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Like all teachers, you have fond memories of your first school. MGB was mine. 1984. Students were called "pupils" then. We were still teaching 'O'-levels and CSEs, Miss Hobden was the head in those days. It was a superb place to learn your craft, with people like Bob McArthur, Christine Edwards, Pete Hopkinson ... who could go wrong? Ron Woods perfected the card-playing school. Tony Henson and Bobby Porker supplied the gags at lunch time. The PTA was a strong body in those days and the Old Time Music Hall attracted the crowds, You must remember John Jenkins on piano, All the gils must do. Of course the famous "Father Painted the Parlour" sketch and ... "The Wistlers" - how did they do it? Yes I started there as the apprentice Physics teacher in Science, under the ever watchful eye of Mr Hopkinson. The day he appeared on Radio 1 "Get your own back" was a day to remember, but so many of them were. Who remembers the trip to the French Alps with me and Mr Andy Baldwin? Great days.

Like so many of the staff we were tempted, the bright lights of Kirkby in Ashfield lured me away. I rejoined John Crawford (Second in English), and Dave Rodgers (Head of Technology) at Ashfield School. But those Glen-Bott days were something special. I have never experienced the camaraderie before or since, , I made great friends around that snooker table as well as in the classroom. I bumped into Craig Thomas, an ex-pupil, some years ago in London who recognised me (I've still got hair you see), and it made me realise that it was all worth it. Great days, I have moved recently just up the road to George Spencer, wave to me on the bridge. The good ship Science is marching on. Thanks for the memories.

Kevin Mayle

Left MGB 1990

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