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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Three

written by Rebecca
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

“I choose left,” said Jade “I just want to get going again because the air was making me shiver.”

So it was decided that the children went left. (But the dwarf knew it was the bad way.) While they were starting to walk down the left lane they looked behind them and everything had disappeared!

“Oh no! What is to happen to us now!” said Jade
“Don’t worry,” said the boy with black hair. “I don’t think anything bad could happen down this lane, because when I think some thing it’s always wrong and I thought right was the way to go so this lane must be the lane that were supposed to take!”

“I don’t really get you. Could you say it in different words?” Asked Emily.

“ No I don’t think so I can.” Said the boy. “So lets get going!”

Off they trudged down the lane again.

“Do you know were we have to go?” asked Captain Chan.

“Know idea.” Said Emily.

“Well we need to see…”Captain Chan was saying when suddenly a poisonous, red snake came in to sight and he yelled out “SNAKE!’’

“Were supposed to be looking for a snake?”

"No it’s just that a snake is behind you!" Said Captain Chan.

Suddenly Jade span around, slithering towards her was exactly what Captain Chan had described. It was the most disgusting snake that you had ever seen.

"Just walk past it slowly." Said Chan.

"No stop and don't do anything!" said a voice behind. The children spun around to see the man with extra large biceps. Again he was huffing and puffing deeply. "My servant warned you to take the right path it is too dangerous here. So you can either go back along this lane to were you started and go back to your own land or, risk your life and carry on to find the riches." Then he walked down the lane out of sight and left the children to decide what to do.

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