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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter Four

written by Shreene
Tabubil International School, Papua New Guinea

So the decision was made, they would keep going on the risky road that would lead them to the riches. They searched around and found a clue written on a rock, which said,

"Make your way, straight down the lane, there you'll find a door.
In you go and there you'll find your finest glory.”

Everyone was very excited and happy about the clue. The only person that was worried was Suzie, she didn't know whether to believe the clue or not.

Anyway, it was five against one so there was no way Suzie could change their minds. Off they went, down the lane. On the way, Dino tripped on a stick lying in his way.

"Ouch, you bad stick!" yelled Dino.

"Shush," said the others, “there might be people in here, which we don't know about, and they might be dangerous.”

Dino apologized, "Sorry, but it's just this stick.”

When all that talk was over, they continued with their walk until they came to the door.

"Aaaah, it's the door!" they all sighed with excitement.

"Okay, I'll open it," said Dino.

"No, I'll open it," said Jade.

"Oh, stop all that muttering and let me open the door," said Emily in a grumpy voice. So slowly and quietly she opened the door with a little crack, which the door made. They all closed their eyes and in they went.

When they opened their eyes, nothing was there, only a rock, rubbish and a sign on the wall which said, "Home Sweet Home," with a little arrow pointing down the lane through the misty, blue, thin air.

"Wow," sighed Suzie, "It's the way home."

"Yes!" said Ahmed, "We've finally been saved."

"Oh no," cried Emily, "What about the riches, all the glory that we could have had in the future.”

“Oh, shush up!” said Suzie, “At least we’ve got ourselves back home. Riches, riches, riches, is that all you think about?”

“Well folks,” said Dino, “We’re not yet quite at home.”

So they all walked happily through the misty, blue, thin air. Out of the blue air, they all came, feeling much, much more comfortable back on Earth.

“Was it a dream, or was it real?”

Maybe we’ll find out in their next adventure, well, that’s if they have one!

The End



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