Facts: Remembering

I remember:

• The staff sweepstake taken out on the length of Mr peake’s speech at Prize Giving.

• The language teacher who wore black underwear to mark the death of Elvis.

• The boys being moved away from the bottom of the stairs when girls wearing mini-skirts were coming down.

• Mr Leigh bringing rock back from Skegness for the staff and one teacher finishing up with the crown of a tooth being pulled off and two other teachers having to go to the dentist with a broken tooth each.

• Going on a visit to the Magistrates’ Court and being warned by the policewoman who was in charge not to talk and not to laugh. The case was so amusing that the policewoman had difficulty in not laughing and one pupil had to stuff the whole of his anorak sleeve into his mouth to avoid laughing out loud.

• The dancing lessons in the gym just before Christmas when Mr Henson and Mrs Lomas refused to let the boys dance together.

• The visit of the Royal Marine who inspired large numbers to voluntarily take part in exercises.

Christine Edwards

Former Deputy Head Teacher and Acting Head who retired in the 1990s
Location: Nottingham

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