The Cruise
By Heather, 11

I had switched off the television, I had been watching a programme about cruises. My mum had just been saying how she would love to go on one. I switched on the radio at the exact moment when a man announced that a competition was being held and the prize was a luxury cruise. The cruise was free and so would be the food, entertainment and there was two hundred pounds to spend at the gift shops. I decided that I would enter and if I won and me and mum would be able to have a lovely holiday. To enter the competition you had to send your name, address, age and who you would take with you and your three reasons why you should go on the cruise. I wrote down the reasons and sent it off the next day. Two weeks later, my letter was replied to and I had won the cruise! As soon as I told mum she started rushing around finding things to pack.

One night when I was sleeping on the ship a bell began to ring and I could hear people shouting. I went to the side of the ship and looked out. I could see another ship coming towards us and I could tell we were about to collide.

Then it happened. The two ships did collide and I fell overboard. When I had fallen over I tried to swim up to the side of the boat but the waves that had been made by the crash started pushing me away from the boat. I tried to float but I kept going under the water and started running out of breath.

I woke up to the sound of birds squawking. I weekly pulled myself onto my feet. There was sand all around me and I could see trees in the distance.


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