Feelings: The best decision of my life!


The first time I came to MGB was when I was trying to decide whether or not to do teacher training. A friend of mine worked here - Cheridene Adams - and I asked if I could come in and spend some time in classrooms, which I did. I guess it must have had some impact because 6 years later I arrived here to teach English. I have never regretted that decision.

Although the site itself is ideal - large, green, backing onto Wollaton Park, trees and squirrels all around, airy, bright classrooms - it is the students and staff here that really make this place special. The students here possess a very straight foward honesty and sense of justice and, thankfully, have the confidence to express their views and feelings - very much like the staff!

For me there have been lots of challenges here but probably the biggest one was getting up on stage as the thigh-slapping Prince Eavesdropping in the panto. I would never have done it without the support of the other staff, especially Rachael who coaxed and prodded me through it. And I am sorry Duncan for throwing you with a bit too much enthusiasm onto the hard wooden stage but it was funny!

I know I will miss lots of people from MGB when I go off to my next school and I think a few special mentions are due:

  • my tutor group 11M, who were, let's face it, the most fragrant and good-looking group out of Y11 - once those curtain haircuts disappeared! ok....and the rest of year 11!

  • my Y9 groups who arrived freshly at the school in year 7 in my first year. There are several individuals in these groups who have both kept me laughing and driven me to distraction, especially the 4 Js!

  • the mad maths sisters, without whom we would have had neither the panto nor the continual debate over their sisterhood or lack of it

I'd like to mention loads of individuals and incidents but unfortunately (or fortunately!) there is a word limit! So best of luck to everyone from MGB.

Keeley Cheston

Starting at River Leen School in Sept 2004

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