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How to bring the age of the dragons back

By Evan, 10, Raleigh, North Carolina, US

In order to bring the age of the dragons back you must first find the dragon plate. This is a slab of gold on which is described all dragon meaning and law and only appears to human eyes during a full moon on the top of Mt. Everest when facing north.

Then you must take it and go to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and not sleep nor eat until you are there.

Then you must find the dragon shrine which is a shrine that contains the dust of all dragons and insures that their name will live on forever facing south.

Then at exactly noon you must take the dragon plate and put it in the grove that lies in the center then the shrine will open and the dust will be revealed.

Take a handful in each hand then blow the dust in your right hand to the East, the wait three seconds and on three blow the dust in your left hand to the West.

Then again without sleeping or eating go to the center of where the original super continent Pangea.

Then eat, drink and then kneel down and pray saying "May by the fire they were created with, by the race they were destroyed with may their hearts no longer lie in shame may they rise up and say I live! I live! I live!" and you will instantly fall into a deep sleep.

When you wake they will live.

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