Feelings: I can't believe Glen-Bott is closing


I left Glen-Bott in 1970 and have very fond memories of it. I'm particularly grateful to Miss Watts, the music teacher. She was a serious musician and had full command of her classroom! I can particularly appreciate her skills because after Glen-Bott, I studied at the Royal College of Music and have ended up doing her job, but in a Bristol school.

We were all very fond of Mr Woods (Cuddles), the history teacher. He was really friendly and relaxed, but we had tremendous respect for him.

Other favourites were Mr Paine, an excellent English teacher (who stayed for a year or two) and Mr Davies, who replaced him. Mrs Stevenson (Miss Moore) was also appreciated, especially by the boys!!!

I can't believe Glen-Bott is closing. I know the A-Cs at GCSE are not great, but then, they never were. - There were two "grammar" streams, and 3 below that. The children from the lower streams left at 15, and about 12-15 pupils of the upper streams got 5 or more good "0" levels and went on to grammar schools or colleges of Further Ed. But it was considered, and rightly so, a good school, catering well for the needs of the pupils.

Ruth Nunn

Left MGB 1970

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