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Didn't Think So...

By Jp, 13, Bulacan, Phillipines

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in what order the ltteers in a word are, the only iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can still raed it wouthit porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe.

Courtesy of zwani.com
(October 2008)

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NEWFLASH! Mulletball: A Future Sport!

By Kimberly , 12, Auburn, CA, USA


Today, I'm here to tell YOU about a future sport invented by my class: Mulletball. Mulletball got it's name from one of the kids in our class, Dominic, whom has a mullet and is extremely funny! Our teacher, Mr. Howe, whom has 2 or 3 tattoos, though loves dessert and is really funny, made up the game and the name of the game.

Mulletball is a mix of football, dodge ball, and soccer at the same time. You use a small red dodge ball or just any small ball along with 2 orange cone (like the ones used for construction) for each side and separate into two teams. You may need big space for this game. Once the cones are in place and you have the teams, you start to play!

The rules: You have to use teamwork and pass it to each other (throw it). People can guard the cones because the orange cones on each side are like goals. Once the opposite team hits the cone with the ball, they get a point. If other people are throwing the ball to their classmates and the opposite team steals it, thats OK! But no physical contact. I can't think of any more rules besides that for now, but you can suggest some if you'd like.

Hope you enjoyed this report about Mulletball and please tell me if you like the game or not and your opinions about it.
(August 2008)

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Information about Bethany Hamilton

By Samantha , 13, Bradford, PA, USA

Bethany Hamilton was born in south Shore Hawaii. Bethany Hamilton was taught how to surf by her parents when she was 5 years old. She also became a Rip Curl Girl team rider and made plans to become a professional surfer. But On October 31, 2003 around 7:00Am, a 14 ft tiger shark attacked her and her board the shark took a 17 inch bite off the board and it attacked her and ripped her left arm off just below the shoulder before disappearing. Just ten weeks after the accident, she returned to her board and went surfing again. She was 13 years old when it happened she has a book out about her life and the shark attack and this book about faith she believes in her self. (Feb 07)

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One Of the Wonders Of the World!

By Alina, 14, Riyadh

Right in front of me was one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal! Its essence, odor and wonder lured me into it's atmosphere! Everything seemed to be so calm and soothing. My brain seemed to be grasping the tone of love;as rumour as it that the one who built this fine piece of architecture did it for the love of his wife! The lush green grass dancing about; the wind was moving to and fro and the trees brang about the mood of air! The autumn trees were a splendid sight-splashes of red-sudden glints of gold and silver and a carpet of russet brown beneath the trunks.
(Feb 07)

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All About Sheep

By Bobby , 11, Auburn, New York, USA

On a sunny afternoon some sheep were out in the pasture and some sheep were in the barns. Bear was the dog watching over the sheep when he saw a coyote. Bear is the kind of dog that scares off any predators by leaping in the air. When the coyote saw the big Great Pyrenees dog leaping in the air, he ran back into the woods behind the farm because the coyote knew he did not have a chance of getting lunch.

I am going to tell you all of the different breeds Pinckney Farm owns. A Cheviot is a smaller version of a Montadale. A Montadale is a larger version of a Cheviot. The Hampshire is a black faced sheep. A Dorset is a white faced sheep. A Rambouillet is the male which you can sheer but not wash because they are judged on their wool. A yearling is one year old, and aged is over two years old. A wether is a male that has lost his dignity

Males are more aggressive than females. If you go into a pen with food, the rams will try to knock the food bucket out of your hands. Males can breed up to two hundred ewes a year. The farmer will decide which sheep are going to be breeders and which are going to be fixed. A mature ram could weigh up to two hundred to three hundred pounds. When a male turns one, the sheep will have one full curl in its horn. When it turns two, it will have two full curls. When the ram turns three, it will have three full curls and come to a complete growth.

Sheep are pregnant for five months. When females are one year old, they can have babies which are called lambs. They have multiple births a year. Females are called ewes, and are more relaxed than rams.

Sheep require food and water twice daily. The sheep eat grain made from corn, oats, barley, molasses and added vitamins. They also eat hay made from various grasses made from birdfoot, trefoil, timothy, and alfalfa.

Caring for sheep is important because if you donýt, they will get sick. You will know if the sheep is sick because their ears will be cold. If their ears are hot, they are running a temperature. If you look into a sheepýs eye and see no blood vessels that indicates the sheep has worms. Sheep have to be dewormed once a year. Another body part to watch are their hooves. Their hooves must be trimmed once a year or the sheep will get hoof rot. If they get hoof rot, they can not use that leg for walking.

All of the sheep get sheared once a year. The sheep get trimmed on a trimming stand. The sheep put their two front legs up and you lift the back legs up on the stand. You can tell how old a sheep is by their teeth. Sheep get two teeth every year. The average age is seven years old. There are tags on the sheepýs ear to tell which from which.

Border collies are a breed of dog used for herding purposes. The Border Collie helps to get sheep where the farmer wants them to go.
(October 2006)

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History of UFOs

By Mark , 10, Philadelphia, USA

Astronauts and Astronomers have been studing aliens for more than 50 years. In the 1940s a man was flying on his private jet and reported seeing a whole bunch of sauser-like objects in the sky moving at incredable speeds. Also around the 1940s a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object crashed in a field in Roswell, New Mexico. Alien bodies supposetly where scattered all over. No one really knows even to this day If there where really alien bodies, but they do know that the UFO was really a saucer-shaped parachute that was used for testing. Even now dozens and dozens are still seen today, that's why they have a company that gets a calls about UFO sightings. THE END.
(September 2006)

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By Apoorva, 9, Hong Kong, China

Volcanoes are massive lava explosions. A volcano starts underground when magma which is what we call lava pushes through the ground. Volcanoes can kill people. A volcano in Pompeii called Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD covering Pompeii in ash and gas and killing all the people living there and now Pompeii is a museum which 100s and 1000s of people visit.
(July 2006)

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Champlain's Life

By Sonika, 10, Fishkill, NY

Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France in 1570. When he grew up, he became an explorer. He wasn’t famous yet, but things would change. His first voyage was in 1603. He went to Canada to explore a place called New France. Champlain was part of a trading mission. He learned about the Great Lakes. He hoped it would be a route to Asia.
In September, Champlain returned to France. Champlain’s second voyage was in 1604. He went to Acadia with settlers. He explored the east coast for about seven months. Champlain finally returned to France in 1607.
In 1609, he had his first battle with the Iroquios, a Native American tribe. Champlain got married in 1620 and his wife stayed with him until 1624. In 1635 on Christmas Day, he sorrowfully died at his habitation. (January 2005)
More Explorers from Fishkill, NY

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Self Discipline

By Rachel, 14, USA

Karate is my thing. I have taken Karate since the 1st grade and I am now in the 8th grade and I cannot live without Karate. Karate is the air that I breathe and the ground that I walk. It teaches you self discipline, self respect, and most of all: self defense.
You can only kick or punch someone in a physical situation. For example, if a bully is teasing you continuously and throws his/her arm forward to punch you, you have the given right to block that punch.
The only time you cannot punch or kick someone is if they are simply verbally bullying you. In this case, go tell a parent or an adult you trust immediately!

At first I absolutely despised Karate. My parents forced me into it in the 1st grade and I thought it was so uncool and I would get hurt and break bones. I admit, a few times I had some serious injuries. But that's all how it works; it's all in the makings.
I love Karate, so I got over the injuries and kept on going with my dream.

So here I am now; a 3rd degree black belt with pride, self respect, self discipline, and self defense. I feel so proud of myself for overcoming my fear of getting hurt and accomplishing this. It's truly an amazing accomplishment that words cannot describe. Truly, you couldn't know what I'm talking about unless you have done Karate yourself.

My advice to you is: Get out there & accomplish your dream!
Love, Rachel :-)
(January 2005)

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By Nadine, 10, London, UK

Tottenham and Arsenal had their cup final.
Last Saturday. Arsenal had an awful start no control, midfield was lacking passes, and defence were splitting it was like they were tripping over there own lasses. Which helped Andrew Gardener to score the first goal for Tottenham.
The next goal was scored when Robbie took out at full speed swerving through loses defenders and care less midfielders, crossed it making it easy for Andrew to blast it through the keepers legs. Arsenal was grateful for the half time whistle.
When arsenal came back on pitch they were like another team tight defence, midfield were making great passes, those two goals were taken back like bolts of lightning first by Terry then by Sol.
With 20 more minuets left both teams were working hard with end-to-end play no one could quite get in the goal when Jamie Rednatp swooped in tagging for the ball. He passed to Robbie who crossed to Andrew then passed to Jamie. What a good set up? Jamie boomed the ball right in the net.
“Go Jamie GOAL!!!”

(When I’m older I want to be a report writer!!)
(October 2004)

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Ice Cream

By Sharon, 9, South Brunswick, USA

Ice Cream is a very popular frozen food. It is a mixture of cream, milk sweetener, flavoring, and air. The reason why one of the ingredients is air, is because the air is beaten ito the milk mixture as it freezes. There are many, many different flavors.
Some flavors that are absolutely delicious are Chocolate, Rocky Road, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Fudge Nut, Licorice, Cherry, and many more. Ice Cream is a VERY delicious dessert.

There are a lot of facts that are truly important to people that LOVE Ice Cream. Here are some right now! Marco Polo brought a recipe for a frozen milk dessert to Italy from the Far East in 1295. The first Ice Cream factory was in Baltimore when it was 1851. In the United States, they eat 14 quarts per person annually. Also, in the United States, there are the most Ice Cream eaters!! I hope you enjoyed those wonderful, exciting facts!!
(March 2004)

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Facts to believe: Do ants have brains?

By Asha, 12, London, UK

Ants and other insects have a mass of nerves in their head called ganglia. It's not technically a brain (it's too primitive to be called a real brain), but the ganglia direct all the nerves impulses and actions for the insect.
(January 2004)

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Paintball with friends

By Brandon, 12, MI, USA

One warm afternoon, when school let out, I went to my friend’s house to play paintball. My friend Nolan had invited me and six other kids over. We divided the kids into two teams and got ourselves ready. The gear was on, the equipment was ready, and the games began. We played for almost three hours because we were sharing equipment. Since we only had four guns to play with, we had to rotate the players on each team. We were still able to play six games. We played 2 people verses 2 people and 1 person versus three people; that was tough.

If you were hit by a paintball, then you came out and a substitute was put in. You had to raise your gun in the air and yell "out, out" as you ran to the neutral area to sit out. Otherwise, you could be hit again as you were leaving the playing field. Each game took from 5 to 30 minutes, plus we had at least a 20 minute break in between each game. We needed time to rest and restock our equipment.

We actually played in the woods behind Nolan's house. There were a few bunkers set up in there. There was also two home bases set up, one for each team. There was one at the top of the hill and one at the bottom. The game moved fast. You had to keep moving or hide. I found a great location were I could snipe out the opposition. My team was pretty good. We won five of the six games played.

We all had to leave by 6:00 pm. That time came way too soon. Nolan let me stay until 7:00 pm because he wanted to play on the computer with him. When I finally did get home, I laid down on the couch to relax. I must have been really tired because I fell asleep until morning. It was a great afternoon at Nolan's.
(November 2003)

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Is the government really failing us on education?

By Natasha, 14, Edgware, UK

Since CSE and A-Level Results last came out there have been more and more questions being asked about the governments education policies.

The GCSE - the General Certificate of Secondary Education is the central examination, sat by all sixteen year olds at the end of year eleven.

The government is trying to make the education system fairer, so it is easier for all people of all levels of education. Many critics of the policy say it is failing the brightest students.

League tables have shown that schools which select their pupils by ability beat schools that don’t by (most of the time) by a long shot.

GCSEs used to be called O-Levels and then the standard of education was much higher and the exams were a lot harder. A program shown on channel 4 recently called “that’ll teach ‘em” sent thirty 16 year olds back to school in the 1950s. The most astonishing thing learnt from there was how much tougher it was. Most of the students couldn’t pass the 11+ exam, that was needed to get into Grammar School.

The solution is to scrap AS and A-Levels and to use the Baccalaureate. It is the exam format used in European countries like Spain and gives students who may not be academics more of a chance. Pupils study six subjects in their final two years, which must include English (or their own language in other countries), a second language, maths, a science and a humanities subject. Three of the subjects are taken as highers, and three as standards, but all are examined only at the end of the two years. In addition, pupils have to write a term paper, sit a paper on theories of knowledge and complete more than 60 hours of after-school community service.

But is the government really failing us? The only way we can really tell is wait, but so far all the evidence proves that they are.

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The War With Iraq

By Katie, 14, USA

I am writing about the war in Iraq. Many people in the recent days have condemned the President and this war we're in now. I personally think this war is absolutely necessary. We have put this off for a long time. In the Gulf War the Senior President Bush sent in troops. Unfortunately for us, he gave in to the mediocre cry of the Liberals and pulled them out. We got the Iraqis all stirred up about liberation and freedom for all. We got them all wound up and then left them in the lurch. Does that promote trust and friendship with them? Would you trust somebody who promised to be your friend and then didn't back you up in your fight? I have much sympathy for the Iraqi civilians that are dying, but if we pull out and try to settle things peaceably with Saddam Hussein and his administration, more innocent civilians will die. The country is living in terror of him or was at least! Does this mean nothing? Is this none of our business? Besides this he's threatening our homeland security. I think that makes it our fight. With or without the Iraqis. God Bless America! Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful. Support our Troops!
(May 2003)

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Antarctica Explorers

By Gabriella, 11, Sydney, Australia

Shackleton went out to sea,
With more than just a boat.
But when the Endurance got stuck in ice,
She didn't stay afloat.
The crew and dogs rushed to safety,
As the boat came crashing down.
They set up camp upon the ice,
They didn't make a sound.
One year passed from the start,
The men left on Elephant Island were scared,
And when rescue was coming close-
Many laughs were shared.
This adventure,
Still talked of today,
Shows us we too can be brave,
And heroic in many ways.
(May 2003)

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Iraq Injustice

By Karl, 13, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Over 500,000 children in Iraq have died needlessly because of U.N. sanctions. It bothers me that my classmates are so fanatical about killing more human beings in Iraq. I love America, but I can't accept others dying in my name. Please don't support the war in Iraq. Nov 2002

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