Friends: M.G.B. friends till the end

I started MGB in 1999 and now I am leaving. The five years have had their ups and downs but the best thing about MGB is my friends. They help you when you are feeling down and stick up for you in arguments (if they are true friends). I am going to miss my friends the most out of everything. My true friends are
Vicky, Jessica, Heidi, Serina, Sasha, Lauren, Nadra, Aisha, Terunesh, Suknaam, Sara, Ashley, Bobi, Scott, Remi, Nassima, Gurdev etc. I am going stay in touch with most of you and I will remember the friends that left: Siobhan, Kyla, Pippi, Aleta, Serina. Remember Alton Towers (shottingham gun shot lol) that was the biggest joke and I know we are the bitchest year but we are true friends if we have stuck together.


I am hoping to stick at college (City Adams, NCN). I hope I will pull through the media course or the drama course. I hope to see all my friends in the near future.

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