Friends: Hat Trick Hero

I came to this school in 1999. I had lots of friends in this school who called themselves Da Tru Asian Cru. At break and lunch we used to sit on the heater in the canteen, everyone used to be outside on the yard playing and having fun but all us were very boring and lazy.
After a couple of years we became more comfortable and start enjoying ourselves. We decided to play football with our year mates it used to be Da Tru Asian Cru V The rest of the year, we used to win every game.
After winning every game some of my friends got fed up playing and wanted to play cricket. I then decided to have a meeting with the headteacher to allow us to use a ball and a bat at break and lunch. The head techer then had got a bat and a ball for us so we started playing cricket.
It was nearly the end of the school year and I wanted my Asians to play the school staff. I had made a A4 size poster and told Mrs Cheston to put it in the staff room. The teachers were very keen to play us. The day we played was on a Friday the teachers won the toss and chose to field first, our first two batsmen were Ijaz and Faraz. Ijaz was got out golden duck by Mr Fell but our next batsman was Sakib who played very well.
Our total at the end of 10 overs was 107. I then took the first spell where I took a hat trick - we had bowled out all the teachers for 27. I was awarded the man of the match performance.
I also went to Alton Towers. I really enjoyed myself. I went on the Nemesis, Air and Oblivion which was not scary.

Da Members of Da Tru Asian Cru - Umar, Ijaz, Sakib, Faraz, Jay, Faisal, Waqqas, Vaseem and Sharafat, J-Rock, Nay, Aswan.
Da White Man Crew- Ian, Boby, Ashely, Remi,Carl, Jason, Shain.
Da Fake Beeatch Unit- Jessica and Serina


Year 11, 2004
Lenton, Nottingham
I am also a good boxer. I have just left school. I am now going to go to college. I have a place at High Pavement and have a reserve place at Bilborough.

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