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Q. When I click on teacher login it asks me for a username and password. I haven't got one. Where would I get one from?

A. You will need to email Kids on the Net and then you will be sent a username and password.

Q. How can we add our own images and videos to our islands?

A. When you write your description for a coordinate, you will need to include a link to where your images are stored. Load your images to your school website, or another location that you have access to.
Alter and include the following code and add it to each description that requires an image:
<center><img src="http://www.your"></center> if you are using photos, or
<center><img src="http://www.your"></center> if you have drawn images.
The code above will pull the images from your webspace and include them in your description. * Please make sure you save your images onto your computer as either JPG or GIF files.
For the video you need to embed the link with the following command: <center><embed src="http://www.your"></center>

Q. What size should the images and video be?

A. The example islands have images that are 150 pixels wide by 115 pixels high. Using larger images may result in the page needing to scroll.
The videos are embed 180 pixels wide by 200 pixels heigh. Recording at this resolution will keep the file size quite small for a short video clip, and this will make downloading it to view quick. Larger (or very long) videos will take longer to download, and may result in the video looking and sounding jerky.

Q. Can Adventure Island be used at home by individuals?

A. Adventure Island has been designed as a group activity. Usernames and passwords will be sent out to teachers and educationalists, not to individual pupils. However, once a project has begun, it is up to the teacher whether to allow pupils to continue working at home. Kids on the Net has many activities that are suitable for individual children to take part in.

Q. How is it possible that 41 pieces of writing may be required for an island, when there are only 36 grids?

A. There are 36 grids, but there are also 4 additional clues and the text for the ending that may need writing.

Q. What is the 'escape text' that the children are asked to write along with the clues?

A. This is the last piece of writing that a user reads. Once all four clues have been found the escape text appears. This tells the user how the clues were used together to escape from the island.

Q. I reached the end of an island, but nothing happened. Why didn't I escape?

A. You need to read the clues that are located around the island. When you see 'look' on a signpost, click on this to discover a clue. If the clues are not read, you will not finish the adventure. See the comment above.

Q. One of the squares that I visited had no route out from it. Why?

A. Unfortunately you have succumbed to a trap that the creators of the island have laid. You need to start again and avoid the trap next time!

Q. Does it matter where the clues are placed when the site is being edited?

A. Yes. If the island has a pathway (has a route that the user must follow), then the clues will have to be placed along that route and not on any dead ends to ensure that the user comes across them. It is also important that the fourth and final clue is placed on the last square on the pathway.
However, if the island is random and users aer expected to explore all over, then the clues can be placed on any of the grids. As there is no end square, there is no need to place the fourth clue in particular place.

Q. Our island story has a branch within it. What would happen if we put a clue on only one of the branches?

A. If you only put a clue on one of the branches, then the user may not find this clue, and therefore not complete the island. Each branch must have the same clue somewhere within it to allow the user to find it.

Q. When we wrote our island descriptions the clues were included in the descriptions. They are not there now. Where have they gone?

A. The clues are written seperately to the descriptions. You will find the clues by clicking on the 'look' option on the signpost.

Q. We have finished our island, but it is not listed on the front page.

A. Once you have completed the island, please email us at Kids on the Net and we will activate the island. It will then appear on the list on the front page.


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