Friends: Memories

I'd just like to say that I'm writing this on our last day before study leave. Good luck to everyone (especially Miss Hardwick, going to Spain....... jealousy) but my year over the years we had here stuck like glue. We've had our share of disputes with each other, with other schools and with teachers. Even through this we still came out together. After the Miss Norman scandal our school felt something like pride and embarassment but we came through. After Mr. McArthur left (one of the best teachers that I've ever been taught by) we were all shocked but stuck together and helped each other through it.
This is dedicated to all of the last Year 11s. Good luck, keep in touch and peace out.


Year 11, 2004
I'm on the thin line between school and college. Childhood and manhood. I'm not coping very well.

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