By Emma, 11

One day I entered a race and if I won I could enter a competition around the world! The race started at ten o'clock . When I arrived at the swimming pool I was really nervous, my hands were shaking and my forehead was covered in sweat.

It was two minutes to ten and I was standing on the diving block, then I heard the whistle and I dived in. After four minutes I had done fifteen lengths, I only had one left to go. When the race had finished I soon realized that I had won!

It was two weeks later and the big race was tomorrow. I was at the starting line and my heart was bumping as fast as a cheetah's foot pattering on the dusty ground. Then I heard the klaxon. I was about one quarter of the way around and I was in fifth position which wasn't bad.

When I brought my head up to breathe I noticed I was on my own, there was no one in front of me or behind me, I thought I must have took a wrong turn, but I didn't know which way to go so I swam to the left.

About half an hour later, I was swimming along and suddenly I bashed my head on something so hard I was knocked unconcious. Eventually, I woke up and I was lying on an island. It as scorching hot and the sand was as white as milk, and the sea was clear blue. I could see myself enjoying myself here!

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