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... “Let’s follow that light and see where it takes us!”, replied Dracospeare ...


Zoe , 9,
Birmingham, England
The dragons walked on towards a strange pink figure doing a sort of dance. Suddenly they reached a strange shape and realised it was a dragon. A baby dragon all on it's own with no one to care for it. The dragons felt sorry for it so they took her home and named her Ashliegh.

Clair, 9,
United Kingdom
They went home but stopped at the park on the and got an ice cream and sweets and went done the slide. At 7 o'clock they went home and went to bed.

Allen, 10,
Prattville, Alabama, US
They followed the light for a long, long way.It took them to a big white castle that was lit up with a blue light around it. It was very bright. It had alot of people in it. They were invited in for singing, dancing, and a dinner. They ate so much, and it was a long journey home so they stayed the night. The next morning they left for home.

Dracospeare, 75,
You could write your own ending, and see it here!


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