Chapter two

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The story dragon

Chapter two

Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, England

“Sssssshhhhh! I can hear something!” whispered Chandra, “I can see a dark shadow moving by that sign.”

"Let’s go and take a look.” Nick replied bravely.

They all slowly and nervously made their way towards the sign. Silverwing wiped some mud off of the sign, and saw that it read ‘The Land of Secrets. Enter at your own risk.’

They all set off towards the Land of Secrets. In front of the dragons, a huge chasm opened and they all fell down a hole. Nick soon discovered that the hole lead to a room.

They went in the room. They could not believe their eyes. It was gold. The dragon’s gold.

Tizzy pulled a rope that he thought was for a light. It wasn’t a light switch it was a rope that opened a huge iron door.

Through the door stalked the Dragon of Doom. The dragon was huge and fierce with bright, flame red eyes. He forced the dragons and humans into a dark, damp prison. Inside the prison were some weak looking men who had also been taken as prisoner.

“We’re trapped in this cave!” cried Dracospeare.

The dragons put their dragonheads together to come up with a plan. They all breathed fire together, creating a massive fireball. The men who were also trying to escape from the Dragon of Doom started banging on the walls with bits of rock.

The fire and rocks made a hole in the wall. Behind the wall they found hundreds of dragons, all lying still. Some of them were huddled up to each other with a look of horror on their poor faces.

“We need to work together to get rid of this Dragon of Doom”, agreed both the men and the dragons.

One of the men spoke up. “I used to be called KALTO!”

“Kalto? In dragon legend you were a great wizard. What happened to you?” , asked Dracospeare.

“The Dragon of Doom stole my magical powers and placed me in this prison cave. We have lived here for thirty years.” Replied Kalto. “We must destroy this evil dragon in order to escape this prison and free ourselves".

But how do we do it?”, asked Tizzy.

“If we combine our powers, together we can kill this dragon.", said one of the men.

“I will come up with a plan”, said Chandra, thoughtfully.

“Look!”, said Nick, pointing, “There is the dragon of doom"

"If we all work together and rush him we can destroy him.”, added Kalto.

A huge fight followed and eventually the humans, Dracospeare, and his friends cornered the Dragon of Doom. The dragon was standing over the edge of a huge chasm.

“One last push as a team and we can get him!”, cried Silverwing.

They all ran, or flew, towards the dragon and Doom stumbled. With one almighty scream Doom was sent crashing down into the huge hole. When the Dragon of Doom hit the bottom, there was a huge explosion.

After that everything was silent.

“We must get this gold back to the Blue Dragons", said Dracospeare.

Just then everybody looked at the human called Kalto. He had a magical blue shine all around him. “I have got my special powers back! Thank you Dracospeare. Thank you men and dragons. It is a long time since we all worked together. We must be on our way back to our families. We will never forget you.”

The men left the cave.

“Which way shall we go now?”, asked Tizzy.

“Let’s follow that light and see where it takes us!”, replied Dracospeare.

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