Hyperlinking documents together

Nonfiction - new media writing
Title of Resource
  Creating footnotes
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids on the Net
  A straightforward introduction to the idea of being able to move from one page of information to another by clicking on links  
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Downloadables available
Downloadable teachers notes
  Word file : Hyperlinking
PDF file : Hyperlinking
Downloadable worksheets
  Word file : All about me
PDF file : All about me
Downloadable documents
  hyperlinked_character_portraits (Microsoft Word document)  
In the Classroom

write a character portrait of yourself.
Use the downloadable document to link to other childrens work.

Keywords for extensions: Adaptions for different age groups and abilities, special needs

Create a class electronic book, website, or presentation that contains seperate pages using hyperlinks to navigate through.
This could be an end of unit presentation and assessment for any area of the curriculum covered.


Curriculum Links
  English, Literacy, or other areas depending on topic covered in extension task  
ICT Skills

Word Processing
Web Browsing

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  2 - 3 days initial activity. 2 -3 weeks for extension work.  
Resources required
  Research materials  



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