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Stuffed Maggots in Stone Stew

maggots stuffed with mosquito eyes,
worm sauce,
ground stone.
1) Boil the worm sauce and put in ground stone
2) Put the stuffed maggot in the pot and continue boiling
3) When the mixture is frothy put it in the oven for 3 hours
4) Eat!

By Gobledeegoop Plooing, 99999999199, Frasispocken

Fresh Slime

Dog bones
Human toenails
1. Pick slime up from ground and whisk until light and frothy.
2. Crush bones and sprinkle on.
3. Stick in toenails at intervals round edge.
4. Sprinkle rest of toenails in middle.
5. Serve immediately

By Alex, 10, Nottingham, UK

Dirt worms

worms, and dirt
You get a worm and pour dirt on it.

By Ashley, 10, Tigard, OR, USA


Flies and spiders,
Snakes intestines,
Rat's legs,
Put it all in a bowl, baby.
Stir it with a wooden spoon.
Add a cup of flour.
You'll be in heaven soon.

By Scott & Daniel, 13 & 12, Walsall, U.K

Eye Eater Breakfast

Eyes (of course)
And anything else you would like to add (no matter what it is great!)
1. Cook for 5 minutes on 350 degrees (HIGH) 2. Take out and put in a tooth-pick... if it doesn't come out easily it isn't ready yet!
3. Serve when ready!
To make taste even better: Cook with pizza sauce

By Allie, 10

Fly Googalocha

5 lbs Fly guts,
2 cups goop,
6 ant lions,
bat wings,
Jupitor broth
Leave fly guts to rot, stir in goop, mix ant lion, garnish with fresh bat wings, stew in Jupitor broth and cook in furnace.

By Medecca, 10, Rapid City, S.D., USA

Mud meringue

Egg whites
Thickening glue (to make it thick and sticky!)
Whisk the egg whites together with the sugar. Mix the other ingrediants in a large bowl. Then place the meringue on top of the lovely mud mess and bung it in an oven for 30mins on mega blast off.

By Alison, 11, Manchester, UK

Frog Pie

Frogs, Manure, cow dung from Flowerpot and a pinch of slime
Put the slime in a cooking pot for 5 mins and slowly add dung mix the frogs in carefully then the Manure.

By Michael, 10, Commonwood, UK

Worm Gut Sandwich

bat bread
vampire breath
and worm gut,
Eat it!

By Scott, 8, Macedonia, USA

Gorilla’s hair flan

Big foot's left leg
3 teaspoons of swamp things
slime and
poisonous snake's tongue
1. Pick every hair off Bigfoot's leg (and don't cheat with one of those new electric razors)
2. Chop up snake's tongue and mix in a bowl with the slime from swamp thing
3. Add Bigfoot's leg hair and walla!

By Alex P, 10, Radlett, UK

Toad Foot

toad's feet (of course)
a little bit of salt and pepper
and what ever other ingredients you want
you cook it for five minutes.
it has to be 200C.

By Daniel, 8, Ipswich, UK

Swamp Monster Stew

2 cups mosquito guts
3/4 cups bat wings
65/4 gooey stuff
50 lbs. human eye balls
Put all ingredients in frying pan.
Add pig slop.
For seasoning, use 1/4 cup monster blood and 5 pinches of salt.

By Zach, 7, Sandpoint, ID, USA

Slug Stew

4 fresh slugs,
a mound of dung (large),
fresh herbs,
four ground worms and
a bag of fresh vomit,
1.) stew the slugs until soft
2.) pour in the source and cook for two years
3.) add the herbs and vomit
4.) serve hot

By Chloe, 13, London, UK

Shepherds' Pie

SIX shepherds,
Boil shepherds, smother them in blood
Wrap in skin

By Daniel, 9, Gloucester, UK

Burnt Chicken Heads And Meat Cream

5 Chicken Heads
9 Owls
1 Fox
1 cow
Put The Chicken In The Oven And Turn The Oven On For Half A Hour, cut up the owls, fox and cow and with rusty scissors and put them on top for a delicious monster treat

By Nick, 8, England

Monster Mash

1 lb. of Schoolboy Scabs
Blood of one Werewolf
2 lbs. of boogers
A gallon of runny snot
Mix all the ingredients together, squash it into a a lump and simmer for 13 days in a broth of mosquito spit.

By Christian, 6, Hampton, U.K.

Stinky Monster Breakfast

"Boo Berries"
Rotten banana peels
skunk juice
mix and put in oven at 350 degrees for 35 min. Enjoy!

By Jennifer, 10, Telkwa, Canada

Mouldy Chocolate Sandwich

goat meat
chicken eyes and
old man foot scrapings
And also stale bread
1. Spread the bread with mouldy chocolate
2. Slap on the goat meat.
3. Sprinkle with foot scrapings
4. Mash up the chicken eye dirty it and smear on top.

By Daniel, 12, Aberdeen, Scotland

Bloody Pie

2 cups blood,
3 cups of bones,
half a kilo of flesh,
3 eyeballs and 1 nose.
1. Put in blood and simmer for 20 min
2. Boil bones for 10 min
3. Pound the flesh for 2 min.
4. Place ingredients in a bowl.
5. Serve with eyeballs and nose as side order.

By Gruesome 2some, 10, Lockridge

Monster Droppings

2 cups of sugar
1 stick of margarine
2 tablespoons of cocoa
1 small can of canned milk
3 cups of instant oats
3/4 cup of peanutbutter
Combine sugar, margarine, cocoa, and canned milk in a pot and cook over medium heat on the stove, stirring constantly. Bring the mixture to a boil and boil for one minute while contiuning to stir. After the minute is up pour mixture over the oatmeal and peanutbutter in a large bowl. Mix well and drop by mounds onto wax paper and let cool....then pour a cold glass of milk and

By Travis, 12, Huntsville, USA

Everyone and Thing

1 cup of sewer water, half cup of swamp
water, 1 monkey brain, 2 alligator
Eyeballs, tea spoon of spit, nailpolish,
ink, human blood, pig feet, toes,
human toe jam, dog drool, french fries.
Trough everything in all at once. don't stir or shake. Let it sit on the stove for 24 hours boiling. Ddon't serve it just let who ever wants to eat out of the pot. for the real flavor.

By Y., 10-13, The USA


arm, leg, fingers, salt and pepper.
Pre heat oven for 45 degrees F.
When done, sprinkle a pinch of salt, pepper on it.

By Sara, 10, Morgantown W.V., USA

Poison ivy stew

1 poison ivy plant
3 slugs
2 cups flat roc
4 pieces of liver
1 cup of peas (the way mother makes them) Method
mix in pot,cook in oven until brown, let it cool,eat it!!!!!!!!!!

By Lauren, 9, West Virginia , USA

Hobgoblin pie

3 small children
1 very large pie shell
1 cup salt
1/2 cup pepper
5 boiled black birds
5 lbs. Potatoes
1 large hogs head
3 lbs. cow tongue
1. parboil small children, hogs head, cow's tougue, and black birds.
2. Add salt, pepper and potatoes when it comes to a full boil.
3. Boil 5-20 mins.
4. let stand for one week.
5. Prepare pie shell, add ingredients.
6. bake for 3 hrs, at 350 degrees
7. serve very hot with warm spoiled milk

By Caleb , 23, Florida, USA

Fiery Bull-ant Pie

1 fresh Bull-ants Nest.
4 cups of petrol
1 match
1 large jar of Vegimite (flavouring for Australian Monsters)
4 cups of dirt
1/2 bucket of garden snails
Firstly mix the dirt and snails to a firm and crunchy dough. Line pie dish. Beat together fresh Bull-ant nest and Vegimite. Put in pie case throw petrol over and light. Stand back and allow monsters to enjoy.

By Victoria, 8, Victoria, Australia


Liver, eyes,
mud, a little bit of swamp water,
spider legs,
dog breath,
little piece of eye of noot, and bat's ear
and last a piece of cat hair.
Put it on medium high ghost sweat, and a vampire's tooth.

By Melissa, nine, San Jose, CA, USA

Flaming,Red Hot Alien Brains

Dead or alive alien brains,
red hot liquid acid.
Put the brains in a pot over a flaming hot burner. Then cover it with hot acid.

By Justin, 12, Richmond, OH, USA

Slimy slug and spider spaghetti

freshly picked strawberry slimy slugs
blackcurrant juicy spiders
beating bloody hearts
chopped off toes and feet with hands and fingers
topped off with fresh brains
worm spaghetti
Take a frying pan chop a witches foot and fingers fry in blood slice off the top of her head and fry the brains with the spiders and slugs. Put the worms through the play doh machine to make them very thin spaghetti and cook in boiling blood. Serve with a spider cherry on top, yuck!!!!!

By Roxane, 6, Nottingham

Sherbet Snot

12 smely toes, snot and 5 mashed fizz berrys. .
Put it in a pan and cook for 30 minutes.

By David, 9, Mornington P/S, Australia


2 cups Snail juice
1 cup horse eye balls
4 cups human brains
2 cups of mud slugs
1. Boil the horse eyes in the snail juice on high for 7 mins.
2. Add the brains and simmer for 30 mins
3. Place the slugs on a plate and pour the delicious mixture over it
4 Eat it

By Kylie, 12, New Zealand


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