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  Pets and other poems from Moorside

Moorside Primary School, Manchester, UK, December 2002

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My Pet Hamster

By Kayleigh, 10

I used to have a pet hamster
His name was Fudge
And when he was in a bad mood
He just would not budge.

He would scurry around his cage
And wait for me all day
But when I did get home
He would rush around and play.

If he was tired
He would just go to bed
And when he woke up
He waited to be fed.

I cleaned out his cage
Every single week
And when I gave him grub
He would store it in his cheek.

When he died I was heartbroken
The vet had to put him down
So I took him to my Grandma's garden
And buried him in the ground.

I made a little gravestone
And laid some flowers on his grave
When I pass the pet store
I have to be brave. Dec 2002

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My Hamster

By Stephanie, 11

I had a little hamster
Her name was Jackie Chan
She got stuck behind the washing machine
And crawled into the pan

When she was tired
She crawled into the pan
She woke up in the evening
Waiting to be fed

She would run up and down
And scurry in her wheel
She tried to bite the bars and escape
But lucky for me they were steel

Kayleigh's hamster died
Mine followed not long after
They had to be put down
But when they were alive we used to scream with laughter

A hamster is a decent pet
But their lives are very short
They live about three years
And are happy when they are bought

That is all I can tell you
About a hamster's life
If you pick the right one
You won't want to get a knife Dec 2002

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My hamster

By Shelly, 11

I have a little pet hamster
His name was Bobby
He ate a lot of food
So his nickname is Blobby

He got stuck under the washing machine
So I had to pull him out
And he came out with a black body
And I shouted at him

He bit me on the ear
I put him in his cage
My mum saw me crying
So she shouted with rage

Later my friend's hamster died
I felt sorry for her but, she started to cry
I felt useless because I couldn't help her
So I gave a big sigh

I wished Stephanie's hamster didn't die
It was really sad
So I want you to take care of your pets
If you don't look after your pets it would be bad! Dec 2002

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My baby brother

By Amy, 10

It doesn't seem that long ago,
that my mummy told me so,
In nine months time we are due to see,
A new arrival in our family.

Lots of things we had to prepare,
New clothes, a cot and a brush for his hair.
The time came later than we thought,
We had started to forget what we had bought.

When the time came,
We went straight in the car,
It was a good job that it wasn't very far.

The baby came in a matter of hours,
We were so happy,
Finally he was ours.

Big blue eyes and lots of hair,
He sometimes cries but I don't care.

He loves his bath,
And he smiles a lot,
He goes to sleep in his snug warm cot.

When he gets upset,
and starts to cry,
my mum sings him a lullaby.

We all love Josh,
he's my new baby brother,
but my mum says "Were not having another!" Dec 2002

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My bedroom

By Melissa, 11

When I go to bed at night,
I sleep peacefully and silently
and I get up when it's light.

I do my homework on my desk,
but then my sister comes in
she's a real pest.

When my friends come round for tea,
we have a good time
and we have lots to eat.

If my mates come to sleep,
we have lots of fun
and lots of treats.

Most of this I do
I do in my bedroom,
and I do lots of other things too. Dec 2002

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My Rabbit

By Charlotte, 10

Topsy is my rabbit,
It used to be so sweet,
I'll tell you what happened to poor Topsy,
She was like an Easter treat.

One night when she was sleeping,
Her hutch was like a box,
Minding her own business,
She got frightened by a fox.

The next day in her hutch,
The family found her dead,
They cried and cried all day long,
And buried her in the flower bed.

I didn't want it to happen to my Topsy,
She was so nice,
Her eyes were staring back at us,
Her body was frozen like ice.

Topsy remained a memory,
In all our hearts she was true,
Everyone loved her,
And so can you! Dec 2002

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