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The entries below are from May 2002 and before

Dear Katie

By Jackie, age 14, UK

Hi Katie, I'm Jackie. I used to have a best friend who did that to me. You are going to be in school for a long time more and you're going to have to find some new friends. It sounds like your friend has moved on, which sometimes happens, I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to be your best friend! You could even make your own little group of friends. This girl is not worth it! My best friend used to gang up on me in year three and make fun of me, now we're best friends again, but we are both 14 now ! Good luck on finding your new friends ! Love Jackie ! xxx (May 2002)

To Everyone

By Vanessa, age 8, Houston, Texas, USA

My name is Vanessa. I am 8 years old and am in 3rd grade. I have 1 sister and 1 brother. I live with my mom and dad. I have a miniature pincher named Chico. I am hispanic. I like to sing, write, play with my friends, and my little brother. I like church. I just found this site. I love animals too! I have lots of friends but I am always moving, I am moving this summer too. Now I have to go to Gol GOODBYE (May 2002)

Hi I am looking for a friend from France!

By Meghan, age 12, Howell, New Jersey, USA

Hi my name is Meg! I am looking for a friend from France! It would be great if you could write back! Thank you so much and i am interested in getting to know people out of my own "Bubble".    (May 2002)

I'm getting bullied

By Carla, age 10, Victoria Primary School, UK

I'm always getting bullied at my school. I don't care but it does hurt a bit. Why do people get bullied? Don't bully anyone. Try to make changes in yourself. Just be good. You'll see what happens.           (May 2002)


By Jessica, age 14, Holgate, OH, USA

Hello to everyone, My name is Jessica. People call me Gesser because it is cool. I have brown eyes and blondish-brown hair. I have 5 brothers all younger than me. Only 3 of them live with me. Write Me anytime and I will try to write you right back. Bye, Jessica     (May 2002) See reply


By Abigail, age 6, Calverton, Notts., UK

Hi, I'm Abigail - I'm 6 and into Barbies. I love riding my bike and animals. We have a pond in our garden with goldfish and a big Koi carp. I'd love to hear from you if you like pets too. What are yours?     (May 2002)

To Kerry

By Natashia, age 10, UK

Hi Kerry, I'm in Year 6 too. I'm 10. If you're having difficulty with your homework - and you need to be on AOL for this - go to keyword "Homework Help"     (May 2002)

Replying to another girl named Claire

By Claire, age 11, Lafayette Elementary School, San Francisco, California, USA

Dear Friend, my name is also Claire.
I would like to write this letter to you because I want our life to be like Friendship just as I think you and me might become. I live in San Francisco, California. Almost all the people think this is a free country, but personally I think if it's a free country then why do people have to pay for everything. I hope you know what I mean and I hope you have the same opinion like me about that. My school is called Lafayette Elementary School. I am graduating 5th grade in June. I cant wait to go to Middle School. And I also can't wait to Graduate. I have a mom, a dad, and a brother. My brother's name is Mark. He is 6 years old. I have a Russian family. Well write back to me your friend, Claire.(May 2002)

To Sarah

By Natashia, age 10, UK

Hi Sarah, I'm 10. I really like A1 and Westlife too. I'm glad we've got something in common.
Please reply to me with the title "Hi Natashia"
Bye for now,
Natashia (May 2002)

I feel left out

By Katie, Year 3, Bury St Edmunds, UK

I feel left out - my friend is making me feel bad inside. She is with one of my friends best friends and she never talks to her any more. I let her sit next to her on the carpet but she moves. (May 2002)

girl tom boy

By Rae Rae, age 11, Staten Island, NY, USA

Hi my name is Rachel I grew up with 2 brothers and 1 sister.
I've always done boy stuff except I do cheerleading. A lot of people make fun of me but I don't care, boys are fun to be with. I do a lot of girl things too but I mostly play with boys. I have a boy that is my friend but he moved!!!!!! That day I was very upset I wished he just moved back but life has to go on. I play soccer, Basketball, softball (but I like Baseball better), tennis, track, volley ball. I wish I had more kids on my block but I don't. I will always miss my best friend Pat. (May 2002)

Year 6

By Kerry, age 11, Year 6, Hockley Primary School, Essex, UK

Yr 6 is very hard and I am struggling to keep up with the homework. If someone could give me some advice on the subject please Write back to me Thank you (May 2002)

I want a friend

By Sabrina-Jayne, age 10, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK

My name is Sabrina-Jayne. I live in the countryside in Sussex. My hobbies are trampolining and gymnastics. I would like to hear from anyone who is the same age as me with same interests. (May 2002)

Punk, Anarquista, Louco Para Conquistar O Mundo!!!!

By Guilherme, age 14, Grade 8, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

I am Guilherme!!!! I like milk!!!
I like pretty girls of the U.K!
I like Sex Pistols and Anarchy!!! Sid Vicious is the best singer of the world. I like Ramones too!!!
I like skateboard and play soccer!
My favorite food is pasta with meat balls!!! (May 2002)

E aí galera!!!

By Mariana, age 13, Grade 8, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Hello! My name is Mariana. I'm happy!!!
I like play SOCCER. My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite drink is COCA-COLA!!!
My favorite book is A VOLTA AO MUNDO EM 80 DIAS
THE END!!! (May 2002)

Hello Hi GoodBye

By Douglas, age 13, Grade 8, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Hello! My name is Douglas, I like computer games and chat.
I love Atari and music (May 2002)


By Maurício, age 14, Grade 8, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Hello! I'm fourteen years old I like dogs.
My favorite food is pizza, ice cream,
I love Brasil, but wish to go to USA (May 2002)


By Mariana, age 12, Grade 7, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

My name is Mariana
I'm 12 years old
I like dance
Do you like dance?(May 2002)

The Cute!!!

By Andressa , age 13, Grade 7, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

I'm Andressa and I'm Brazilian. I love my country very much. It's very beautiful.
I'm 13 years old. And I study in 7th grade.
Write to me!!!! (May 2002)

The Chun Li!!!!!!

By Anapaula, age 13, Grade 7, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Hi!!! I´m Anapaula!
I am from BRASIL!!!! I love Brasil!!!
My favorite food is pizza and drink orange juice!
I don't like U.S.A.!!!
I really love Linkin Park, Legião Urbana e Tequila Baby!!!
Please, write to me !!!
Bye!!! (May 2002)

This Is My Writing

By Junior, age 12, Grade 7, Educar-se School, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Hello!! I am Junior... I like watch tv and play computer games.
I love play soccer!!!
My favorite food is hamburger. I eat french fries. (May 2002)


By Heather, age 10, Year 5, St. Mark's Catholic Primary School, Thanhouse, UK

Hello. My name is Heather. I like S CLUB 7. Jon is my fav boy out of S club 7. I have lots of friends. My birthday is 18th of april. My school is called St. Marks. (May 2002)


By Chantelle, age 9, Year 4, St Mary's School, Swindon, UK

Hi, my name is Chantelle, I've got brown hair and brown eyes. I've got a sister called Jade, she's in St Joseph's. At school and round my area I'm the one left out most of the time. If you would like to be my friend please reply. Bye (May 2002)


By Claire, age 13, Wirral, UK

Hi I'm Claire, I am the largest lion king lover in the world. All my mates are all on the internet it's really cool! I go to Ridgeway High and all the teachers are class! I live on the Wirral. I love footy -- I support Liverpool footy club. If you want to be mates reply to me I will be happy to hear about you .!!!

Westlife Fans

By Sarah, age 15, Year 11, Beaucroft School, Dorset, UK

Hi my name is Sarah. Westlife and A1 Fans. I am 15. And me and my three friends are all huge Westlife fans. We also love A1. So we like Huge Westlife and A1 Fans. And we also love Shopping in Towns. And chatting. So if anybody likes the same things as us. Please please please reply to me. Thank you very much from Sarah
And we would like really noisy Westlife and A1 fans.Thank you.

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