World War Three
By Jim, 11

I was playing a computer game...

"Attention!" the sergeant bellowed. "This is World War Three, and there will be no mistakes! Hear me?" "Yes sir," we answered. We were Red Six. All of us were expert fighter pilots, and we were going to bomb Japan. We placed our helmets on our heads, got in the planes and took off. We were on the second largest aircraft carrier, so it was easier to take off, as the ones in training were smaller. (The runway that is.)

"Incoming!" Pilot Three shouted. I dodged a missile, and dropped flares. Afterwards, Pilot Five fired a shell, hit the enemy, and received a bullet through his brain, when his team mate let loose a row of ammunition. The same row hit a missile in my left wing, and it blew up leaving me spinning like the waltzers. I ejected, and spun slowly towards the sea. No, wait! There's an island! I landed in a mine cart, and set off down a shaft.


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