Feelings: The Parent's Angle


I have just read the other contributions, and realised one aspect was missing - the parent's angle. I am lucky enough to have been a teacher and a parent at MGB, Head of Drama and mum to Holly who left 3 years ago for NCN and now university.

I made excellent friends on the staff and amongst the students, and so did Holly. I hope you realise how important it was for her, Tony (her dad and a governor for a while) and I to actively choose MGB. I asked her 'What ifs...' till the cows came home, and it was quite clear that she really wanted the move.

Above all I'd like to thank all of you who made us welcome and taught us so much. We hope we left some positive memories with you.

Helen Toft

Left MGB 2000. Teaching Drama in University, secondary and primary schools in and around Nottingham.

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