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How to become a Dragon Leader

By Ashley, Dragon Researcher, 11, Indianapolis, USA

This is how to become a dragon leader.

Now, your territory must overlap with a few other dragons. First tell them that you will want to become the leader.

Then is the hard part: you will have to visit a place called Highrocks (every area should have one). There you will find the entrance to the cave, Mothermouth.

Venture deeper into the cave, using your Dragon-fire to guide you.

At the end of the cave is the Moonstone. It is bright, so you may have to shut your eyes.

Sleep with your nose touching the Moonstone. You will have special dreams the you cannot share with anyone else.

In the dream you should recieve another life. Then you shall take the name "star". Ex: If your name was Snowheart, then you shall be Snowstar. If your name is more simple, then here is another example: Rose to Rosestar

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