Facts: My time at MGB

On my first day at MGB School I was happy that I was going to secondary school. But when I walked in I knew no-one because I was the only person who went there from my old school. When I walked in I saw two boys who I played football with once and I said to them: "We knew you didn’t play for Man Utd!"
Then I said: "What’s your name again?"
"Liam and Michael".
So then they said they were only joking and everyone on the table round them burst out laughing.

Our school is a good school that shouldn’t close down. When I went for about a third of Year Seven I didn’t like the school but when I started to really like the school I was told it was closing down. I was really sad because I like the school and I think it's really unfair.

I have two really good friends Jay and Mingqian. He is going back to China when it closes and Jay is going to Elliot Durham with me. We have a game called JMM and we pretend that we are SAS. I'm English and Jay's French because he comes from France and Mingquin Chinese because he’s from there. And we go round school doing missions.


Year 8, 2004
Location: Nottingham

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