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The story dragon

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by Wheatfields Junior School, Cambridgeshire, UK

“Hmm. Which door shall we go through?” asked Dracospeare.
“Let’s go through the middle one.” whispered Tizzy, so the dragons guarding the doors couldn’t hear.
Dracospeare approached the middle-aged dragon, the others stood aside wandering what might happen to him.
Then the middle-aged dragon spun around and blew a puff of fire onto the wooden door. As the fire burnt out and the smoke cleared, some carved letters emerged on the door in front of them. Silverwing shouted, “Look! Look! It says something”.
“Oh no it’s another riddle” groaned Dracospeare.

Pick a door,
Which one will it be,
If you want to get older,
Then pick three.

Push the silver handle,
And open the door,
If you choose the smallest
You’ll turn four.

“I think Nick should solve this riddle!” said Chandra.
“I know it already,” answered Nick, “The big door means we get older, the smaller means we get younger. The middle door is the only one with a
silver handle, we should push it like the riddle says,”
“Good one Nick!” shouted Silverwing cheerfully.

The dragon guarding the door stood aside smirking at Nick. As they strolled through the gloomy tunnel Dracospeare led the way.
“Oh, that’s strange.” said Tizzy.
“What is it? What’s strange?” questioned Chandra.
“I’ve just remembered a secret another dragonet told me a few years back.”
“So have I!” called Chandra, Dracospeare and Silverwing altogether.

They continued to walk towards a beam of sunlight, Dracospeare still led the way with a puzzled look on his face. Eventually they approached the beam of light which was shining through a pile of rocks. Above the rocks was the way out of the tunnel. Dracospeare climbed the rocks very slowly and steadily until he was out of the underground trail. The others followed.

“It’s beautiful” said Silverwing.
The sky was a magical green. There were trees spread out across the landscape, some looked like they had faces, almost enchanted. It was very peaceful the only sound was the swaying of the branches in the breeze. There were parrot like birds circling above the faced trees. There was a wide golden coloured stone built path which led deep into the forest. A wooden arrow on a sign post pointed to the path.
“I suppose we should follow the sign.” assumed Dracospeare.
“Why don’t we go a different way?” requested Nick.
“I think we should vote on it,” suggested Tizzy.
The group voted on which way to go. Everyone apart from Nick decided to follow the golden stone path.

As they followed the path deeper into the woods strange whisperings could be heard every time someone passed a faced tree. “Did you hear that?” asked Chandra.
“No, what do you mean?” said Tizzy.
“That tree there, it spoke to me, it revealed a secret about me” explained Chandra.

“I’ve heard of this place” claimed Dracospeare. “We have entered the Land of Secrets. Every time you walk past a faced tree it will whisper a secret about you” said Dracospeare.
“But I don’t want anyone to hear my secrets.” said Silverwing
“Me too,” agreed Nick.
So the group decided to leave a space between them as they followed the golden path with every faced tree whispering their secrets.

Silverwing was bored and didn’t have many secrets of her own. She grew curious and crept up behind Nick just as he was walking passed another enchanted tree.
“Help! Dracospeare Help!” she screamed. “He’s going to kill us! Run!”
“Don’t be silly” said Dracospeare “
“But I heard it, the tree whispered it” said Silverwing.
“What. What did you hear?” Asked Tizzy.
Silverwing explained “It’s Nick, his secret. He wants to become a Knight!”

The others gasp in astonishment. Then there was a moment of silence. Everyone stared at Nick.
“Is this true Nick?” asked Dracospeare.
Nick explained to the group that he has always wanted to be a Knight since he was four. He loved to read about their bravery, how they rode horses and how they used weapons. “My grandfather and father were Knights. My father was killed by a dragon years ago. I wanted revenge.”
“It was an acci………..” Dracospeare interrupted before stopping half way through his sentence.

The group continued through the forest. Not a word was spoken among them. They all kept their distance between each other as some trees continued to whisper secrets. After about fifteen minutes they were out of the woods. The sun was beginning to set turning the clouds a pink colour. There were lots of hills in the distance. In front of the group was another wooden signpost. This time the two arrows were labelled. One said ‘Jewelled lake,’ the other pointed to ‘Here be Knights’. The group turned to Dracospeare. He looked very serious, he looked at Nick and said, “Well Nick, its time for you to decide which way do you want to go.”

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