On the island

Tiffany saw palm trees. Louise met orang utans who were scared of her. palm treeHarry was standing on a golden beach.

Elliott could see tree covered mountains. Beth could see glistening ocean. Claire could see no sign of human life.

Hayley could see a dark murky cave. She crept inside – there was Sophie and a lot of spiders!

Declan woke up with sand in his mouth. Emma could hear Beth singing.

Hayley shouted “Help!” to get someone else to hear.

Elliott heard someone yell “Help!”. He picked up his burst lilo and went off to find the person who shouted.

Theo heard Elliott shouting back to Hayley. He was glad there was someone else in the island. Emma felt relieved too. Ben met a boy who heard him shout for help. It was Jim!

Abbey was scared because she didn’t know where she was – her knees were shaking and she was sweating.

Heather saw her wrecked boat and felt worried because she wouldn’t be able to get off the island. she heard someone shout “Help!”. Skevie was confused to find herself on an island.

Declan thought he’d fallen off the bridge, and was surprised to find himself on an island. He suddenly saw two boys being chased by baboons. Theo, James, Skevie and Hayley were running as fast as they could. Declan jumped on one of the baboons.

Heather in a hole! Eagles attack!

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