingham Bluecoat School, Nottingham, UK

My name is Candice, I`m 13 years old. I enjoy everything

I Predict Shopping!

By Sideshow Loz, age 12, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

Well, for us, tomorrow (23/7/99) is the last day of school for six whole weeks! Yay! And I cannot wait. After the six weeks, two of my best friends Roz and Phili shall be coming up to Belper school to join me! Double yay! But best of all- and this is the good part- in the six week holidays I predict... I predict... I predict many shopping trips! TRIPLE YAY! With fried eggs and bacon. So there. Bye! See ya soon!

About me

By Marsha, age 13,

My name is Marsha and i am 13 years of age. I have brown eyes and black hair and Iam quite tall. My hobbies are bike riding, swimming and listening to music. I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. I go to Nottingham Bluecoat School which one of my sisters goes to, and I live with my mum and her birthday is today. My birthday is soon and I can't wait!

The best thing about school

By Nats, age 12, Year 7, Nottingham Bluecoat School, Nottingham, UK

The Holidays are the best things to do with school!! On my holidays I go to town with my friends from my school (which is another good thing about school). My best mates Nicola and Lucy hang round my house or we go to the park. I would just like to say "SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE THE BEST JUST LIKE MY MATES!!!"

My best friend Emily

By Ellie, age 10, Year 5, Darlinton School, Australia

I have a friend called Emily. We ate the rest of her Rollo at recess. I went to her party and had lots of fun. I waited after school for her because of one of our teachers. She always sits next to me. We joke around about our horrible teacher. These are the things we have in common. We hate spanish lessons, our teacher and certain girls... That's all I have to say but if you want to reply to me email Kids on the Net at with the subject Reply to Ellie. Thank you for reading. Bye

Pablo wants to learn English in England (Do you want to learn Spanish?)

By Pablo, age 12, Grade 6, Padres Jesuitas School, Alicante. Spain

I'd like to visit England for about a month. I'd like to find a boy or a girl of my age that wants to learn Spanish in Alicante (Spain). Or only to visit it for the same time. We can make an exchange!!!

(Editor: If you'd like to get in touch with Pablo, please write in the first instance to and I'll pass your reply onto him.)

I'm back!

By Sideshow Loz, age 12, Year 7, Belper High School, Ambergate, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! Did you miss me? Of course you did. I hope you read Tim@thy's letter. He's my best friend too, apart from my other three best friends! I'm so lucky, I've got four best friends! Like Tim@thy said, I used to send him around 30 e-mails a month, but had to stop recently as the internet was being slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. A sil. A sil. Yes indeedy. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you what a sil is. I'll have to consult Roz and Tim@thy. It's not rude. Just think about it... sil. That's your lot! Bye!

About Me

By Nicole, age 4 (nearly 5!), Reception Year, Pinewood Infants School, Nottingham

I am Nicole. I am 4. My friend is Charlotte. I like my *school*. I like the *teacher*.

(Dad wrote the words between the stars - the rest Nicole did on her own)

Want to chat?

By Irianna, age 14, Year 9, Russia, Narhodka

If you want to talk, chat with me pleeeeeeease!

Editor's note: please reply to Irianna by submitting your reply to Kids on the Net as for any other writing.

Six Flags

By Dilruba, 12, I.S.30 School, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Six Flags is my favorite place to be. At my favorite place I can see a roller coaster twisting like a snake. Another thing I can see are flags that look like they are waving to me when the wind blows. In my favorite place I can hear people screaming like animals when they take a ride on the roller coaster. At Six Flags I can feel my body shaking when I take a ride on a roller coaster; my body shakes like an earthquake. At my favorite place I can smell food; it smells like pizza store. At my favorite place I can taste the pizza with delicious cheese. Because of these things, Six Flags is my favorite place to be.

I first went to Six Flags when I was 10 and half years old. I went with my brothers, sisters, my mom, and my uncle. We rode on the roller coaster and on the merry-go-round. The roller coaster is so fast and so scary because it goes all around its tracks like a snake. The merry-go-round is like a horse, bouncing and going around in circles. Since then, I haven't been back, but I want to go visit again soon. I hope to go again in the summer after the school because I can't go when school is on or during vacation. When school is on, teachers give us homework and on vacation teachers give us a lot of homework too. That's why I have to wait until after school is over to go to Six Flags.

About me

By Michael, age 8, Year 3, Kibworth C.E Primary School, Leicestershire U.K

Hi! I'm Michael from Kibworth in Leicestershire.I'm 8 and play Rugby.I have scored 25 tries for S.Leicester.One time I got so carried away in Rugby I ended up Leicester Tigers Mascot and met Tigers/England hooker Richard Cockarill. I also play Basket Ball I have played for Kibworth once but I train most of the time so it was rather weird when our coach said "Get this on we're playing a tournament". After school I play soccer and have scored 5 times which is good for a year 3 defender! I enjoy History and my teacher has been the best in school so far because she likes History too.

My best mates are: Sam M., Sam W., Ben S., Jack, Jacub, Ben G., George, Arren, James C., James Q., Tom F., Tom I., and Ben L.


By Sideshow Loz, age 12, Year 7, Belper High School, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

Hello everyone! Firstly, sorry me and my friend Roz keep on dominating these pages. We can't help it! Secondly, I love reading other people's writing (as well as my own) so pretty please with cherries and icing and sugar keep writing in! By the way, I am a bigger sil than Roz so there.

(Ed: what's a sil?)

Tim@thy's the name, E-mailing's the game.

By Tim, age 10, Yr5, Ambergate School, Belper, Derbyshire, England

I send loads of emails to everyone who E-mails me the problem is that I don't get replys BOO HOO. My friend Sideshow Loz E-mails me a lot (Don't start thinking things now will you?.) She's twelve and she's sent me about 30 or something around there. She's my best friend and she's got a brother thats about 15. Can some one please reply to this letter. (Loz has written loads on the page.)
P.S please reply
PPPPP.S please reply
PPPPPPPPPPP.S please reply.

Reply to Enter My Writing

Reply to: Too Much Attention

By Loz, age 13, Year 8, Helenswood (all girls) School, UK

Dear Andy-who-has-girls-chasing-him: Andy you lucky thing! Use it boy!


By Amanda, age 10, Ma, USA

My birthday is very special to me because it was the day I was born, the day my mom and dad gave birth to me and I will never forget any of my birthdays because they are special in every way! I celebrate my birthday by eating cake and opening presents which a very good way. I hope today, will be one of the best as long as my family will be with me! (The Editor says: Happy Belated Birthday Amanda!)


By Samantha, 10 nearly 11, Year 6, Harrington Junior School, Long Eaton, England

Hi there I'm Sammy. My favourite sport are Netball, Rounders, Tennis and Badminton. My favourite bands are B*Witched, Steps and TLC.

More Special Sixes

Martial Arts

By Crissy, age 15, Year 10, Gartree Grant Maintained School, Tattershall, UK

Hi everyone, My name is Crissy and I`m a Blue belt in Taekwondo. My other hobbies are horse riding, sport and playing the Clarinet. I go out clubbing locally every fortnight and have just started a new job in a restaurant

Hello Kids on the Net

By Stefan, 10, Year 5, Oakdale County Primary School Peterborough, England

Hello, I’m Stefan. I have been into loads of competitions. I've been in a drama festival a few weeks ago. I did prose reading and verse speaking. I did very well. I came in category B for both.
I do the violin and I’m nearly doing my exam for that and I play the organ. I did a exam and came in category B.
Next i went to the Oundle music festival. I did good. I did a solo (by yourself), duet (2 people), ensemble (everybody). We did not win on the ensemble. Never mind. Thanks bye!!!!!!!!

Piano Competition

By Mike, age 8, 2nd Grade, Mirada School, USA

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm having a piano competition on 4/10/99. I'm going to play Sonatina #4 by Clementi and The story of Caparina (a Brazilian song) by Villa-Lobos. The winner gets $45.00. Well I'm getting nevous right now. I'm not sure if I'm going to win. The competition is at Sherdes. There are 6 categories in the compitition. The categories are A-B-C-D-E-F. I am at catergory B. Well I have to go now.

Too Much Attention

By Andy, 13, Nottingham, England

I have got this problem, with all these horrible girls chasing me around and all the other guys in my year are jealous. Any advice?

                                    To reply

Likes Horseriding

By Louise, Class 4.3, age 15, Alderwasley, Belper, Derbyshire England

Hi everyone. I like horse riding. I used to go after school on a Friday then Nyree and Dorothy stopped working there. Because it was run by new people for that day it was full up from people that rode at the other stables on Friday but in I.T I still had a chance to go because there were three groups. Two of then did I.T then we would change over. This would mean another group would go riding. After the third holiday the group that had not been riding would then go.

Special Sixes

Come and meet the Year Sixes visiting Kirk Hallam Community School in Derbyshire, UK.


Cathy, 8, Year 3, Granton Primary School, Streatham, London, England

I just want to say hello to other children from around the world. Our class (especially me) would like to hear from you! We are all either 7 or 8 and our teachers name is Miss Jones.

Hello everyone

By Joseph, Year 1, St Lawrence Primary School, Rowhedge, Colchester, Essex, UK

I am writing this with the help of my Granny. I am 5 years old. I like Batman very much. My bedroom is like Gotham City Skyline. I have a brother called Charlie, he is 3. I have two cats, Ben and Sam.

Like To Know How It Feels To Be Around Me

By Sapphire, 6, 1st Grade, Varina Elementary School, Richmond, Va, USA

Hello my name is Sapphire. I am six years old. I like to meet new friends. I am very friendly and nice. I like school because I see all my friends and get to talk to them about what I did the day before. Most of my friends have the internet and we talk. I have a little brother named Brandon, he is 3 and I have a little sister named Skylar, she is 4 and I have a older twin brother and sister named Shaun and Stacey they are 7. Well I have a normal life. I wake up at 6 o'clock (eastern time). I have to take a bath I get out at 6:15. Then I get dress and my sister does my hair. I have breakfast and out the house at 7. Our school starts at 7:35. Shaun and Stacey are in the third grade, Skylar is in preschool, and Brandon goes to daycare all day. I have fun at school and I do very well. My best friend is Cassidy. She is nice and we sit together at lunch. I get back home at 2:30. I have to do my chores.


From Andrew, 10, Year 6, Falcon School, Mandurah, W. Australia


By Keonne 5th grade, North Beach Elem. School, Miami Beach, FL, USA

I love visiting my relatives in London, Dorset, and Penzance.

All About Us

By Alison, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

Hi I'm Alison.I live in Welwyn and my favourite sport is netball and I am on the school team. I have two sisters Claire (14) and Helen (11) and they are both mad about shopping. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My best Friend is Amy from Bristol. My Mum is Called Jane and my dad is called Ian. That is all about me. Bye!

All About Us

By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

Hi! I'm Edward. I live in Welwyn and my favourite sport is swimming but I am not on the school team. I have a brother and a sister: Dora [3] and Thomas [8] and they are both mad about annoying me. My Best friend is either Alison or Haydn and they are from Welwyn. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My Mum is called Francesca and My Dad is called Sandy [Alexander]. That is all about me. Bye!

My friend

By Jocelyn and Anna, Grade 4, Ardrossan, Canada

My friend would like to be in the kidsclub. Her name is Jocelyn. She is 9 years old and in gr.4. She goes to my school. Her favorite sports are soccer and gymnastics. Her birthday is Nov. 9th. She loves math and gym.She is a very good soccer player. She has been playing for 2 years since she was 8. She is in level 6 in gymnastics.She loves pepperoni PIZZA!! Her younger sister is 7 years old and in gr.3. your freinds, JOCELYN AND ANNA

About Me

By James, aged 11, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, UK

Hello, my name is James. I like playing games and sports. My family is nice, I have one sister and a mum and dad. My dad's name is Paul and my mum's name is Val. I like sports like football and ice hockey. I support Forest and Man U
Bye for now.

Porchester School

By Katie, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, UK

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm in year 6.  I'm 11 years old. My favourite animals are dogs, rabbits and cats. I have one sister called Nicola.
I've got two cats and one hamster.

My life

By Anna, Grade 4, Ardrossan, Canada

Hello I am Anna and I am in gr.4. I love gr.4 because you get to do a lot of fun stuff in it. Well I am really glad that I get to talk to you.
Well I got to be going now so see you soon!!!

Me, Myself and I

By Carli, 5th grade, King David Primary School, Linksfield, Johannesburg, South Africa

My name is Carli. I am 10 years old. My birth day is in April. I live with my Mom, Dad and brother,Ryan.
When I look in the mirror I see an attractive girl. I am short and I have a muscular body. My hair is thick, shiny and brown. I have beautiful big brown eyes and long glittering eye lashes. I am caring and helpful but I am sometimes jealous. My mother thinks I am humourous and helpful. My favourite sports are gymnastics, kung fu, dancing and athletics.
My fovourite colour is purple. My favourite food is chicken with gravey and potato. I am looking for a cool pen pal - please write back to me.

My first day in Ace

By Emma, aged 16, Alfriston School, Milton Keynes, UK

My first day in Ace was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. We got to know each other properly.
My teacher Mrs Kendal is lovely and very pretty and I like her a lot.

I like your poems

By Marie, 4th Grade, Niles, Michigan, USA

Hi, my name is Marie (that is my middle name). I'm in the 4th grade. If you guys want to, write me
bye bye

Write 2 me!

By Stephanie, Year 11, Trinity Upper School, Northampton, England

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am 15 years old, I am in my GCSE year so I am very nervous! I support Barnesley football team and Jacksonville Jaguars American Football team. I am interested in languages -- I am learning French and German and these are my favourite subjects. I have a dog, three cats and a fish. My favorite film is 'Jerry Maguire' I would like to hear from anyone, anywhere. Just do it!

Please reply to me!

by Georgina, Year 12, Trinity Upper School. Northampton. England.

Hey everyone I'm Gina, I'm 16 and I'm totally into American football and Southpark. I surpport the Detroit Lions Unfortunatly anyone who follows this sport will know they're not doing doing too well at the moment! I love all animals , yes even spiders, I Love 'Friends' the T.V show. In general I guess I love everything. Especially if it's American. I would really like to visit there some day. Especially Detroit, for obvious reasons. So the whole point of this message is to see if anyone wants to talk to me, PLEASE DO REPLY TO ME!


By Kymirajak, Age 7, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am a girl who likes to sing, to dance, to play. I am a girl who likes lots of things.

Go Hawks!

By Andrea, 7th grade, Silversands Middle, Port Orange, Florida, America

I'm 13 in seventh grade. Most of you guys are in England. Right? Well, I enjoy basketball, surfing, hanging with my boyfriend,
and cheerleading. GO HAWKS!

love ya, Andrea

Why I Like Being In Shows

By Alexandra, Year 5, Good Shepherd School, Nottingham, England

The excitement of whispering back-stage
The knowing that there's people who'll appreciate what you've done
The tremendous feeling when the audience claps
The doing it with people you know
The looking forward to doing it again
What do you like doing?

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