Feelings: Glen-Bott

I came to this school in 1999, our year was supposed to be the year of the new millennium. I came to the school not knowing anybody, and my good friend Faisal was my first friend that I made. After that, I made a lot more friends, Carl, Scott, Waqqas, Umar, Faraz, Sakib, Ijaz. "The Bad Boy Crew".
I have recently had fond memories of the school, I can remember our IT Class stayed back after school and we ordered pizzas. I ate about 6 slices and Sakib ate a whole pizza and was feeling sick after. I want to give a shout out to Mr Iverson, and Mr Byrd. Very good teachers.
My fondest memory is probably when I won the Popmime, Ms Fyffe urged me to do it, and after a lot of thinking I decided to do it. My friends gave me a lot of encouragement. The song that I decided to do was "Pop ya Collar" by Usher. I can remember going on the stage and seeing all the people, I think that they was shocked that an Asian was on stage, but as soon as the music started I knew what had to be done. I was doing all my moves and I can remember my friends and family shouting for me. When the song finished I gave the peace sign and went off. I remember coming off stage and seeing all my friends shocked. I ended up winning the Popmime, and beating a lot of my peers.
I know I didn't give a thank you speech but I would like to do it now. Thanks to Scott for his big mouth, it was the only thing I could hear while on stage, thanks to Faisal for the support, thanks to Ms Fyffe for the encouragement, and for Joseph, who taught me a few of my moves, and for all of my friends who were their supporting me. "I love you Man".
I just want to say thank you to a few people who made my life at Glen-Bott a lot easier. Miss Hardwick, for all the Maths, Miss Cheston, for teaching me how to speak English, as I was fresh from India when I came to the school. Mrs Smith who used to teach English all those years ago. Mr Nijran, he told us in year 7 these 5 years would go in a blink, I didn't believe him. Royna, for the mentoring. I will miss the school, a good five years.


Year 11, 2004
I'm going to college, hopefully. I will probably carry on being an Ice Cream Man. If you want any free ice cream you know where to come.

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