Year 5 Term 1
Non-fiction: Writing Instructions
Objective 25
  Resource Title   Monster Menus
  Type of Resource   Link to Kids on the Net
  Project   Monster Motel    
  Summary   This part of the Monster Motel features gruesome recipes on a menu. These can be clicked and studied - each one features ingredients and a method.  
  URL of project


  Downloadables available   Yes  
  Downloadable worksheets   Word file : Monster Recipes
PDF file : Monster Recipes

  In the Classroom  

Write recipes.

  Online activities, instructions or forms   Send in recipes to be added to the Monster Menu on the site.  
  URL of online activities  
  Linked activities   Other recipes can be read in and submitted to the kitchens of Kids' Castle  
  Keywords for extensions: Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs   Match ingredients to a particular recipe
Write out a recipe for a particular audience (infant / child / alien / etc)

  NLS framework objective (Year)    5  
  NLS framework objective (Term)    1  
  NLS framework objective (Number)   25  
  NLS framework objective (Name)   To write instructional texts, and test them out, e.g., an account of a field trip, a match, a historical event  
  Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range    3  
  Ending year group range    6  

  Curriculum Links   English, Literacy, Technology  
  ICT Skills   Webforms  
  Teacher experience level   Basic   
  Length of time required   1 lesson    




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