My time at MGB was one I will always remember. I was not what you would call a model pupil, as some of you will remember (ha ha) but came out of it doing OK for myself after many more years of study. I remember lots of my schoolfriends: Kim Brailsford, Cheryl Ellis, Jackie Mellor, Michelle Cairns, Debra Brown, Lisa Goldby, Ann and Robert (twins), Howard Nugent, Phillip Meredith, Gary Davies, Theo, Joanna, Philip Spicer and many more. Some I still keep in touch with.

Some teachers I do remember, like Miss Lomas, Miss Edwards, Mrs Greaves, Mr Davis, Mr Harding, Mrs Cottingham, Mrs Cooke, Mr Currie and Mr Woods who said I would not wear makeup every day when I was older, but he was wrong. I wouldn't be seen dead without it! Sorry to hear there will no longer be an MGB. A sad loss to all.

Karen Nelson (Parker)

Left MGB 1983. I have been happily married to Steve for years and have two children, Ryan (18) and Corrine (16). I no longer work due to ill health.

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