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The story dragon

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Killisick Junior School, Nottingham, UK

“I want to choose,” said Silverwing loudly. “I’m not scared. I want to go right and I’m going to lead the way!”

Silverwing dashed down the right passage with the others rushing to keep up. “I don’t know,” gasped Dracospeare, “young dragonets today!”

Silverwing had slowed down and they soon caught up. It was lighter now and he was looking at the walls as he walked. “These are all clocks,” he called back, “and they’re spinning as I go past them.

“Is it me,” Chandra asked Nick, “or did Silverwing sound older then?”

“I know what you mean,” replied Nick, “but now you say it so do you.” They looked at each other.

“We’re all getting older,” said Dracospeare quietly, “it must be these clocks. I told you we would be having adventures. I hope this is enough excitement for the dragonets.”

“Look at this!” Silverwing's voice rang back to them. They ran quickly and soon saw what had made Silverwing cry out. The tunnel was blocked by a massive clock face that filled the whole tunnel from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. As they looked at it in amazement, a mouth appeared in the middle and they heard the clock sing;

“If you’re clever enough,
and time will see.
What’s the time now -
half past two or half past three?”

“A riddle,” whispered Dracospeare, “I’m not very good at solving these.” They looked at each other and thought hard.

“Oh, I know the answer,” squeaked Tizzy excitedly, jumping up and down. “I’m starting to get hungry. That must mean it’s a long time since lunch and so it must be half past three!”

“Well done that dragonet!” boomed Dracospeare. He strode up to the clock and moved the hands so that the clock read half past three. When he had done so the whole clock started to swing back. Dracospeare looked through. “The tunnel carries on. It’s got clocks on the walls and they’re turning the other way. I think we need to carry on so we can get back to our normal ages again.”

They all started along the tunnel. “Its working!” yelled Silverwing. “I’m starting to feel normal again.” After a while, the clocks ended and they carried on. Suddenly, the tunnel came to an end and they walked into a room.

Each of the three walls facing them had a door and in front of each door stood a dragon. To their left was a door guarded by a small dragon. The one in front of them had a middle aged dragon and by the door to their right was an old dragon.

“What do we do now?” asked Chandra nervously.

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