Facts: WOW I can't believe this is the end


Well where do I start, the teachers will probably remember me as the pupil who was both very happy and content or very stressed and worried especially around the exam period. The pupils will probably remember me as the dude who was always smiling or just one of the peer counsellors.

Iíll be honest. I believe my time at school was well spent, every day wasnít the happiest day but I had some good times and some bad time but I mainly remember the good, for example, The Prom which thanks to Royna we had and the last day of term which was very sad but also a great memory.

The teachers have been a great help as well, Royna, Mrs Bloor and Mr Chambers were there for me when I was stressed, Royna saw me through my GCSEs and had more faith in me than I did and Mr Chambers as well as helping me through my GCSEs he also helped through my SATs when I though the world would end if I didnít get decent results.

I remember my first proper trip with school; it was the trip to Hagg Farm, which was great. I just wish I had photos from it. The trip to France was also amusing trying new things for example ďsnailsĒ and ďthe boat ride overĒ.

A lot has changed since I started in September 1998, teachers have come and gone, friends have come and gone and even the years come and gone but one thing remained the same, the environment. School was probably one of the best times of my life. Although I am enjoying college nothing beats school where everything is basically spoon-fed to you and being able to just go out onto the playground and play a game of football.

I have probably had the best English teachers in the world, from Mr McArthur to Mr Phillips to Miss Cheston; they made my English lessons enjoyable. Although Mr McArthur may not remember me I remember him. Mrs Stewart formerly known as Miss Tate may have been strict and I may not have appreciated it then but thinking back she was a great teacher and taught me a lot I just wish she could have stayed till the end I think I could of done well in French.

I donít have a bad word to say about any of the teachers or the school and I believe Margaret Glen-Bott was a good school and Bluecoat should not be taking us over.

I have gained a lot from the time I have spent at school not only the education but also the experience of doing new things for example Peer Counselling, Pop mime, Playing in the band, Trips to France and Hagg Farm and saying goodbye and it looks like the final goodbye will be coming up shortly.

You can never get the time back, which was lost so my advice to all the leavers would be to keep in contact with each other because you will look back in a year's time and remember all the good times and itís good to catch up with others.


Stefen Wallace

Left MGB June 2003. At the moment I am studying A Levels in ICT, Business Studies, Psychology and Media Studies at Bilborough College at which I am also the IT officer. I am also working at McDonalds at the weekend. Not much I can say about myself other than I miss school but I am enjoying college. I have just finished my AS course and had all my exams but Iím dreading my results.

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