Monster Menu



Stinky Monster Breakfast
A disgusting, but healthy breakfast for a young growing monster. (Created by Jennifer, 10) Recipe

Eye Eater Breakfast
Crunchy and smelly! (Created by Allie) Recipe

Fly Googalocha
A 24-hour special (Created by Medecca) Recipe


Monster Droppings
Dark, clummpy, bummby, yummy, chocklity mounds of fun! (Created by Travis, 12, Huntsville ) Recipe

Everyone and Thing
The Most Delicious Soup in the WORLD (Created By Y., 10-13, The USA ) Recipe

Worm and dirt pie
oked in stewed slug sauce, delicately sprinkled with ground cat's tail, cooked in garlic. (Created by Chloe, 13)

Toad Foot
Tasty Toad Foot
Recipe (Created by Daniel, 8)

Swamp Monster Stew
A soup
Recipe (Created by Zach, 7 )

Main Courses

Bloody Pie
To die for (Created By Gruesome 2some, 10, Lockridge ) Recipe

A raw arm or leg.With a French fingers. (Created by Sara, 10, Morgantown W.V ) Recipe

Poison Ivy Stew
Scrumptious, should be eaten by young monsters. (Created by Lauren, 9, WV) Recipe

Fiery Bull-Ant Pie
So spicy hot and with a real bite (Created by Victoria, 8, Victoria, Australia) Recipe

Flaming, Red Hot Alien Brains
(Created by Justin, 12, Richmond, OH ) Recipe

Slimy Slug And Spider Spaghetti
A Special Dish From Spiderland (Created by Roxane, 6, Nottingham) Recipe

Hobgoblin Pie
(Created by Caleb , 23, Florida ) Recipe

Stuffed Maggots in Stone Stew
A most delicate version of stone stew with delicious stuffed maggot dumplings. Recipe (Created by
Gobledeegoop Plooing)

Slimy and smells slightly like sick. Sometimes little insects fly out of it and into your lap. Recipe (Created by
Scott & Daniel, 13 & 12)

Frog Pie
A touch of green manure with a faint smell of dried dung Recipe (Created by
Michael, 10)

Slug Stew
A delicious serving of stewed slugs, in worm and dung source, garnished with herbs and a sprinkling of vomit Recipe (Created by Chloe, 13)

Shepherds' Pie
Six shepherds in a pie smothered in blood and SKIN Recipe (Created by Daniel, 9)

Burnt Chicken Heads And Meat Cream
A Delicious Treat For MEAT EATING Monsters Recipe (Created by Nick, 8)

Monster Mash
A mixture of disgusting things all swimming in a putrid broth. Mmmmmm Recipe (Created by Christian, 6)


Sherbet Snot
fizzing flavor, makes breath much more stinky and comes in any taste. (Created by David, 9, Mornington P/S) Recipe

This is the most sought after Desert in the whole of Monsterville. It contains only the finest of slugs and human brains. (Created by Kylie, 12, New Zealand ) Recipe

Fresh Slime
Slime straight from the ground, delicately sprinkled with crushed dog bones and human toenails. Recipe (Created by Alex, 10)

Mud Meringue
A Deliciously thick and sticky desert to satisfy the most disgusting of appetites. Recipe (Created by Alison, 11)

Dirt worms Recipe (Created by Ashley)

Gorilla's Hair Flan
A tangy cake-like meal with a hair-raising surprise in the center Recipe (Created by Alex P, 10)

Snacks and Light Meals

Worm Gut Sandwich
Yummy and delicious Recipe (Created by Scott, 8)

Mouldy Chocolate Sandwich
It is a ahem delicious meal for the average monster familyRecipe (Created by Daniel, 12)

healthy, tasty,wonderful surprise. (Created by Melissa, 9, San Jose) Recipe


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