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My Ambition In Life

By Amanda, age 14, Canada

Ever since I was 10 I wanted to make a difference in my life as well as others. Four years later and I still do! I have lived two completely opposite lives. When I was 8 my parents separated. I wasn't upset I was glad I didn't have to hear them fighting. My two older brothers my mother and I left my father one day when he was at work. I didn't visit him for a while and we stayed in a women's shelter we didn't go to school. I didn't understand why. My mother told me that if I saw my dad he might try to take me away from her so I started to dislike him. About a month later we moved into our own apartment. I started going back to school again. I had to sleep in the same bed as my mother. But I didn't really mind.
One day when I came home from school there was a man at my house. My mother was smiling for once she looked happy. They were holding hands. She and one of my brothers liked him but my other brother and I didn't. He always told me what to do, I was angry because he wasn't even my dad. Then we moved away to live with him in the country. I went to a new school. Met new friends. When we lived with him sometimes he would get angry and throw everything around in our house. My mother said he never once hit her, he didn't hit me either but she told me he was an alcoholic.
He was nice when he was drunk and funny but when he had over 24 beers he would turn mean (this didn't happen often) my mother would always cry and when I went to hug her she would yell at me.
Finally we moved into town without him. I still went to the same school. And we visited my father whom lived in Quebec (we lived in Ontario). My mother worked as a waitress, she made pretty good money I guess.
Then she stopped working she said she had a leave of absence because she was depressed. She got child support and some other way the government sent her money. We only got new clothes when we visited my dad or when it was our birthday. my mother never got new clothes not once when she had extra money, which she seldom did, she bought us something. then she started going to her ex boyfriends house ALL THE TIME! She was never home.
My brothers started bringing their friends over and they went up to their room they would smoke pot one day they asked me to try so I did, then I started doing it with them. My marks at school went down and no one noticed. It seemed no one even cared. so I decided I didn't want to live anymore
One night my mom came home early and caught me smoking I decided I wouldn't do it again. She still didn't have a job we lived in a nice big house we were warm but we didn't have food sometimes, I would eat two pieces of toast with peanut butter in one day, that was all I ate. my mother didn't even eat at all she is a little over weight anyways.
My mom and two brothers all smoked cigarettes it gave me asthma I haven't been to the doctors in a long time. then my brothers and I asked if we could live with our father. I loved my mother but I couldn't live like that anymore. having no food, clothes, supplies for school nothing, and I always stayed at home alone. So my father said we could live with him.
Whenever someone asked me why we were moving away I told them it was because my mother wanted to go to collage. I lied, I was embarrassed. Finally last summer we moved here to Quebec with my father and his girlfriend which I like a lot. and like I said before I am living a completely opposite life we eat good healthy food and whenever we need clothes or something we get it.
It's amazing how different it is on the outside, but inside I feel the same.
I miss and worry about my mother a lot and at Christmas we are visiting her. I still dot know what I'm going to do to change my life or someone else's but I'll figure out a way, now that I know the way some children are living. well thanx for reading my story and whenever you feel you don't have something you need think of someone that doesn't even dream of having that they just wish they could at least have clean water and warm shelter then you won't feel so bad.


By Besart, age 16, Tirane, Albania

Will I be remembered? Remembered by who? Life is dificlt. Life is terrible, life is beatiful life is wonderful. People love each other people hate each other. Devil spirits beneath the same face. A smile which is more important than dollars and dollars which is more important than love. This is the man the good and bad. Who are we? Who are we to decide on other's life and say who lives and dies?
Sheakespeare was one of the best people but some of his works are loved by lots of those devil people. So who are we?

Trousers For Girls

By Emma, age 13, Year 8, William De Ferrers School, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

In my school the girls are not allowed to wear trousers. We tried loads of times to change the headmasters mind, but he wont let us. We have done lots of petitions, but they never work. So on Friday 24 November we did a protest. All 3, 000 of the girls came to school wearing trousers. All of us got in big trouble, most of us got detentions, and quite a lot of people got suspended, but we all did our part. They are now considering trousers for girls, but say they won't have decided for about another year, then they will have to sort other stuff out. By then most of the older protesters will have left school, and they were the main people who got suspended. So we are going to do another protest soon.
Does anyone else think that it is really wrong and sexist if they don't allow us to wear them?

One day in my life

By Ricky, age 16, Coventry, UK

My name is Rundeep but I would rather be called Ricky. My life is not really interesting yet but for now I will tell you what a day in my life is like.
'I normally get up around seven o'clock and shower and get ready for the day ahead. Which normally includes choosing what to wear. My main colours are blue, white and black, I try not to wear any other colours. As this would make me feel like I was dressed up like everyone else. I then check my E-mail's as I am a rapper I normally receive offers and have record producers trying to help me. If don't have any e-mail's, I normally surf the Internet for at least one hour until my computer tells me its time disconnect.
And off I go after that to the bus stop where I can catch either the nine hundred or seven. I like to catch which either comes first. When the bus comes I go straight to the top, where all the interesting characters sit. For example the man who is seated at the front of the bus and always seems to be smoking , where as the girls at the back of the bus with their mothers who are always trying to sing and get on your nerves.
On a bad day you have those girls trying to sing and you are stuck in heavy traffic and it can take half an hour to get to the pool meadow bus station. When I finally get to the bus station I meet up with my fellow class mates. Go to my next bus stop and wait about ten minutes and while I wait I have to listen to everyone telling me about their life's and how they have no problems of course they are obviously they are not telling me the truth.
You only have to look at what their clothes are like with holes in and dirty. I feel like laughing in their faces.
At this point the bus usually arrives. (This seems to happen everyday its like being in a movie) I get on the bus and again go to the top. Where everyone else seems to have to smoke.
There are usually some characters here too but there not interesting just the type of people your parents don't want you to talk with.
With in no time we're at collage where everyone on the bus want to get off at. So I just stay seated and wait until I can join the back of the queue but if I'm not feeling well or if I am in a mood I go straight to the front of the queue. Any way I get of at the bus stop near the collage and walk down that path way to the electric doors. Where I always look at the clock at reception or student services as some people call it.
After that I walk to my lessons. For example Thursday. I have project at nine o'clock. Where we just sit around directing and acting in some dramas which Dan tells us. After that I go home and write some lyrics which normally takes me all day and I usually go to sleep after writing my lyrics. This may of seemed strange to some people but that is a one day from my life.
Thank for taking the time to read my work.

Existence of Aliens

By Jessica, age 11, Westlake Middle School, Broomfield, Colorado, USA

My opinion is that aliens do exist. I think that because my brother and I thought we have seen some before, but we're not sure just yet. Here's why:
Many astronomers estimate that there are a trillion planets where the conditions for life to exist could be right. Most agree that any extraterrestrial (ET) we find will be more advanced than we are.
Astronomers try to contact ET by listening to patterns of radio waves coming from space. They also send out our own messages. So far, no one has heard an "intelligent" beep. Why haven't aliens contacted us? Some scientists think they may be too advanced or too far away to care about communicating with earthlings. Or else, the cost of traveling across the galaxy is too great.
However, a survey shows that half of Americans believe in UFOs and Et. In fact, a saucer carrying four aliens actually crashes in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Some say evidence is being concealed in Nevada. A nurse at the Roswell army base reported seeing little alien corpses. In fact, my brother and I stayed up until 1:00 A. M. ; it was around 12:00 A. M. when we saw something in the sky move down towards Earth. We thought it was a UFO. People who report having seen aliens usually describes them as between three and four feet tall, with grayish-white skin and oversized hairless heads. They have no ears, huge black eyes and a tiny mouth. They use telepathy.
Of all the ages of the people around the world that seen the aliens are 2% 1-15, 30%16-25, 40% 25-50, and 14% 60-90. The times people see the aliens at night are 56%, in the day is 21%, and in the dusk it's 23%. The UFOs seen are shaped as saucers is 38%, seen as triangle is 18%, seen as a sphere is 16%, and seen as lights is 28%.
I believe that aliens have visited this planet. After all, some people that had before been abducted by aliens had metal objects of unknown origin removed from their bodies.


By Holly, age 11, McFarland , WI, USA

Hi!! I am interested in Peru. I think that you would enjoy if I tell you some interesting facts about Peru. I hope that's ok!!
Did you know that in Peru there is a rich part and a poor part. There money is very different than ours. They have things called solls. One soll here would equal to about 34 cents. Did you know that the average 10 year old kid makes more money than an adult in Peru. In cities there people go around trying to sell you things. They will sell you any thing that they have with them. A lot of people go around and get there pictures taken. After you would take someone's picture from Peru they would stick out their hand and ask for one soll. That is a lot of money to them.
In Peru there are the Andes mountains. There are glaciers in the Andes. There are a lot of interesting things in Peru such as Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a city made out of rocks. It attracts a lot of tourists.
I hope that you learned a bit about Peru!!!

If I Had All The Money In The World......

By April, age 12, A.P.Giannini School, San Francisco, California, United States of America

If I had all the money in the world, I would first of all help all the poor people. I would help the farmers first, because they worked so hard to keep people full, while most of themselves are starving. Then I would help the people who are servants. They go to a stranger's family and serve them because they need money for their own family. They get scolded, beaten, and harassed(sometimes).
After I helped the poor people, I would improve the "kids' world". I would start lots of programs to help kids to stop smoking, taking drugs, running away, and all the bad stuff teenagers do nowadays. I would improve schools all over the world, buy them new computers that don't freeze, get new desks without scratches or drawings on them, give them supplies, and get more educational teachers.
I would let poor kids in Yugoslavia, China, Mongolia, Arabia, Africa, etc; feel the sensation of watching television, going on the internet, playing video games, and/or play all the sports.
Finally, I would help prisoners understand why what they did is wrong. To help them see what a beautiful world we have and how to make it prettier.

Friends for ever

By Amy, age 13, Queen Eleanor School, Stamford

Friends 4 ever
Friend are people who are there for you,
friend are people who care for you,
friends are people who don't talk about you behind your back,
friends are people who listen to you,
i have lots of good friend cause we do all the things in this poem and tips.

Three tips on being a good friend:
1. listen to there problems
2. help them if they need help
3. never talk about them behind their back.

Best Friends

By Jessica, age 14, USA

My best friend is my creative side in my brain. I know this sounds kinda corney but hear me out. When I'm bored with nothing to do somehow I'm transformed to another place, time , family , city and life because of my brain. Sometimes I'm a singer in a band with my "brothers" and sometimes I'm trapped in school with 5 of my classmates because it snowed so hard we are trapped in. So , whenever your bored you should talk to your brain and explore it. It tells you more about yourself than you ever thought you knew.

Mathews Elementary

By Wanqing, age 9, Mathews School, Austin, Texas, USA

Hi! I go to Mathews Elementry in Austin, Texas. Last year, my school was rewarded a Historical Landmark plaque because Mathews is a very old school. Mathews was built in the year 1916.That was even before my grandparents were born! Mathews looks like it's the oldest school in Austin but it's not because Mathews is the 3rd oldest school in Mathews. I hope I stay in Mathews because it is really fun. My teacher at Mathews is Mrs. Vivan Carson in 4th grade. I really like Mathews!

My Dream Date

By Nicole, age 11, Pine Brook School School, Manlapan, New Jersey, USA

Have you ever saw the man of your dreams and you couldn't have him! Well this happened to me too! And I wanna tell you all about it!
When I was at *Nsync concert I saw Justin Timberlake and I need him soo bad do you know what I did I emailed him at and guess what he wrote back! He sent me his autograph and I met him he gave me tickets to his concerts I met him backstageI couldn't believe it! I love Justin soo much and so should everyone.

Our Trip To Florida

By Daniel, 9, Montgomery Elementary School, Cincinnati, OH, USA

One day we decided to go to Florida because I wanted to see Disney world. My dad said that we could go to see Disney world.

We drove to Dayton to and flew to Atlanta from Atlanta we flew to Orlando, Florida. At Florida we went and rented a car. We drove to Disney world. We booked a hotel inside Disney World. It rained hard the day we reached Disney World. My dad went to see a parade in the rain. Latter that night he tossed his cookies!!! He was sick enough to go to see the doctor!

On the next day we went to Magic Kingdom in Disney World. We went on a lot of rides. My favorite ride was the African Safari. I also liked watching the Christmas parade. That night we waited and watched the fire works. The park looked enchanting as it was decorated for Christmas. At night we came back and saw the fireworks they were wonderful.

On the second day it was drizzling on and off all day. My dad was under his covers the whole day. My mom and I went to The Epcott Center to watch movies and shows. My favorite was Honey I Shrank The Kids. It was a three dimensional movie.

On the third day we went to M. G. M Studios. My favorite show out of all the things we did was watching the Jim Henson's Muppet 3D show. My favorite part was when they had a pie fight and they threw a pie at me. It was charming to see the streamers going everywhere. When we came out we saw a statue of Mrs. Piggety with her skirt torn apart!

We went to the sports arcade and played a lot of awesome games. Later that day my mom and I bought a humoungous Mickey mouse. I swam a lot in a gigantic pool which was triple the size of our community pool.

Later that day we left Disney World. We drove to a beach called Coco beach. We got a hotel room that over looked the beach. I could see the Sea Gulls and the sea from my bed. I collected over 100 shells. I played in the ocean a lot. I think Florida is an excellent place to go for a vacation because it's awesome.

The mouse that got out

By Amie, age 10, Orland Hills, IL, USA

My mouse got of her cage. My dad woke me up, and he said, "the mouse was in my room, and now it is in your room. " He grabbed a piece of wood and blocked the door so that the mouse couldn't get out of the room. My dad said, "Don't knock over the board or the mouse will get out. Go back to sleep, you can get her in the morning. " I knew something bad was going to happen, so when my dad was getting dressed I looked for the mouse. I spotted her in the closet, then she ran to the other side of the room. She was under my desk. I called my dad, he brought me a box. She was trapped under the desk, I pushed the mouse towards the box, but that didn't work so we put food in the box. We tricked her into the box. It took about 10 min. to get the mouse into her cage. Finally we got her into the cage, and we put a book over the hole. That is how we caught the mouse.


By Mpumelelo, age 12, Year 7 (seven), Bindura Primary School, Bindura, Zimbabwe

AIDS has killed many Zimbabwean citizens;
Poverty, Humility and under development of Zimbabwean citizens has been known to be caused, by Aids.
Orphans whose parents have passed due to AIDS wonder in the city streets, in search for a shelter and food.
Sex, which is now a game to thoughtless teenagers, is the cause of this dangerous syndrome.
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, once caught never cured since the cure is unknown to the human mind.
Remember, forwarned is forearmed. The youth should help in preventing this and getting a cure.

Something from the sky

By Hazel, age 14, London, UK

This isn't a story or a poem, It is merely a memory on paper, but it is writing, and I don't think Writing can be categorised and stereotyped. It is someone's heart and soul on paper. It makes people cry and laugh like nothing else. There is nothing more I can say.

It was a stormy evening.
The storm had flashed through the Indian summer's day like a comet. I lay on my bed for a long time, staring out of the window. My curtains were open and they billowed in the stifling breeze that drifted in through my open window.
My radio crackled, losing the Jazz station it was tuned to through the heavy, stormy sky.
What a sky. It was dusk outside and I could see the clouds out my window. Billowing, knotted in a rage as the storm moved inside them, occasionally throwing down spears of lightning and growling thunder that shook around my house.
My windchimes chattered and shook as the wind blew harder, brusting into my room.
The curtains shook and fought.
Crackly snippets of an old song warpled into my bedroom and I curled up on my bed and smiled, watching the storm fight and rage above me.
And I thought about how we clamour to be noticed and seen.
How we push our opinions on others and preach, dreaming of fame and wishing for prosperity.
And then I thought: If I can live and be happy, Walk in the rain, look at the stars, cry, laugh, love, get my heart broken and watch Lightning as it jumps from the sky like I was then, I needed nothing else. For then, I would be free.


By Hayley, age 12, Macclesfield, UK

I went to Tenerife on May 19th and I stayed there for two weeks. I flew with Air 2000 it took 4 hours and 15mins. On the plane it was nice and cool it wasn't stuffy like other planes but it was a bit cramped. On the television on the plane I watched Tomorrow Never Dies it was brill.
When we arrived at the airport it was boiling and it had a nice breeze. On the Double Decker it took 15mins to get to the hotel where we was staying (Mare Verde). When we arrived we got the key to our apartment and the apartment was really nice. We had 8 different swimming pools one went right round the apartments and we had two slides in the pool.
On the first night we was there we went to the beach where there was loads of Restaurant and we went to one called Aberdeen I had Gammon it was lovely and at 9:00pm there was entertainment on at the Restaurant it was good.
In the morning when we all woke up we went out for breakfast in this restaurant called Old Lodge. When we went back I got changed and dived straight in the pool it was freezing when you first get in. My mum and dad took Lysette in the baby pool and that pool was nice and warm.
On the third day my mum and dad took me, Phil, and Lysette to the Aqua Park (Water park). Phil and me went on this slide which you sat on a ring and there was three-life guards at each ditch because you flew of the ring and into the water. I jumped of a 15ft Diving Board it was cool it was like you was flying in the air and there was theses slides and when you went on them you turned round spin everywhere sometimes you fell head first. There was a slide called Kamikaze it was brill you just flew straight down dead fast.
On the forth day we went to the beach. The sand was nice and soft and very hot the sand was a grey colour not in dirty. My sister was playing in the sand with her bucket and spade what we had just bought for her. My mum and dad were lying in the sun and my brother was digging a hole in the wet sand near the sea. I was swimming in the sea and over the waves it was dead good just bobbing up and down over the waves my mum, dad and Phil wouldn't go in the sea because it made them itch.
On the fifth day we went shopping and I brought all the presents from the market for my friends. At night we all went to this club, we played bingo and my mum won 9000pesatas on a full house and we won a bottle of bubbly "Only because we had dun that quiz before". At 10:00pm we watched this man who HYPNOTISED 10 people. There was a lady and she was hypnotised and the man gave her pair of glasses what made her see all the man naked. He then made her vision 10 times bigger and she was totally stunned she was laughing her head of saying! WOW!
On the 6th day I stayed in the swimming pool all day. When my mum, dad, Phil and Lysette went out for dinner I stayed with Jessica and Amy. (Friends who I met).
So we got some dinner at the bar round the corner from the swimming pool. When we had finished our dinner we went back in the pool and there was a man who was letting people have a go of scuba diving in the pool. He was English so I asked him weather me and Jess could have ago. He said sure who's going first I said Jess cause she had done it before. She put on the massive tank on her back I don't know how she holded herself up, because it was a adult one and they didn't have any smaller ones. When it was my go I tried the tank on but it was drowning me so he put it on and I wore the breathing thing. We went right down to the bottom and my ears didn't even pop or hurt and didn't have a clue where I was going it was strange. But I found 50 pesetas on the pool floor. Then the rest of the day we just dived in and out of the pool.
The best show we watched at the club, all the time we was there was the "Blues Brothers" they were so funny I nearly wet myself they was brilliant. When they first came on one of them had booze and the other had a fag in his mouth they ran round asking every one for a light. They sang loads of songs what you had to copy them it was brill.
On the last night at the club Phil and me stayed till 2:30am. Jess, me, Amy, Phil and Jess's mum all sang on the karoke we sang s club 7 it was funny god help the windows. There was this girl who sang my heart will go on and she was really good she was only 7 or 8.
It took 3hours and 35mins to get back cause we went over the sea. IT was freezing when we got back to England.

My First Trip to Fireworks

By Dominic, age 6, Year 2nd, School, Silver Spring

First we went to one of my dad's friend's house. We had dinner there and Liana and me swam in their pool. Then we left and went to see fireworks. We drove to where I, Dominic, had dance practice. It was near a Metro. The trains were full of people. Luckily, a man was getting off and let us take his seat. After a couple of stops we got off and got on another train. Then we were in a big hurry because fireworks were starting soon. We just followed where other people were going. Then we finally got there. I had some cake. The fireworks were not loud at all. I had some water with me because I was thirsty. I drank the whole thing before it ended. And when I didn't know it it was over. We left and the trains were totally crammed. So we found our own little corner. There was nothing to do so our this guy started saying stuff like "Hey, does anybody have a good story to tell?" Finally it was our turn to get off. When we got to the car, I was so tired I slept the whole way back home. I didn't want to brush my teeth. So my dad said I didn't have to. I changed into my pajamas pretty fast. I was the last person to wake up in the morning. It was so fun.

My Trip to Uncle Keith's

By Dominic, age 6, Year 2nd grade, School, Silver Spring, Maryland

On Saturday I went to my uncle's house. My uncle's name is Uncle Keith. We drove from Maryland to Massachusetts. When we got there I saw Alexi, my uncle's cat first. We played games while my Dad and Uncle Keith made dinner. We made hot dogs.
The next day we went to a pizza place called Sally's. On the way home we saw a car crash. My uncle and my dad both got out and went to help because Uncle Keith is a paramedic. We waited there for a couple minutes. Then a fireman came and asked us if we were included in the accident. My mom said "No", my uncle is helping. The fireman said, "OK, just checking on you." Then Uncle Keith and Dad came back and we went on driving. We got home about 11:30. When we got home we went straight to bed.
In the morning we went fishing. We went fishing for a long time. Then we went back home and decided to go to the Petting Farm. They had goats, chickens, horses, sheep, llamas, and an ostrich. Everybody in our family was feeding the goats. We did that for a long time. Then my sister Marisa found tree Four-leaf clovers. Then I started looking for Four-leaf clovers and I found one. I found five Four-leaf clovers. My fourth clover was a Five-leaf clover.
My brother Jonas, Dad, and me went to look at the pond. We just looked at it for a second, when I saw Uncle Keith, Mom, Seth (another of my brothers), and Marisa coming. I told Dad. Uncle Keith rolled down his window.
I yelled, "I found a Five-leaf clover!" Everybody's face looked funny and they said, "Wow, Dominic!" After that they parked and we had ice cream.
The goats tried to eat our ice cream. After everybody finished their ice cream. They rushed to feed the goats. I rushed to look for a Four-leaf clovers. That's when I found another Five-leaf clover. Mom went to the car and put it in water. I started looking for more Four- and Five-leaf clovers. But I didn't find any more. But I kept on looking. Mom called because it was time to go but I didn't hear her. So she kept yelling louder and louder until I heard her and came running over to the car.
When we got home, we got ready to go to Chi-Chi's with some of Uncle Keith's friends that we didn't know yet. The only person we knew was John Hissong. The friends had three girls. Almost all the kids had pizza. It was really really really good because if came with French fries. After all of that I was stuffed. I waited a little and then ate some more. Then the boys went outside.
Then we all decided to play Freeze Tag. We played that for about an hour while the grown-ups talked. I was just It once. The other people were It a lot. Then we had to go to take a picture. Then we went back home.
The next day we drove all the way back to my real home in Maryland.

My special mum

By Rosie, age 9, Surrey, UK

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you a bit about a very special thing in my life. No not my dog, or my acting or even me, surprisingly enough it's my mum. I know now I've said that I sound stupid but listen up.

When my mum Vikki was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1997 I was only 7, so I didn't take the extremely serious news in properly. As I got older I realised what was happening. As my mum was only supposed to live for a few months we were very surprised when she made it for 2 years. I remember memories such as Christmas, my birthday (March 7th ), Thorpe Park and many more. The last fab thing we did together was partying on Christmas Eve. If any people out there have problems like mine please speak to me.

If anyone is seriously worried don't worry there's always someone there.

Never Looked Back

By Shannon, age 17, Year 12..about to graduate, Patchogue Medford High School, Medford, NY, USA

He left me and it hurt. Doesn't he understand the pain he put me through? He walked out the door and never looked back. He never calls and he never visits. Why does he have to hurt me? Does he hurt to? He's not doing his job of caring for his kids. He walked out the door and never looked back.

I'm moving on; I'm growing up. Realizing he's never coming back. He will never be the father I want him to be. I hold on to the memories each and every day; they are all I have left of the father I used to love. He walked out the door and never looked back.

I often picture my future; he's still not there. I know I will make it without him; I've come this far. I'm strong and determined; I won't be knocked down. I've come so far and grown as a person, without the man who never looked back.

My Secret

By Heather, age 13, Marlington School, Akron, Ohio, USA

I have a secret. One that I hold deep inside, it's not the kind of secret that makes you overwhelmed with pride. I've had this secret inside of me for a very long time, and each time I think of it, It seems to freeze in my mind. I've always kept it quiet, not telling a single soul, for I am afraid if I do tell, people will think I am psycho. People tell me I am to deep, but I always seem to disagree. When I speak I tell people what is on my mind, but most human beings don't comprehend 99% of the time. I don't tell my secret to any child or man, nor do I dare tell it to any woman animal or anything else on this land. It's not that I don't want to, but I am scared how you'll react, but in the end I think it's best if I turned away and didn't look back.
I've told you about my secret and may I ask if you're curious to know? I'll tell you what my secret is if you are that desperate to know, as long as I have your word that you won't let this secret be told, please don't betray my trust, because then, we'll both be known as fools. I don't want it told because I don't know how the people will react, but I think I can trust you if you promise me that you will not act different or have an anxiety attack.
For many years now, I have watched the world turn, and in that time there are a few thing that I have come to learn. Life is for the living and not for those who waste it in drugs alcohol and violence, because those are the people with no sense or compassion.
My secret is that I live in a world of mediocrity where things don't ever change, in a land where people are killed be cause they are unique and not like quite the same. I live in a world where every where you look around, technological advancements are always being found. I notice that we humans are to busy with online games and such, to even notice that there are people dyeing everyday from hunger, cancer, and medical problems that simply don't have a cure. People just rather sit around and gorge them selves by the TV, then make a simple donation to save a whole family. I live in a world where people are to caught up in fads, where you are easily made fun of if your clothes weren't made from china, in little factories, where children work 12 hours a day for a nickel, that belong to corporate owners who are so very fickle. I come from a world, where my generation is known as generation X, where children that are in middle school have already had there first experience with sex. I come from a word where my generation has no morals or respect, and yet we wonder why our world is so conceded and corrupt.
In a child's eyes the world should be full of dreams and love and fantasies. Where everything you want can be achieved if you believe. That's what we were told when we were young, and now it's as if you were wrong. But to this day I still believe you can do whatever you want if you try to succeed.
In this world of vapid, stupidity brought out in vain, I think education is what I'd rather gain. These are my words to you in hope that you will listen carefully; all that you want in life can be achieved as long as you are dedicated to succeed, work hard, have many dreams, and as long as you believe.

Delta H presents Valley Park's Events 2000

By 4th graders, age 9/10, Year 1999/00, Valley Park School, Ketchikan, Alaska

The Red Snapper

By Gary and Patrick

Last year Valley Park voted on their school mascot. The student body had to choose between the Red Snapper, a fish found locally in Ketchikan, or the wolverine, which is not native to our area. The votes were close but the Red Snapper won.

After that Ray Troll designed a T-shirt that said "Don't worry, be snappy". The shirt has pictures of kids on it and a red snapper in the middle of it.

Now every Friday we see how many students wear red and black our school colors. Then the class with the most students wearing red and black get a little stuffed fish named Snappy to come to visit their classroom.

The Battle of the Books

by Brooke and Tawny

The Battle of the Books is where you read books and answer questions about the books you read. Most of the books are chapter books. They are all 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade reading levels. Each grade gets a list of books designated at their own reading level. Students try to read as many books as they can on the list. Teams are formed by picking partners who have read a lot of books.
The Battle of the Books at Valley Park Elementary School was held in the gym after lunch. Before the "battle" kids try to read all of the books on the list so they can answer most of the questions right.
The teams from Delta were the Three Black Cherries, the Gray M'n'M's, the Sorcerers, and the Golden Jelly Beans. The Delta winners who went on to the district level were the Three Black Cherries. Corrina, Sarah, and Samantha were the Epsilon winners who went on to battle at the district level. Besides school and district competitions there is the state competition level too.
The Battle of the Books helps kids read better and improve their reading skills. It also gets kids to love reading.

Sea Week

by Candice and Roses

Our whole school celebrated Sea Week by going to the beach. Each team chose the day and the beach they want to go to.
On Monday May 8th, 2000, the lowest tide of the month in May, all the Deltas, Mrs. Matz's class, Mrs. Harford's class, Mr. White's class, and Mrs.Wetzel's class, went to Totem Bight Park. We went to learn and observe more about the sea, sea creatures, and the sea environment.
All teachers put together the food and activities. Then the classes took the bus to the beach!

The Bear Under the School

by Lorin and Tommy

In the fall of 1999, a bear went under Valley Park Elementary School and started ripping up the garbage with its teeth and claws. The bear did this because it was in his nature. Somebody was there when it happened, but their name was not known.
The next day at school some kids helped clean up the playground. Garbage was everywhere. There was a trail of garbage leading to the woods. That was the trail the bear left.
The bear was gone but maybe next year the bear will come back. Valley Park needs to keep food and garbage picked up.

Dr. Suess Day

by Austin and Travis

On March 2 all of America celebrated Dr. Suess Day. Dr. Suess Day is a day set aside for reading. On this day teachers and parents try to get as many kids as they can to read.
Dr. Suess Day was celebrated district-wide. Valley Park celebrated Dr. Suess Day by having a school-wide read-in for one hour. The Valley Park PTA also served the students and staff green eggs and ham.
Delta H had a read-in for the whole day. They brought sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. Kale Lesko even brought a tent for the kids to read in. Mrs. Harford had a reading contract that the students had to work on.
Parents and other volunteers came in and read with to the students too. The whole school was busy reading!

The Mural

by Matt and Kenneth

It was the year two thousand in the month of May at Valley Park Elementary School. The mural was made possible because of a grant and money given by the PTA. The students of Valley Park drew pictures of the Ketchikan rain forest. They also drew creatures found in the rain forest.
Local artists helped Valley Park paint the mural. The names of the painters were Carla, Heidi, Dave, Holly, Loren, and Ray. Some of the Epsilon kids helped paint the background of the mural. Roberto Salas was the visiting artist. He was from San Diego, California. He could speak Spanish. Roberto has done art work all over the world.
Valley Park did the mural because the teachers thought it would be fun for the kids and a good learning experience. The students learned a lot of new drawing techniques which they used to make their pictures.
The tiles that were created will be hung up next Fall after construction is done.

The Pit

by Kevin and Kale

The Pit is a game students play outside on recess. The game is a cool game that kids like to play. The point of the game is to run and jump off the ground as high as you can. It is played over in the sandy area where the ground slopes down. It has a lot of high jumping places.
A lot of kids play The Pit in the morning before school. At lunch recess a lot of kids go there and jump too. The players who jump the highest are Kale, Thomas, Patrick, Casey, and Matt. It can get pretty boring, but the kids do it because it is fun to jump.

The I-Search

by Justin and Bryce

At Valley Park Elementary School on February 1, 2000, Mrs. Harford's class, Delta H, was getting ready for the I-Search Parent Luncheon. The class had their parents come to eat lunch with them while some of the students presented their I-Search projects.
The way the I-Search was done was the students picked a topic they were interested in and wanted to research. Then the kids went to the internet. The kids were suppose to have a minimum of four resources for the paper they were going to write. There were lots of resources to pick from like the library, personal interviews, and businesses. Then the kids wrote their I-Search paper. The final draft was typed up on the computer. The class did the I-Search because when they get in Epsilon they will know what to do when the Great Brain Fair comes up. The students had to present their I-Search Project in front of the class.
The I-Search was great because the students learned about a lot about different topics. It was a fun activity.

Valley Park's Winter Program

by Sarah and Kathryn

The Valley Park students and staff performed the winter program at Ketchikan High School on January 20, 2000. The name of the winter program was "Singing and Dancing Through the Century". The rehearsing was at Valley Park Elementary School. There were two dress rehearsals at the high school. All the planning started before Christmas vacation. There was a lot of planning and rehearsing during January.
Each class performed something from a time during the twentieth century. The teachers did an act all by themselves. They were dressed alike and sang "The Bugle Boy of Company B". The audience appeared surprised that the staff could perform so well. The whole school sang "What a Wonderful World" at the end of the show. At the very end of the show, the Rubber Band played. They were the best!
Elizabeth Nelson came and helped Mrs. Eklund direct. Miss Kotik directed the music. Epsilon students wrote the script and also learned a lot about the history of Ketchikan.
Valuable art experience involves a lot of cooperation which is what the students and staff did. It was a celebration of Ketchikan's centennial and Valley Park's winter program was the first to do something. A lot of work was done by a lot of people.

Salmon Unit

by Coupe and Daniel

Mrs. Matz class, Delta M, started doing a unit on salmon last fall. One of her parents helped her put together a small tank for salmon eggs to hatch.
The eggs were small and all the students took turns taking the water's temperature. It was important to keep the temperature cold because the eggs would die. When the eggs hatched the students had to feed the fry (baby fish). There were bio rings so the fish could hide. The fry ate from their orange sacs attached to their stomach when they were first hatched. After that they start eating fish food.
Mrs. Matz had a lot of information for the students to learn from. The kids had to look up stuff and do a crossword puzzle. The kids also had to do a lot of observation and tell about what they found out.
The most interesting thing about the Salmon Unit was that a fry was born with two heads. Mrs. Matz said it would probably not live because it would not be able to swim the way it should to get oxygen through its gills. She was right. The two-headed fry died a few days later.
The students learned many things about hatching salmon eggs. The class shared information and stuff with the other Delta classes. They went to the fish hatchery too.

My Colour

By Afiqah, age 9, Singapore

It isn't easy being an everyday student, it's worse when we realize that we arent. I come from a local school, from a simple home with a loving family. Like all children my age, I too have an ambition, for a long time, it had been to be a teacher. Where I live, it is described as a multi-racial society, but I fear for my future, and Idread what life will be like 10 years from now

You see, I have come to understand and feel the pain of what I have always heard about:


It is painful, it may be the mildest form of it, but it still hurts. My race is a minority here, but I have always been taught, at least until now, that all races are equal.

My teacher has conveniently grouped us unfortunate dark ones, and indirectly labeled us as inferior. Unlike the other children, we are not allowed to ask questions and we are constantly being picked and told that we will never be as good as the rest, simply because we are a few tones shy of being "the proper people" we are apparently not as bright.

Where does that leave us? Where does that put my want of being a educate and love other children? I discovered that this is not a new topic in life, but why does painful life start so young? Where is my chance and right in being able to use my abilities and display them?

I know Itry , but it seems so useless. I am not alone, am I? As I sit here, I wonder if life would be any better had Ibeen born a little lighter? (in colour) What woul be my ambition now? Teaching? Would Ithen be able to teach prope principles or would Ibe breeding ignorance out of ignorance? I sit...and wonder ... thankfully for now where I am ...that is still allowed....regardless of colour


The Teacher I Learned the Most From

By Denise, age 12, Medina Valley Intermediate School, Castroville, TX, USA

The teacher I learned the most from is not one from a classroom. I do not call this teacher Mr. or Mrs., and I don't only see them on school days. This teacher is my mother. My mother has taught me wrong from right, how to be polite, and how to be courteous. She has taught me that life is not always fair and that things will not always go my way. I have learned from her how to be a team player, how to love one another even though I may not like the person, and how to share. I am grateful for being given the opprotunity to have this teacher in my life. I hope to learn more from her as I grow up.

My Report on my Drama Group

By Helen, age 10, Year 6, St. Colmcilles School, Dublin, Ireland

Hi! My name is Helen and I am here to tell you how this year's Encore production went.

I have been in Encore drama group since it started in 1998. First term we did Annie, second term we did Grease, third term we did Joseph and this term we did The Sound Of Music. Encore is divided into two groups. Juniors are junior infants to second class. And seniors are third to sixth class. I'm a senior.

So let's get down to the production itself. We performed The Sound of Music in the Civic Theatre in Tallagh on the 16th of April. It went very well. Here is the list of all the people who took part in The Sound of Music:


Jessica C.
Fiona B.
Sally M.
Sarah C.
Helen K. (me)
Louise C.
Marise C.
Claire K.
Sophie P.
Angela H.
Aisling K.
Louise Mc.
Sinead M.
Roisin O'C.
Gillian R.
Roisin O R.
Deirdre M.
Jennifer S.
Amy M.
Aine H.
Fiona W.
Lorna M.
Aoife H.
Mark D.
Aoife O' L.
Sarah B.
Sinead H.
Laura N.
Laura H.
Lorna P.
Rachel D.
Ciara M.
Alison P.
Saoirse G.,
Lauren S.


Whew! It's a long list! But it was a great play. We had a dancing teacher called Sarah, a singing teacher called Niamh and a drama teacher called Emer.

In the production this year I played the head nun. We all looked very like nuns I have to say! We even had the black and white head pieces. I don't think I want to grow up to be a nun though!

We have got a lot better over the last few plays and this one was really professional. We had great lights, sound, special affects and scenery. The Civic theatre is really big so we were able to get lots of good scenery. Niamh (our singing teacher) was able to do cool sound effects on her key board. There was one scene in the play that had thunder and lightning in it. Niamh make the thunder sounds on the key board and the lights flashed on and off to make lightning. It must have been pretty good because a little boy in the audience started to cry!

I think we all had a great time in Encore this year. And I hope we'll have just a good a time next year. And I'll be back again next year to report on how that play went! See you then!

The day MY life was changed FOREVER!

By Meaghan , age 11, 5th Grade, School, Spokane, Washington, U.S.

I was a pretty normal 7 year old when a event happened that changed my life and the life's of my family members forever. I had my two sisters Hannah-4 and Becca-1 and my brother Robby-2 to play with. WellÖ here's how it all began.
One Wednesday afternoon, my dad had a HORRIBLE headache. One that was so bad he came home from work to lay down and rest. Although, Thursday and Friday he was able to work.
The next Saturday morning, my dad woke up to find two men in blue by his bed. Even though he couldn't quite make out their faces, yet he could feel their presence. Then, the two men spoke. "Everything will be all right." The two finished delivering their message and disappeared. When my dad asked my mom about the men, she said no one had come through the door. After a few minutes, they realized the two must have been angels.
Sunday morning came and none of us felt good enough to go to church. To rest my dad sat in a recliner. A little while my dad had to go to the bathroom. He tried to stand up, but failed. For him, it seemed that the world was being spun around. Quickly, he sat again and knew he was in trouble! Calling out to God was all that he could do. My mom fetched the phone and called 911. My dad hugged each of us and said "Goodbye. I love you!" The ambulance came as soon as possible. My mom hustled us kids into my room. I pulled out my bible and started to read to my siblings. We prayed that the Lord would save our dad. My mom called a neighbor to come stay with us.
Out in the living room, the paramedics were doing what ever they could to save my dad. He stopped breathing and his eye dilated. They cut this shirt. Finally, they took him to an ambulance. That took him up to Betz Elementary School where a helicopter picked him up. My dad was flown to Sacred Heart Hospital. On the way, the voice of God talked to him. It was like God talking to Moses through the burning bush.
While this all was going on, we were over at my neighbors house watching movies and waiting for our grandparents.
When the helicopter finally reached the hospital, they told my dad that he had a brain aneurysm. Although they couldn't operate on him at Sacred Heart, the doctors knew some one who could. That man was Dr. Winn in Seattle. My dad and mom were off in a plane in a flash! On the way, the voice spoke again. It asked him who he was going to serve. God or Satan. My dad responded and said that he was going to serve Jesus Christ.
Five days later, my dad had surgery. They thought that that would take care of things, but apparently not. A few days later, a shunt was put in my dad. Then he went home for two weeks. On about the fifteenth day, my dad woke up and his head was swollen. Immediately, my dad and mom rushed to Harborview. My dad had a infection, so again he was operated on.
Now, 4 years later, my dad is doing GREAT!! He still gets headaches and becomes fatiggud. At first, doctors said he would never walk without a cane. Look at dad now!! Walking at night, in the dark, is one of his favorite activities. Although he is still not working at a job, my dad does a lot around the house. Since my mom went back to work, dad is "Mr. Mom." He usually makes dinner and watches us till mom gets home.
As you can see, my dad is a walking, talking MIRICLE!! God has helped us ever since and will continue to be there for us at ALL TIMES!!!

WellÖthis story DEFINITELY has a happy ending!!
Thank you for reading my story!!!

First Day in School

By Melissa, age 11, Year 5, Verize Street School, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

When I come to this part of Providence I was happy to move to a better place. I was not thinking about me leaving my friends. The only thing I was thinking about was me finding new friends.When I went to school kids where mean and didn't want to have a new friend but I didn't care because I had friends and call my friends every day to see what was going on. My best friend tells me the same thing I was going to, then after 5 months I had 8 friends 5 of them I'm really close to. I think what I'm trying to say is you have to watch and speak to people before you fright.

My Cat

By Shannon, age 10, Year S.I.N.G.S, 5th&6th Grade Center School, Poplar Bluff MO, USA

I was carrying in groceries one night and a moth flutterd in. It landed on the light. My cat sat down under the light looking like he was about to pounce. It moved, mat cat jumped in to air! He caught it. He brought it down and ate it with delight! Now we call him our hero!!

My Generation

By Heather, age 13, Year 8th, Marlington School, Alliance, Ohio USA

Today in my generation, when I think of the word prejudice, one word comes to mind. That word is hate. Who are we exactly?? Are we just mere children, lost in a fountain of innocense, or are we teens, just a few more faces amongst the crowd? Everyday I try unlearning the everyday prejudices brought on by todays modern and stereotypical society. If only my generation would follow in these footsteps. With help I can and will win my onoing struggle to fight against prejudiced people. Everyday I try to reduce the hate and increase the equallity and love in today's society. Who am I you may ask?? I am myself and will never be ashamed or frightened to admit who I am. I just hope that all the people that read this, will realize the seriousness of all that I speak of.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said that "I have a dream, that one day my children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of there personality."

Why haven't we made his dream a reality yet? All I know is that with Dr. Kings theory, and my generation's help, we can and will make history.

What being thankful really means

By Heather, age 13, Year 8th, Marlington School, Akron, Ohio, USA

Early one evening, I sat down for dinner and to watch the sunset. The sky was filled with orange and yellow, swirled with blue, indego, and a slight tint of silver. The clouds swirled and gatherd across the sky and then became a hazy dark blue. The sun was glistening and twinkling off the snow. I sat there and gazed in amazement, thinking how lucky I was to be able to see such a magnificent beauty. I sat there until all the colors of the spectrum turned into one purplish blue sky. The clouds that had rolled in had eventully passed and the sky began to clear. The moon arose and the stars had mysteriously appeard. Shimmering and glistening on the snow, leaving a bright white tint on everything.

I decided to go put on my jacket and go take a walk, I didn't know where to, but for some reason I had to. It was very brisk outside, you could see your breath. It was one of those nights when you would breath, you could feel the cold enter your lungs, chill your bones, and then take your breath away. I thought how lucky I was to be able to experience that. It was so wonderful that I had trouble drinking in all the beauty. I paused, I was just standing there, listening, not hearing anything. It was an agonizing silence, not one that causes any pain, but one that was so erie that it needed to be broken by something.

That night I went to bed and thought how lucky I really was, for no matter what happens, you should always be thankful for what you can do, because some people can not see the beauty and essence of a sunset, or feel the chill of the cold, or even hear the agonizing silence. Be thankful because no matter what happens throughout life, God is watching us and protecting us. I know that I am truely thankful.


By Tamara, age 14, Borden, Ontario, Canada

What are snakes? Snakes are kind of like a reptile. They can be long or small. One of the largest snakes is the anaconda. It is very long and fat. the babys are not fat and are not as long as the adults. One snake that is very deadly is the rattler. The only ways you know there is one by you without getting bitten is by hearing a rattle sound or sometimes you see it.

Ghosts of Derbyshire

By Loz & Ry@n, age 12 & 15, Ambergate, Derbyshire, England

Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, read this! Derbyshire is supposed to be the most haunted place in England.

One example of a haunting is Hardwick Hall, a 400 year old mansion house, which is home to many ghosts. The most well known ghost is the ghost of the Blue Bedroom, in which a teenage girl is heard crying, and indentations appear in the bed, as if someone was lying there... the room also gets VERY cold.

A very haunted area of Hardwick Hall is the chapel and chapel landing. The figure of a woman has been seen kneeling at the altar in the chapel, a man was seen walking down the steps when the hall was closed -- when followed, he disappeared.

A ghostly white cat has been sighted frequently at the chapel landing and in the gardens. Ghostly whisperings have also been heard by ourselves.

None of the ghosts are harmful, they don't even make contact with humans. If you would like to know more about the ghosts of Derbyshire, please reply!

Reply to: Ghosts of England By J@yde, age 13, Western Australia:
Sounds interesting Loz and Ry@n, please send in more info!!


The Great Blue Heron

By Katie, age 7, Year 2nd, Royal Oaks Elementary School Sun Prairie School, Sun Prairie, WI U.S.A.

The Great Blue Heron is a strange looking bird. Some people, like my mom, think the blue heron looks like a Pteradactyl. Its wing span is six feet wide and it is as tall as most eight year olds. The blue heron really isn't very blue at all! It's true color is more gray than blue. It prettiest feature is a plume that spreads backwards from its head.

Great blue herons belong to the Ardiedae family. Egrets, storks, ibises, boatbills, spoonbills, and bitterns are relatives of the blue heron. Cranes may look like a relative, but they aren't! You can tell the difference between them when they are flying. When cranes are flying their necks are stretched out straight, and the great blue heron flies with its head on its shoulders.

Many of the long legged wading birds, like the blue heron, live near lakes, rivers, marshes and ponds. The great blue heron lives in areas like these in North America. In the winter they migrate to northern South America. In the summer time I've seen blue herons across the lake from our cottage on Swan Lake.

The blue heron builds interesting nests. They may look a little clumsy and weak, but it is very strong. They build loose, flat, platform like nests that can stand up against gale force winds. These nests are found in dead-looking trees. They build their nests in colonies known as "heronries." I've seen heronries on Swan Lake.

The blue heron has sharp senses. Anyone who tries to sneak up on a blue heron should know how sensitive it is. Their eyesight and hearing is excellent. It's sharp yellow eyes can detect the slightest movement.

I hope you find the great blue heron as interesting as I do.

The end.


Generation Drug Free

By Nick, age 11, Year 6th, Central Junior High School, Lufkin, Texas, USA

I am a kid. There are many kids in the world. That's what we are called, kids. Nobody walks down the street, sees a kid and says, hello future, hello next generation, hello president in thirty years, or hello what our world will become in the next millennium. Even if people don't respect us as the future, we are the future, we are the next generation, and we will one day become the leaders of America (and the world).

What happens to us now could very well effect the outcome of the future. So far the world has made it okay, with inventors and geniuses to help along the way. Working from adobes to major city with forty story buildings. We are more civilized and better mannered than those of ancient times, but most of all we are stronger as a union, stronger as a working unit, and stronger as one. We must realize that now we are the inventors and we are the geniuses, and we have to keep a straight path. A path that leads us into the new millennium and teaches our kids the importance they have on earth. There will be many troubles on that path, some we can handle, and some that we can't, but one thing we can take care of easily is drugs.

I know you've seen the commercials with the kids that say no to drugs and say that drugs are bad. In return you say that you would never do something like that. That's what you say then, but when it really comes up and you are forced to make a decision, by someone that you trust, like your friend, are you really just going to say no and walk away from your pal that you've had ever since you could remember? Are you just going to leave withut taking some? I mean your friend seems fine, what could happen? Are you going to leave your buddy to go hang out with new kids, and make new friends?

If you're smart you are.

Kids and even adults have got to realize just how serious drugs are. If you think you're being cool doing drugs, you're not. If you think doing drugs is a smart thing, you just made the stupidest decision of your life, perhaps one that could one day could affect your life, but most of all if you think doing drugs is right, than you're as wrong as you'll ever be. Usually once you get hooked on drugs it's over, because you can't stop, you now crave the very thing that will end your life. Although there are some that have managed to stop, for most of them their life isn't over, but even if they keep living and breathing, their friends, gone, their job, gone, and their respect, it's all gone and most of it isn't coming back.


By Katie, age 13, Peterson, Iowa, United States

Friendship is more than sharing answers on a homework assignment, or telling secrets everyday.
It is more than talking on the phone every minute of your life. It means more than that.
They are always there when you get a bad grade on a test.
They are always there when your parents won't let you go somewhere.
They are always there when you get in trouble. They comfort you.
If you get into a fight, you know you will always make up, because you have too good a friendship for it to be ruined.
Your friend may get new friends during life, but they always have the time to draw their full attention to you.
That is what I call Friendship.

Creepy Catacombs

By Neil, age 14, Year 4, Ackworth School School, Yorkshire, UK

Our school is really old - more than 200 years! There are catacombs under the school and lots of stories about what has been found & lost down there.

Recently our librarian found some old drawings of Hadrian's Wall. It seems that a teacher here in 1879 did them and they are so detailed that you can see the individual stones. English Heritage & the BBC have gotten all excited about this & visited the school!

You can find out more about us and see our student pages at

Reply to all Cha-Cha letters

By Soi and Rajmin, age 8, Year 3, Herbert Morrison Primary School, London, England

Hiya, we've just started to read some cha-cha letters. Can someone explain what cha-cha is all about?

We've just been reading a letter from a boy in Brooklyn we thought it was sad. We also read some poetry about cricket.

There is a poem we like by Alan Ahlberg called "I see a seagull ".

It's from the book "Heard it in the playground".

Nottingham Tennis Centre

By Katie, age 9, Year 4, Southwold Primary School, Nottingham, UK

On Thursday 17th June, all of the juniors went to the Nottingham tennis centre. First we went to the games room we got a some free things like key rings. Then we had lunch. Webber, our travel buddy, went as well. We went to see Greg and Webber had a photo with Greg. We also had an aerobics dance session where we followed the steps of a woman. The television people were present. They made a film about us which has been on television. Mr Widdowson played in a football competition we won a trophy and one hundred pounds. We alo had a tennis award skills. Then we got a goody bag. Then we went to get the bus.

The Rat

By Ellie, age 10, Year 5, Darlington School, Australia

There once was a rat in my house
my cat got it in his mouth and ran into my mum's bedroom with it
then he let it go and went under my mums bed and went to sleep
then we got my dog in
she got it and kept on flipping it then it ran in the heater
my mum turned it on and turned it up high
the rat went out
my mum vacumed it up and that's true


By Alison, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Herts, England

Hi! I'm Alison and I'm in Cha-Cha. My friend Edward has been writing in to tell about Cha-Cha. Now I'm going to tell you how I feel about being in Cha-Cha.It's great. I am really enjoying it. We go through our ups and downs now and again but we always sort it out. I am working on a poster to put up in our local shop. We practice every day and we have a page in our school newspaper. Now more about how I feel to be in the band. I'm completely myself I always sing underneath the others. I am writing a song with me and Kerri as the lead singers.
Write soon, Alison (Cha-Cha)

What I hope for 1999-23

By Mohamed, 12, 6th grade, I.S 30 School, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

What will my life will be like in ten years?

Now I go to school. I go to Intermediate School 30 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I am in the sixth grade. In ten years I will be twenty-three years old. I hope to go to college and study science and social studies. After college I wish to get married. I want to have three children and give them their own room in our house. This way, they can't fight or touch stuff in each other's room. I want my children to be nice, smart, and neat. I want them to do their homework, get a job, get a car, get married and have children just like me. I want to be rich because if my family wants to buy something, I want to be able to buy it for them. I will always love my family, I would do anything for them.

When I think about the future I feel sad because my friends tell me we will die. I get worried when I think about dying.


Another thing I think about is, 'When will I go back to my country?' I want to go back to my country, Algeria, because I miss my family and my friends. I think I am going this summer and I feel so happy. My mother wants to go to she always talk about going back to our country. Sometimes I think that I will get married. I feel so good, because my friends talk about it too. That's why I am happy. I think I will get married when I'm twenty-five, and that's a little older. I think I will get married in America. I like America, and the girl that I like lives here. That's why I want to get married here. I want to stay here all my life because I like America, and it's a good country.


In my country there is a war. Bad people kill people. One time they killed my cousin and it was nasty. They cut his head in my house, in front of my family, and we called the cops. They came and they took my cousin and he died.


That's what they do in my country.


More Cha-Cha

By Edward, age 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Herts, UK

Hi kids! Here is some more news on Cha-Cha:
We are continuing our progress though somewhat slower:
1) We have a new song about the war (called A Real War) and it already has an accompaniment
2) Cha-Cha Theme is in the editing stage
3) I am finishing an accomplaniment for Cha-Cha On The Tube Train. Unfortunely our first performance was belated as we were in deep practise

Here are the words of Cha-Cha Theme:

songwords by Edward
Bom X3 de dom X4 Yeah!
Walking round year 3s is easy X4
CHORUS: Bom de dom (Cha-Cha)(Yeah) X8
Walking round year 4s is easy X4
Walking round year 5s is easy X4
Walking round year 6s is easy X4
Bom de dum (Cha-Cha) (Yeah) X7
Bom de dum (Cha-Cha) (Yeah) X2

Look out for more news on Cha-Cha, kids!

My Amazing First Day In America

By Sofiya, age 12, 6th Grade, I.S.30 School, U.S.A. (come from Russia)

Now I think this is going to be a very hard thing to write about. I am going to try to write as much as I can anyway. I am going to tell you about my first day in America. Itís going to be hard because I donít remember everything that happened.

I remember that we were in the airport almost for an hour or even more. I got very tired. Then after they finally let us go we met our relatives. They had not changed since I last saw them four years ago, only the kids changed a little bit. After hugging and kissing they went to get their cars and only a few of them stayed with us. Then I had a little time to think and gather my mind. Little by little as we were waiting for the cars to come my excitement was gone and I started to think about my friends that I left behind and how good they were. I had the worst feeling. Then I said to myself,

"If I already started to miss my friends on arriving here what will happen after a month or two?"

I went to where the adults were standing in a little circle, and this is what I hate about grown ups. They always talk about problems that I donít understand or I donít want to talk about. As usual this time they were talking about - big for them, little for me - problems. Thank God, the cars came at that time, and to tell the truth I was disappointed with the cars I saw. I thought they would be a lot better than in Russia, but they were even worse. In Russia, until we did have a car, I had this sickness everytime I got in the car or in the bus. My head started hurting and I had the feeling of throwing up. A few times actually, I did. Then when we got our car, I got used to it and didnít have those problems anymore. When here, in America, I got into one of my relativesí car, I didnít like the smell at all! My head started hurting again and I was really glad I did not throw up.

We were going on the highway, and my uncle Mark was explaining everything to us, but I didnít understand anything he said. I only understood when he said that this is the Verrezano Bridge. I knew about Verrezano in Russia, and I was looking forward to seeing it, and I liked it. We were riding in the evening and I could see the lights of the Staten Island and the dark ocean. Now I do not think the ocean is scary, it is beautiful to me, and I am not sacred of it anymore. The first time I saw it, however, I got really frightened. I even thought that a beast would jump out of the water and swallow all the cars in his big ugly mouth.

I was quiet and I was trying to listen to what Uncle Mark was saying, but I did not catch the word "Brooklyn" and I did not know we were in Brooklyn. Uncle Mark even showed us the "famous" Statue of Liberty. As Verrezano Bridge I was looking forward to see the Statue of Liberty too. Well, to tell the truth I couldnít see it very well, but I thought it was nice and I liked it. After a long way to our relativesí apartment I got a little bit tired, but as soon as I stepped on the border of their house and saw my cousins my tired feeling was gone. My cousinsí names are Olga and Alex. They really changed since they left Russia. I did not recognize them at first, but then Alex ran and hugged my sister and Olga rushed to hug me.

Then our parents came in with our cat in birdís cage. We brought our cat with us to America. He is a very nice and smart cat. He did not like our way on the airplane a lot. When the airplane was going down, my ears started to hurt very much, but my cat layed down on his stomach and covered his ears with his paws. I guess they were hurting him a lot too. So, after a long time of being in a cage he was very tired, and he did not recognize the new apartment. Soon, he started to smell everything, everybody and even himself. I was glad he was okay. Then I went to my relativesí living room where they fixed the table and salads, and many other foods. I almost did not eat anything or maybe I did, I donít remember. After that, our relatives and our friendds that were with us the whole time left and we went to sleep fast because we were very tired. We did not sleep the whole night the because the time in Russia goes faster than here, in America on eight hours.

That was my first day in America and as you can see my feelings were jumping up and down the whole time. Now as I know a lot of things in Brooklyn and even in Manhattan I feel a lot better!

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Edward, age 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Herts, UK

Hi Kids! Here is your promised update on Cha-Cha!
Things are moving quickly:
1) We are recording our first single later this week.
2) We have a new song: Cha-Cha on the Tube Train.
3) We have now got an official band logo.
4) We have managed to complete an accompaniment for Cha-Cha theme
5) We are working on an accompaniment for our new song
As you can read we are quickly progressing. Also we are getting ready to perform to an audience later this week. We are soon getting our own e mail address so watch out for more news on Cha-Cha!!!!

The Mini

A mini newspaper from Brittney and Ashley, 11, 5th Grade, South Hamilton Elementary School, Chambersburg Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA

In the 5-2 math class they are working
on menus. In this case they will learn
how to start their own business, figure out taxes, and work with big numbers.
Jeremy said that he likes the menus because he learns more about things.
He said that he would like to start his
own buisness someday.
Abbi said that she also likes the menus, because they are fun and exciting to do.
Emilee said that she enjoys them.
Matthew said that the menus are very marvelous, and creative.

In the 5-1 math class they are working on making peanut butter playdough so they can have a snack. Everyone likes that idea!
Things they like about math class are:
BB likes to play guess check. You guess
a number to come up with the right expression. She also likes big math problems.
AJ likes quizmo, flashcards, and
multipling and dividing.

In spelling we do creative things as: twisler, shaving cream
spelling, spelling bee, slates, and sparkle.
Raisa likes to do twisler spelling. She likes to challenge herself
with 20 words.

In reading class we read stories out of our reading books. We
also do readers workshop. We love readers workshop.
For D.O.L we correct sentences. Joellen loves D.O.L.

We have SSR. It is very fun. Science class is fun. It is full of projects.

In Social Studies we learn about Early America. We love to play Jeopardy.

In writing class we write stories like this one. Brittney loves to share what she writes.

The Fire turned out with an amazing season coming in 4th place.
The Celtices didn't do so good.

Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance
We did very well in grades. About 12 kids got on the honor roll. 12 kids have perfect attendance. 7 missed 1 day.

Upcoming Events
Softball, baseball, and soccer are here.

Who's there?
Little Old Lady
Little Old Lady Who?
I didn't know you could yodel.

Who's there?
Olo Olo
Olo Olo Who?
Olo Va Internet


By Edward, age 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn Herts UK

Hi Kids! You may have noticed that Ihave been writing in quite a lot recently! You also would have noticed that my friend alison has been writing in as well. Now we have formed a band! We have got 3 people: Me, Alison and another friend called Kerri. We also have a manager called Eilidh. We probly won't get too far but we already have a song (Cha-Cha Theme) and alison has got a program on her computer which makes us posters and stuff. Soon we will be recording our first song and we are progressing with our second. Even though we will be able to put somethings in shops around Welwyn, our music probably won't reach the ears of American children for a long time. Look out for more news on Cha-Cha as I am probly going to update this slot as we progress.

Reply to: Storm in Quebec, Canada

By Sam, Hitchin, Herts., UK

Dear Meghan
I am sorry to hear about the storms youíve been having in Quebec. We have recently had storms in England. The weather has been terrible these past few weeks. I hope you have lots of food and shelter for yourself. A few years ago in Britain we had major storms which we lost a lot of trees. Have you recently lost trees due to the storm in Canada? I hope all comes well again and the storms clear.
From Sam

My story (Reply to: The Sad Ending and other kids' writing below)

By Simon, Year 11, Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire, England

For everyone to read, as this might interest you all.

Here’s my story: I have had very similiar problems in life, like yourself. I had 3 losses within my family, 1 I didn’t know about until my parents told me.

Here is my first loss:

I had a cousin called Frankie (Who I have never met, which I will tell you about later). One day, many years ago, I can’t remember how many but he was climbing a tree in his garden, and all of a sudden, he slipped on one of the branches and the branch he had slipped on, caused him to fall on to another branch which went through his heart. He went to hospital but he died. And that’s why, I had a cousin which I have never met, and I never will. I feel so heart broken until this very day. He was only 10 years old.

Here is my second loss:

I had a grandfather called Leonnard and one day, my mum said "Your grand father is getting very ill and we are getting worried that he might die". I got a bit worried and then on the 4th of July in 1993, my grand-father passed away and he has now been dead for 6 years, and we all miss him to this every day.

Here is my third and final loss:

I had a grand-mother called Gertrude and she had just celebrated her 50th Wedding Anniversary, and then things went for the worse. She was getting very ill and we were not sure, if she would last any longer in her life. On the 31st March 1997, she passed away. It will be 2 years, since she died. We all miss her to this very day.

So, you have seen how I have had to put up with, and how much I miss my relatives since they have passed away (especially my cousin) and the whole family would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to whoever reads these stories.

Reply to: The History of the Nottingham Goose Fair

By Catherine, Alderwasley Hall School, Whatstandwell, Derbyshire.

Dear Jade and Chelsie, Southwold Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I enjoyed the article about the history of the Nottingham Goose Fair. I haven’t been to the Goose Fair yet but I would like to go one day. I would like to go on the Roller Coaster, the big wheel and the Log flume. I only like some of the white-knuckle rides only if they are small rides not likes the ones at Blackpool Pleasure Beach like the Pepsi Max and the Playstation ride. There’s a fair near where I live in Mansfield at Easter but it is not as big as the Goose Fair. The Mansfield fair hasn’t got any history.

Battersea Arts Centre

By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

The day before Red Nose Day, Welwyn St. Mary's Year 5/6 choir got on a coach and went to London.
The choir were performing at Battersea Arts Center in Britain's FESTIVAL MUSIC FOR YOUTH.
We all sang our songs on the way to it but at the Arts Center itself, everyone was nervous.
There was 2 choirs before us but we were so nervous we didn't really listen to them.
We had a small practise before we went on stage. My heart must have been beating 20 times a second.
Then we went on stage. We sang the three songs we had learnt really well. They were:
Five Eyes, Twilight and The Forth Bridge.

Our Primary School: St. Mary's

By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

Our school has two groups: Infants & Juniors. It has 14 classes. 2 for each of the 7 years. We have around 400 pupils and around 30 staff. 15 of these are teachers.
Mrs Stevens is head of the infants
Mrs Goodey is a supply teacher while Ms Anstey is away with her newborn baby!
Miss Harvey is engaged to Mr Doyle.
Mr Leahy and Mr Doyle are training for the London Marathon!
Our school grounds include a playing field, infant playground, quad in the middle of the school. Junior Play Ground, Field above the Junior playground, and a nature reserve.

"Can't Cook, Won't Cook"

by Martin, Year 8, Christ the King School, Arnold, Nottingham, UK

My name is Martin. I was filmed on "Can't Cook, Won't Cook". I went on this TV programme because I like cooking. It got postponed from 30th October because of Cliff Richards' show and now I have no idea when it is on!

I met Ainsley Harriott. I made curried beans with lamb pasties. I won! I went up against Kimberley from Gedling. People wonder if he is as mad off-stage as he is on stage. I can tell you he is! It was very interesting. I won a hand-held blender, a chopper, Chef's whites, a bottle of champagne and an egg-shaped frying pan.

The History of the Nottingham Goose Fair

by Jade and Chelsie, Year 3, Southwold Primary School, Nottingham, UK

No one knows how many centuries the fair has existed, but the Charter of King Edward I — the first charter to refer to the city fairs, makes it clear that a fair on the Feast of St. Matthew was already established in Nottingham in 1284.It is possible that this occasion has come down through the ages to be todays Goose Fair, particulary as until 1752 it was always held on St. Matthews day, ( September 20th ). When the calender was revised in 1752, omitting eleven days from September, the date of the fair was switched to October 2nd and this remained the starting date until 1875.

Today, Goose Fair is held on the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday in October each year a mile or so North of the City of Nottingham. The fair, including the showmens' living vans covers about 18 acres.There are about 55 riding machines, plus another 40 or so for children. A further 225 games stalls invite the public to have-a-go and another 400 sell everything from T-Shirts to hot dogs. Around a dozen side shows carry on the tradition of fairground entertainment. The official openeing is signified at noon on the first day by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, ringing a pair of silver bells after the Chief Executive and Town Clerk has read the proclamation in the presence of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Goose Fair is believed to be so called as in the past Geese were marched from Lincolnshire and Norfolk to be sold at the market and fair, as time drew on the market faded and entertainment became the order of the fair - leading to today where you can enjoy white knuckle rides, such as the Roller Coaster and Log Flume, or take a trip on the Big Wheel or Waltzers.

This writing was taken (by permission) from the Southwold Primary School website where there is a complete section devoted to the Goose Fair, including a 'Virtual Tour' of what the fair is like !!

Storm in Quebec, Canada

By Meghan, Grade 5, l'ecole Pomquet, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

The storm in Quebec Canada was immense, the destruction and all. People from all over eastern Canada sent food, blankets, etc. The schools in the town I live in sent food. Most people had to go to shelters.

(Courtesy  KidNews )

Vacation in America

By Victoria , Grade 10, Glyn Derw High School, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK

America, where the sun always shines and the people are always eating. You go to America expecting every women to look like Pamela Anderson or every man to look like Brad Pitt, but in reality this is not the way it is, and is it any wonder with the enormous meals that are served at such amazing prices. I was afraid that if I stayed longer than two weeks, I would probably end up having to have two seats on the plane!

There is something I realized during my visit, and that is that everything is huge; the cars, the hotels, the motorway (freeway) has about four lanes each way, and the airports are absolutely massive. You have a train that travels from one end of the airport to the other, they don't have pints of lager they have pitchers (jugs), and as I wrote before the food is served on huge plates with the contents piled on top and it stands at about one meter tall, even the biggest of eaters would find this mountain of food daunting.

Every and each way you turn somebody is trying to sell you something, from a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to plastic surgery. Within a ten meter radius, wherever you go you will find a souvenier shop, filled with tacky gifts.

When walking home one evening after eating a very spicy pizza at Pizza Hut--which had toppings I couldn't even pronounce let alone swallow--I was attacked by a gang of sprinklers, they were everywhere, on the sidewalk (pavement), on the lawns of the hotels--everywhere. At one point I thought the pizza had killed me and I was now entering a mid-point between heaven and hell. Only to awaken to find that I was in fact lying face down on the lawn of my hotel, I knew I shouldn't have had that sixth pitcher of lager.

My next encounter with the ways of he Americans was when I visited the theme parks. Every American person you meet says; 'have a nice day', it is almost like it is some kind of ritual. Everybody is so friendly that it begins to get quite frightening, there was me expecting every citizen I met to pull out a gun on me, when in reality they were more likely to kiss your feet rather than shoot them off. Although, in New York you can pull out a gun and nobody takes a blind bit of notice, but even if you attempt to take a Lambert and Butler cigarette out of your handbag everybody instantly starts running around in a mad frenzy clutching their throats and coughing. I think it must be against the law.

Whilst in Disney world I went on Splash Mountain (my first near death experience). Splash Mountain is a log flume that plummets 50 feet to your death. When trying to remember which of the forty car parks you parked your car in you fall asleep on the tram and end up in the Pluto car park instead of the Minnie car park some sixteen car parks away. Then you go to the MGM theme parkand go on the ET ride. When at the end of the ride ET says your name and good-bye, you have nightmares for months. You then end this successful day by going to Burger King and having a burger and fries which is the equivalent to two burgers and three large fries, in Britain and its less expensive.

One of the most annoying things was the fact that the hotel rooms didn't have keys they had cards and you can guarantee that by the end of your holiday you would have either lost, snapped, or bent the card, at which point the burly security guard who is around eight foot tall and six foot wide from shoulder to shoulder gives you the Spanish inquisition.

America the land of the free, easy and plentiful.

El Nino

By Emil, Grade 5, New Jerusalem School, Quezon City, Quezon, Philippines

There's not enough water in the Philippines due to the El Nino phenomenon. The rivers ran out of water in the country. Many countries also suffer due to the El Nino. Many people lost their lives because of lack of water. Some countries had plenty of water and very many storms. And the rest lack water.We must conserve water before it is gone. If you see a leaking faucet report it immedeatly. It's better to use containers. When you take a bath do not use your bath tub. It can consume gallons of water. Conserve WATER.

(Courtesy  KidNews )


By Michael, Grade 3, Westmoor, Northbrook, Illinois, USA

Once upon a time, there was a small earthquake in Illinois. It didn't do much, but the mirrors in my parents room moved. I didn't even know, because I was asleep. We didn't do much shake, rattle and rolling. No one screamed. No fires. Just a gentle swaying motion. The end.

(Courtesy  KidNews )

Fire Takes Life of 3-year-old

By Jerrett, Grade 7, South Fork Elementary School, Weldon, California, USA

On the 7th of October, 1997, there was a fire in South Lake in the home of the Rupert family, and a young boy named Dylan James Moore was killed. He was 3 years old and loved by a lot of people. The fire possibly started because of an electrical problem, no one knows for sure.

Dylan's father, Daryl Moore tried to save the little boy. He put a blanket over his back and crawled on his hands and knees as far as he could. He didn't really make it in time. The carpet was on fire and he couldn't go any further, so he went back.

Mr. Moore went over to his wife, Andra Moore, who was banging on the window with a big stick. Daryl went to the window and punched it in. He could hear the boy coughing and crying, "Mommy!"

Daryl got so mad he crawled through the window. But by the time he got there, the baby was being carried out by firemen. Moore crawled back to the window and hopped out. But by then the fireman came up to Andra and said, "Ma'am. We found your son's body."

That's when Andra started to cry. The little boy's funeral was held on Monday, October 13th in Kernville. Many people attended the service. Also destroyed in the fire were all the belongings of the Moore and Rupert families (the Moores were living with the Ruperts at the time). The Ruperts have been at South Fork school for many years. A lot of neighbors and strangers have come to the aid of the Ruperts and the Moores.

[Jerrett, the author of this story is Dylan's brother - teacher]

(Courtesy  KidNews )


By Douglas, Grade 7, St. Peter's College, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My sister died. When I was seven years old, my sister got cancer. I didn't really understand what was happening, except my sister and my Mum went to stay in the hospital, and I wasn't allowed to go and see her. My sister came home without any hair. Her hair fell out from the medicines they gave her to make her better. She went into the hospital some more times, and then the doctors told her she was better.

When I was ten years old, my sister's cancer came back. She was in the hospital for a really, really long time. The chemotherapy they gave to make her better just made her sicker and sicker. Her hair all fell out again, and her fingernails peeled off. My Mum cried a lot, and my Dad looked worried. My brother and I spent a lot of time with our relatives.

Most people, if they were as sick as my sister, some days too sick to get out of bed or eat or sometimes even write, would feel sorry for themselves, and do nothing, and complain. Not my sister! She wrote me funny letters, and when she was well enough she still came home and played with me. She never complained because she felt sick or because she hurt. Not even when her best friend died. She did so many things for other people. She became the Discussion Manager of a list called SickKids, for kids who are really sick, and she helped people there. She was a counselor at Teen Advice Online, which helps teenagers with their problems. She learned web design and set up her own homepage, which she made to help all other kids with cancer, so that they could find out stuff, and see other pages, and have some fun, too! She wrote stories and poems and articles. You have one of them here! It's called "Scared of Fear". She still kept learning ballet whenever she could, and sang songs, and told spooky stories. She was in the newspapers, and she met some celebrities and so did I!

When I was eleven, they told my sister that she was in remission. She had been having chemotherapy for eleven months straight. It nearly killed her, just as much as her leukaemia would have done. We were all really glad, because we knew it meant she could get strong and have a bone marrow transplant to cure her.

But not enough people donated bone marrow to save my sister. She couldn't find any that matched her. She was only in remission for one month. Then they told her that the cancer had come back, and the chemotherapy wouldn't cure it.

When I was eleven, my sister came home for the last time. She still didn't complain, but I think she was sadder. She still laughed a lot though, and sang songs and told stories when she could. Soon, she couldn't walk any more, and then she just got thin and weaker. But she still kept smiling and talking and making things fun. Her dog slept on the end of her bed. He had never been allowed to do that before. Her dog followed her everywhere she went.

In December, when I was eleven, my sister died.

A lot of people came to her funeral. People gave money to charity instead of flowers, but I was still allowed to give her a bunch of flowers. My brother and I read some stuff, and my sister's friends read and sang. Lots of people cried. I did. But even though it was a sad day, I felt good to know that people had loved my sister.

Now I'm twelve, and my sister has been gone for half a year. I still wish that she was still here, talking to me and laughing and even fighting with me. I miss her. She is an angel now, and she is never sick any more. I am happy for that. But I still miss her, every day of my life.

(Courtesy  KidNews )

When You Were Little And I Was Big

By Krystal, Grade 5, J.V.Humphries School, Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

Mommy, I am going to tell you a story about when you were little and I was big.

When you were little and I was big, I never got mad when you woke me up early and wanted to get in bed with me.

When you were little and I was big, you picked all the yellow daffodils in the front yard just for me.

When you were little and I was big I took you to work with me.

When you were little and I was big, I played doctor and dolls and trucks with you all day long.

When you were little and I was big, I didn't take you're gum away when you unrolled all the toilet paper.

When you were little and I was big, we looked for a hippopotamus- a Mommy hippopotamus, and a Daddy hippopotamus and a baby.

We never found a hippopotamus, not even one!

When you were little and I was big, you cried and cried when Daddy had to go away. I hugged you tight.

When you were little and I was big, I put three band-aids on Teddy when he fell and hurt his knee.

When you were little and I was big, I always go on the big toilet and you never fell in.

When you were little and I was big, I let you stay up late and watch T.V. on Saturday night.

When you were little and I was big, Kanga and Slinkey and Tiger and Frog all got in the bathtub with you every single night.

When you were little and I was big.

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